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Who is Lovely?

In two words: I AM!

Sometimes, I look like this. I can't promise that I look like this everyday. Sometimes, I'm a little less pretty. Sometimes, I'm a little more pretty. Most times, I'm not wearing makeup. And today, my hair is cut like a boy. Super short. Big difference!

I know it’s waaayyy better to know (or feel like you know) the person writing the blog you read regularly, happened upon, or read on occasion. I ALWAYS check the “About” page for little details. Just for a better connection. Somehow, it helps give perspective and understanding. I believe in giving what you want to get, so I’ll bare a little… Here ya go!

Big things. Little things. Exciting things. Boring things. Completely RANDOM things. About ME!

– My favourite colour is LIME GREEN! Most of the things I purchase, I get in lime green where possibly. Currently owned in lime green: Glasses, iPod, BB case, Nook cover, Pandora charms, lunch container, wallet, change purse, work bag. Nalgene water bottle lost/stolen. 😦

– I love cycling. I’m not hardcore, riding for hours or miles and miles at this point. I’ll talk about this more in another post or two or three.

– I have a hybrid bike – Tatum. She and I spend about 35 minutes together on the road on weekdays.

– I live in The Bahamas. I was born and raised here. I don’t intend to stay here. As a matter of fact, I’m looking for a way out. NOW.

Coca-Cola is greatness. I do my best not to consume more than a can of Coca-Cola per day.

– I have a rebounder, and I LOVE it. I got it mainly to improve my circulation, increase the fun-factor in life, improve my sleep life, and a little bit for the exercise. It’s pretty cool. Whenever I have my own house, there will be space for a big ol’ trampoline, and I will use it just as much as my children.

– I don’t have any children. YET. There WILL be children. I’m hoping for 4 or 5 of ’em. I think I’m going to have to start having these babies pretty soon…

– I have water-drinking issues. It’s a work in progress. I’m doing better these days with somewhere between 12 and 24oz daily.

– Forget text messaging. BlackBerry Messaging is what’s up! I love knowing when my messages have been delivered and read… And sending voicenotes is GREAT for the looong stories I often need to tell. 🙂

– I’m a BlackBerry user. I don’t think this will change any time soon. BBM is just too great.

– I’m on Twitter. A LOT.

– I studied Economics and Finance at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, NS.

Religion is pretty crazy to me. Denominations (of religions) are insane to me as well. I have my own beliefs, but I’m completely aware of how ridiculous it could all be. I’m inclined, actually, to believe that I could take bits and pieces of various religions to form the best possible way for everyone to live. Love is great. Real definition and properties should be inherent, but are not, so people run around thinking they love when they really don’t. If love ruled and was our centre, we wouldn’t have to dream about peace, or preach about acceptance, or any of that stuff. My mantra: WALK IN LOVE.

– I read a lot. I enjoy it. I spend a lot of my me-time reading. On my NOOK! 🙂 I have the original black and white. I’m now eying the new simple-touch. *sighs* Someday, I’ll own it.

– I have three nieces and two nephews, and I love them dearly. They are my babies. I’ll probably be calling them “my babies” when they’re in their 40’s.

I have a lot of parents. My mother and father both worked in the hotel industry throughout my childhood, so they called for backup. My grandaunt, granduncle, great-grandmother, grandfather, and three of my cousins (my dad’s 1st cousins; the grandaunt/uncle’s children) step in and filled in the gaps. My cousins now view me as another sister. Everyone else sees me as another daughter.

– I have two brothers and two sisters. I only grew up with my younger brother. The others are older and have different fathers from my younger brother and I.

I love food. I love buying it, cooking/baking it, eating it, sharing my dishes with loved ones… Food is just great.

– I like starchy foods. Rice, potatoes, pasta, bread… YESSSSSS!

– I rarely consume red meat. I never eat pork. I’ve been off it since the great pig farm trip of 2001. And it has nothing to do with the treatment of the animals.

– I’m not big on animals. I actually quite dislike most animals. I tolerate the pets of loved ones. That’s about it. For my house, fish is the limit. Well… MAYBE turtles. Sorry, children.

– I have a guitar. Acoustic-electric. It’s my second guitar and I bought it last year when I moved back to The Bahamas. I haven’t played it in a looong time. Months. I’d been teaching myself, but I can only really do it when I’m alone.

– The beach is one of my favourite places. Sand is my least favourite thing about the beach, though I only like beaches with sand on them. Yeah. Figure that one out.

– I don’t like pencils.

– I have a bad reaction to bleach, lysol spray, bug spray, strong perfume, ammonia… My nose is very discriminating. So is my skin.

– I am unable to nap. I can only sleep.

– I enjoy most genres of music. R&B, Reggae, Pop, Rock, Country… Some artists I really like: Pink, Justin Nozuka, Bedouin Soundclash, Toni Braxton, Tanya Stephens, Adele, Chrisette Michelle, Alanis Morissette, Naturally 7.

– Some of my favourite booksThe Lovely Bones (Alice Sebold)To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)Lullabies For Little Criminals (Heather O’Neill)A Piece of Cake (Cupcake Brown)

– I wear jeans. All the time. Well… ALMOST all the time.

– When I have money, I spend it. I buy mostly what I need, but a little of what I want too. I don’t deny myself for the purpose of piling money in a place I can’t see it just so I can watch a silly number grow when I open a statement every month. This is not to say that I do not save when I am able to.

My socks MUST be VERY cool. Striped, checkered, smiley faced… They just can NOT be plain ol’ white. Or black. Or anything plain.

– I quite like gerbera daisies. And sunflowers. Crown of thorns are also quite amazing looking.

– I enjoy gardening. I didn’t learn this until I lived in a house with a garden that needed tending in Halifax. I grew peppers, tomatoes, and a few spices. I cut the grass and weeded as well. Good times. Never thought I would enjoy it quite that much.

– I make an amaaaaazing chocolate cake. Among other things.

– I very, very rarely tell a lie. I don’t enjoy it, I don’t see the point of it, I’d rather just be honest, so I don’t lie. I’m so out of practice that it doesn’t make sense for me to even try. It’s far too obvious if I do. I count that as a good thing.

– I’m passionate about education, youth work, and issues concerning youth.

– If I had the necessary financial support, I would go back to school. To go further, if I could afford it, I would probably study for the rest of my life. Not to the exclusion of work (likely for myself) though.

Dirty dishes disturb me. I often wash whatever is dirty after I cook and before I clean. And I generally wash the dishes before bed, and before leaving the house. Waking up and/or coming home to dirty dishes… AWFUL.The WORST is having to WASH a dish to USE it. Like, right when I want to eat cereal, I have to wash a bowl? No. Not okay.

– I’m a foodie!

Well, there you go. You must know me, sort of, now. Right? Better idea of who I am? No? Sorry. Ask questions any time, and I’ll answer as soon as I can.


Comments on: "Who is Lovely?" (34)

  1. Ruth D. said:

    Haha, cool! I like this! You. are. beautiful! 🙂
    And you know what to say… ‘Aaawwww, thank you!’ 😛

    • *gasps* How did you know what I was gonna say?! I need to work on my (un)predictability!
      Hahaha. And now for my response… Awww, thaaaaanks! 🙂 *tilts head to side* Yerr ca-yuuute!

  2. I love your mantra…
    and your socks!

    Many Blessings,

  3. Hi Lovely,

    Thank you for dropping by and subscribing to my blog 🙂
    And after reading the Random things about you, I definitely now wanna subscribe to your blog, which am gonna do right after I press the “Post Comment” button.

    Reading your random things givin me positive energy. I wish I can come up with something like that, maybe soon 😉

  4. changingmoods said:

    I love your About Me page. You seem to be a very multifaceted person with unique interests!

  5. Hello!
    Thank you so very much for your kind message and comment about my latest post.
    I too love gerbera daisies! Take care and very best wishes! Paola

  6. Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by The Naked Mom.

  7. Wow, you had a lot to say in your about me. I did enjoyed reading it and getting to know a little about you. God Bless ! 🙂

  8. aquariusSoul said:

    I just found you blog today! love it so far. And I am 100% with you on the socks! I own many many pairs and they are all super cool!

    • Socks should always ROCK! 🙂 I need a lot more socks. I accidentally left a lot of my cool socks when I moved. 😦
      Glad you’re lovin’ my blog. I’m having a good time checking out your posts.

  9. hey you! first off, thanks for commenting on my blog! second of all, I adore what you said about love! I couldn’t agree more about “walking in love” it’s what we should all be doing! feel free to take a pic and send it my way with your “love is louder!”

    • Isn’t it? 🙂
      I’m gonna work on getting a pic done this weekend to send to you. I think it’s a great campaign, and I’m letting my friends know about it.

  10. janieblim said:

    Hi Lovely! I hope you have time to join a game of tag. I’ve always enjoyed the positive vibe of your blog posts. I’d love to find out your thoughts about the questions I’ve prepared.

    Here’s the link: http://janielives.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/lets-play-tag/

    Have a nice day!


  11. Oh, fun! I’ll definitely join in. Thanks. 🙂

  12. I read through all of this! I know you way better now. Thanks for following me! ~Sherry~

    • And I know that’s a lot of reading! 🙂
      I’m looking forward to seeing your posts, and fantasizing about travelling the way you do. Working toward the day that I can do the same.

  13. Hi Lovely,

    It’s really nice to meet you. The beach is also one of my favorite places. I love the water, the breeze, the salty air haha it’s a little heaven. It’s great that I found your blog, and thank you for visiting.


  14. Hey FABULOUS Lady!

    Just dropping by to let you know I am nominating you for the Very Inspiring Blogger and Sunshine Awards!!! Hope you’re having a great day!!!

    Warm Regards!

  15. I embrace your sock philosophy.

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  17. Hey Lici, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find the info here

    You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want, I just wanted to show you how much I enjoy your blog.

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  19. Awesome socks 🙂 I adore carbs, too (especially buttered french bread.) I laughed at your animal comment – though fish and turtles aren’t bad, I adore cats (we have three cats and three dogs!) I enjoyed reading about you (I’m one who always checks out the About page when a new face shows up on my blog, too.)

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