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The Stuff of This Week

It’s been a while, I know. Things are kinda crazy. Here’s what’s up:

  • My great-grandmother died on Monday. We weren’t close. I didn’t grow up with that side of the family. I talk about my great-grandmother often, but that my dad’s dad’s mother. She’s 92, healthy, fiesty, and fun. Barr, on the other hand, was 95 (Yeah, longevity is kind of a thing in my family), and seemed to be dying for a long time. She had Alzheimer’s or something of the sort. The last time I saw her, I think, was at my aunt’s wedding reception about two years ago. Anyway, her funeral is on Saturday.
  • Took my dress to the dry cleaners today. My sister borrowed it months ago, and I just got it back yesterday. And not in the condition I lent it in. I’m slightly annoyed, but blame myself. I never lend out anything I want back. People just don’t care for your things the way they do their own. It’s annoying. I hope the cleaners get the makeup stains (UGH!) out, and do NOT damage the gorgeous embellished neckline. I’ll post pictures if it looks fine, and I end up wearing it on Saturday.
  • Jobs! I need one! Something I thought would never came through actually did. It’s now a viable option, but it won’t pay very well. And there’s really no room for it to grow. The pros include the short work day (8:30 to 1 or so), it’s something I enjoy, and leaves me with time to write. It would just become very necessary for me to supplement my income, especially if we ever wanna save enough money to move. The other option… It’s more stable and pays more, but I have no idea when it starts. There are about 3 months of training, and after that, I’d remain a trainee until promotions come out. The major pro for that job is the possibility of being transferred to another island, rent-free. Hellooooo, Savings, and hellooooo, new country of residence! Babe and I will have to discuss, and figure things out.
  • My cousin is away for about a week. That means a full week of work for me. YAY! Income! I’m not making loads of cash, but I can pay bills, and buy grocery. This is good.
  • I neeeed to start working out again. It’s SO hot. It’s really hard to get out there and run, but I GOTTA. I’m feeling lousy. This always happens when I don’t exercise. I also need to practice yoga. At least I can do that indoors. I have a great book that helps refresh my memory, so I practice what we did in class. There’s no class during the summer. Looking forward to it starting again in September. Oh, and being able to afford it! Hahaha.
  • Writing. It’s come to a screeching halt. Things got uncomfortable at home with some mishaps and plumbing issues, and then I got sick. My energy level has been terrible, so I haven’t been getting much done outside of the work day. I need to get back on track. There are deadlines to meet, a class to complete, and publishing goals to be met!

  • Got an email from the Community Liaison of NaNoWriMo. They got my application to be the Municipal Liaison for The Bahamas. There wasn’t one last year, so I probably have a good chance of being chosen for this year. It should be fun, and give me a chance to meet other writers. Always good to network, right? And I’m hoping to be able to convince Babe to join in the fun. She could even write 50,000 words worth of songs if she wants too. I just think it would be cool to take on the challenge together. And, of course, she could accompany me to the events I’d have to plan as ML, and then I could always say that ONE person showed up. Hahaha.
  • My brother is hilarious. We share a ridiculous sort of humour. At one point, we were quipping back and forth, and he said, “No one in the world as miserable as us!” It was pretty funny because we were talking about not wanting to be bothered by or with anyone, and not being interested in hearing any belly-aching or complaining this week. Oh, even funnier, I was complaining about the graveyard part of the funeral. I don’t get why families WATCH the casket as it is lowered into the ground. I told him it’s medieval. He said, “What? Medieval?” I said, “Yes! Archaic!” He said, “Listen to me… You and me been to the school right, but you been to college on top of that. You need to take it easy on me with these jokes.” I couldn’t stop laughing. Then he added, “You have a whole college class of people you could crack your college-level jokes with. You and Daddy always have me rollin’ with dictionary.” Too funny!
  • I feel like I need some things to look forward to right now. I decided to come up with a little list. Here it is:
    • New job – Whatever it may end up being
    • Getting my next assignment done, and getting feedback
    • The Color Run in Orlando (Hoping that we can make it!)
    • Watching The Bourne Legacy and the Timothy Green movies with Babe on the weekend
    • Getting in some beach time this weekend
    • Starting my 5k training again, and feeling better about myself
    • Making lasagna (as soon as our kitchen plumbing issue is resolved)
    • Ordering and receiving The 3am Epiphany, and having fun going through the writing exercises
    • Spending lots of time with Babe (SO glad she’s back!)

Any craziness going on with you this week? Any weekend plans? What are you looking forward to?

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  1. I am so sorry about your Gma, even if you wasn’t close, it is still a lost :/
    Gosh, I hate that about your dress! I understand though. I was kinda of on the other end of the stick. My Wedding day was crap. I borrowed a dress bc M ditched on me within 3 months till the wedding. So, after my wedding day I stuffed the dress in a bag. I didn’t want to see it, but as I look back, I feel bad for doing that. (I dont know why I typed all that out ROFL) Sometimes siblings take things for granted and don’t think about their mistakes. I hope it comes clean though!
    I am liking the Job thing, maybe Babe will too 😉
    Write Write Write (this is your encouragement, haha!)

    Nothing crazy going on here, well nothing that you haven’t read 😉 I will be updating about my ObGyn visit soon though 🙂 I am looking forward to more sleep, seems like I can’t get enough. I hope you’re weekend is good, and you get to do everything you want to! Sending mass love ❤

    • Thanks, MP.
      I’ll find out tomorrow if they were able to clean it without damaging it. It’s a REALLY nice dress.
      Oh, man… I get why you’d be pissed about it, and not really appreciate the dress once the day was over.
      Babe is very objective, and sees the pros and cons of them both, and it took a while to finally get out of her what she thinks is the best option for us. Hahaha.
      Hahahaha. Thanks for the writing encouragement. I’m gonna get to it right now!
      I was wondering when you’d update about your first visit. Can hardly wait to read about it. I’m living vicariously through you since babies are not an option right now. 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend too! *throws sunshine and rainbows your way*

      • You know when I need some sunshine and rainbows 🙂 and you can ahh and ooo over my baby stories rofl! Keep us updated with what you and Babe decide! I am so excited for you either way.

  2. So sorry to hear about your great-grandmother, condolences to you and your family. ❤

    Can't wait to hear about your prospective new job! New things in life are always exciting and nerve-racking at the same time!

    YAY for upcoming beach time and the Color Run! I sooo want to do a color run, but have yet to be consistently train for one.

    We're planning on visiting friends this weekend, hoping it goes great! Hope you have a nice weekend as well!

    • Thanks, Alicia.

      Yeah… Both of the job options have their pros and cons. I have to decide between doing something I would LOVE and having more time to do more things I love like writing, and doing something I may not like so much (but may grow to like) and make more money and potentially save a LOT, and be able to move a lot faster. It’s a tough call, and my decision will impact people close to me, so it’s a big one.

      YES! I’m excited about those things. The good thing about The Color Run is that you don’t REALLY have to train. It’s not timed, and is more for a good time than anything else. But, of course, being able to slowly run 5k may still take a bit of training.

      Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Sorry about your great grandma , girl!
    My brother and I share our ridiculous sense of humor too. He makes me laugh about nothing every 30 seconds or so hehe

    • Thanks.

      It’s definitely a sibling thing. Lol. Yesterday, we were talking when he was at work and he said, “I just TOLD you I can’t curse in here. Why you wanna tell me something like that?” We have to be careful when we talk. Hahaha.

  4. Good luck with all the stuff you need. I *know* you’ll get ML!

    About the lending thing: so smart! I’ve lent a couple of books that came back INSANELY bad. I can read a book and leave it virtually un-touched. Friend or family will dog-ear pages (I’d have been beaten with the book–on my knuckles and face), WRITE on pages and tear off a paperback cover. I now only hand out things with this, “Pass it on when you’re done or donate it. I don’t want it.” If I want a book? I keep it.

  5. Sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and your family…even if you weren’t that close 🙂

    And let’s get you back into yoga! The Color Run, I hear, is super fun and will motivate you to get back in shape. I know you can do it!

    • Thanks.
      Yes, Babe and I talked about it just last evening. We agreed that we need to practice yoga in between our flag football practice and running. I have a book. I just have to figure out how to use it as guide for poses without losing fluidity, having to constantly look at it.
      SO excited about The Color Run. Hoping I’m able to save up to travel and cover room+board for the weekend. *fingers crossed*

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