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Five Things Friday

Here are a five things from my week:

  1. I suffered an injury at flag football practice. Seriously. The season hasn’t even started yet. Whyyy? I got a hard ball coming at me, tried to catch it, but failed because it was a bit too high. It hit my pinky finger. After that, I couldn’t really hold the ball properly to throw, or catch. Sucked. That was yesterday. It still hurts. It also looks kind of weird. Swollen, and red in the knuckle area, on both sides. I have to be extra careful when I rest my hand down, or do anything with it, really. I have a really high tolerance for pain, so when I feel a 3 or 4, I wonder if it’s really an 11, and something is seriously wrong. I’ll ice it more tonight and see what it looks and feels like tomorrow. If it’s still weird, I’ll make my way to the doctor to check it out.
  2. Babe packed my lunch and snacks today. She also did it earlier this week. How lucky am I? Answer: Extremely.
  3. Got a little planner for 2013. Yay! I was telling Babe how I wish I had one so I could record deadlines for the upcoming year, especially with competitions that are early in the year. Of course, when she was out yesterday, she picked one up for me. Awesommme!
  4. Wedding plans are up and down. Got word from the photographer we really wanted to do our photos. It’s $750 just for the digital images. That doesn’t include fee for creative time. NOT in the budget. We just want on-location photos of us – not even for the ceremony, just before – taken, and to get the digital images, and only 10-20 of them edited. How hard is that?! Gaaah! We need to find a community college student who can do a kickass job. We’re still good on the save-the-dates, invites, and guestbook. Woohoo! Got the contract for the music. Just need to sign it and send it back. Yay! I’ve been doing more pinning lately too, and coming up with cool ideas that are very US.
  5. I need to get back to my runniiiiiiing! Really. Seriously. I do. Babe and I talked about it, and agreed that we both feel like sacks of something-not-so-good when we don’t get some activity in. We’re going to make the extra effort to get out and do things. Even if it’s early in the morning, right Babe? Once I get home from work, I want to do ZERO. Aside from showering and having dinner. And watching movies/tv shows. Lol.

Got five things you wanna share? Go for it!



Read this. Great pointers on getting fit and being healthy. AND happy. Christina is always right. 🙂

Christina, Going Places

I posted this update on my Facebook yesterday:

It’s been a hard, long journey, but also a life-changing, incredible one. I’m happy and healthy and the feeling of being an inspiration to others is really an amazing one. This past month especially I have received a lot of sweet words and questions on how I got in shape. Ergo, I thought I’d post some tips that helped me get where I am today! Ahem:

1. Oftentimes people will ask me about running, and proceed their question by a statement about how much they, in fact, hate running. That’s fine. Hate running! Find an exercise you do love. Try new things. Zumba. Yoga. Tango. (I’ve tried all three and they’re all awesome!) You’re expanding boundaries, having fun AND burning calories. Really can’t go wrong there.

2. Bargain with yourself. Throughout my life, I’ve lost weight and then gained it all…

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Plans, Buses, and Work

Quick post for y’all today.

On the weekend, I appointed two of my favourite ladies to the super wonderful two-person position of Personal Sounding Board. For the wedding, of course. They love it. I love it. We all love it. Let’s just hope they both love me in 6 months from now. Lol. They totally wanna be involved, and I definitely need people to let me know when I’m getting too crazy, and help me make decisions. I don’t wanna keep buggin’ Babe because I don’t really get the feeling this is her thing. I ask her the basic things to make sure she’s on board and won’t hate it all, but beyond that… I need some wedding-excited people in my camp. So three cheers for Ash, and three cheers for Jess, y’all! WOOT, WOOT, WOOT! WOOT, WOOT, WOOT! They’re awesome.

Ash and I twitter DMed extensively about the guestbook and use of the theme. Jess and I chatted about the dress. Babe and I decided on the overall theme and how overt/subtle it should be. We also decided on what the guestbook should be like. (It’s not a book!) Today, I messaged back and forth with a very nice Etsy person who will design the guestbook (which is not a book!). She’ll also design the Save the Dates (I really wanna abbreviate that, but STDs just aren’t cool, and it kills me every time I type “Save the Dates”. Gah!) and invitations. Look us, finding ways to get cohesion up in this biatch. Wait. Maybe I should call our wedding a biatch? Heh.

Public Transportation again today. More things happened. This driver also had a friend riding with him. Said friend collected the money for him and everything. A lot of bus drivers seem to do this. This bus driver probably wanted to be a racecar driver. Or stunt devil. Or something. I’m sure people thought they were going to die today. He swerved in and out of traffic like crazy, all in an effort to get in front of another bus on his route so he could pick up more passengers. Oh, the insanity of it all! He also talked to another bus driver on the phone. “Yeah! Where you?… OH, that’s YOU who have me draggin’. (I gather that means the guy cut him off and overtook him earlier, and picked up more passengers, leaving him “dragging” behind with few people on his bus, and few prospects on his way.)… Well WATCH OUT. ‘Cause I comin’, and I comin’ with a vengeance.” Folks… This is not something you want to hear a bus driver say when you’re on his bus. *sighs*

Sitting behind me was the last and final Bahamian Idol contestant. She sang like there will be no tomorrow. Every. single. song. that played. Lots of Mariah Carey. I don’t know about you, but I hate to hear MARIAH CAREY sing Mariah Carey songs. Too nasal and fakey, and trying to hard. When other people try to do it… *puts head in hands* I just don’t like it.

On the up-side, when Babe realized I had to work today, she got to work in the kitchen. I had a sliced apple AND a salad to bring with me. Plus chips and a Coke. Happy lady, I am! Babe loves me. 🙂

As for my weekend, I worked, worked, worked. No, wait. I slacked a LOT on Saturday. My mood was awful. I made it up for it yesterday by editing a LOT of my stories. Today I’m putting the finishing touches on one of them to send it for consideration for a magazine. Today is the deadline. I must get to work!

How goes your Monday? Did anything fun on the weekend?

Buses and Wedding Dresses

It’s not even noon and it’s already been quite the day!

ImageI got up early to get ready and head out for a meeting. Guess who the meeting was with… Think… Think… Got your guess? Ok, I’ll tell you. My designer! Woot, woooooot! Super excited to have someone I know designing my wedding dress. I had what I considered to be a really cool idea. It’s pretty different, but still appropriate. I sent him a FB message to see if he’d be interested in helping me make it happen. He works with a seamstress, so he was able to put together a full package – design and sewing. I sent him a few pictures and a detailed description of what I want. I also took pictures of two sample fabrics that I really like. The meeting today was just to talk in person about what I want, and have a look at the drawings he’s done based on the info I gave him. And, um… LOVE. I’m way more excited about my outfit for the ceremony than the after party, but I guess that’s the way it should be. The after-party outfit is really just for comfort, ease of movement, and a little sexy factor. The one for the ceremony… It is BAM. That is all I can really say. I’m excited to wear it, and to finally be able to reveal it to y’all. 🙂 Are you excited?

Ok, so back to the topic at hand. I wasn’t able to arrange transportation to the meeting, and then to work. I was offered a shift at my cousin’s office yesterday, so there wasn’t much time to plan. I just decided to take the bus. Ugh. You know how I feel about it, right? It frickin’ SUCKS. The ride from my area to the downtown area was uneventful. It was quiet. The radio was set to a mainstream radio station. There was no a/c, so I got fresh morning air. It wasn’t crowded. I got a single seat. Yay.

The ride from the downtown area (where I met designer dude) to my work area was ridiculous. First of all, please picture the bus driver. He’s in his mid-30’s. His hair is about shoulder length. He had it in about 6 cornrows that sort of turned up at the ends. Weird. He wore sunglasses. Pretty sure they were women’s sunglasses. Pretty sure he thought they were gangster. He wore baggy jeans and a striped golf style shirt – typical of the average Bahamian male on the streets. His seat was reclined, about 45 degrees from the upright position. His body was hunched forward, about 25 degrees, to the wheel. Why, please, is your seat reclined as you lean forward to drive, looking like a fool? Hmmm?

He was playing a CD. Not gonna lie… It was ghetto. Like some really down-n-dirty reggae that you would hear in a really dirty club in Jamaica or something. Ever heard those special DJ mixes? You know… The ones where the DJ’s voice keeps interrupting or playing over the music. And they insert weird noises like sirens and horns to try to make it exciting. Yeah. It was like being at a Caribbean party hosted by the guys from St. Kitts and St. Lucia. In the only space they can rent that would allow indoor smoking. Of whatever. The basement of a Chinese restaurant. That’s where. I could almost smell the backwood, cigarette, and marijuana smoke that I thought would kill me the only time I ever attended one of said parties. Yes. One bus ride did this to me. *sighs*


Yeah, I really own one of these babies. BZZZZZ!

SO. You know weird things always happen on the bus in The Bahamas. This is why I hate it. We’re not talking weird “Oh, that’s interesting,” or “This is really funny” at all. We’re talking “OMG, get me off this bus!” or grip-your-stun-gun-in-your-purse weird.

  • He had two of his friends riding up front with him, and they talk and laughed a lot.
  • He pulled over at least twice to talk to random people on the road who he clearly knew. One of the people told him the story of what happened last night when he (the driver) “passed through” some “spot” and didn’t know “what gone down”. Yeah.
  • The two friends kept yelling at people out the window, asking them where they’re headed, and trying to get them to ride on the bus.
  • He made a right turn when we should have gone left.
  • He stopped for breakfast. Like, legit, STOPPED the bus ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. He got out, went to a little breakfast shack (sort of like a food truck, but for breakfast only), and ordered himself breakfast. While people waited in the bus. At like 8:40am, when people are trying to get to work.
  • At one point, he pulled over AGAIN. To eat his breakfast. Like, really, dude? Are you serious right now?
  • He started pulling alongside pedestrians harassing them, asking where they’re going. Keep in mind that the bus is going in the wrong direction at this point.
  • Keep in mind that we’ve made a right turn where we should have gone left. He continued until we got to a T-junction with one way traffic, and we could only turn left. He turned left, then made an immediate left into a mall parking lot. We sat there. He asked passersby where they were headed. We circled the parking lot twice. FINALLY, we headed back in the correct direction. At 8:55am. People are dressed and ready for work. WTF.

That’s all I can remember. I was thinking, during the entire ride, that I was going to forget some things. If I remember anything worth sharing, I’ll tell you later. But gosh. Do you understand why I hate the freaking bus system (or lack thereof) in this place? GET ME OOOOOUUUUUT! *echoes*

So, in closing… I don’t like taking the bus here, and I will avoid it as much as possible. Also my wedding attire is gonna be freakin’ awesommmmme!

By the way, I’m trying to decide whether or not I should tell Babe about it. Should I let her know what the design is like? She knows my general idea, but not the whole story. Especially after this meeting. Things are more solidly defined. And exciting. I kinda want her to be surprised, but I kinda want her in the loop so she knows what is going on, and so I can have SOMEone to tell. Because, you know, you can’t tell everyone about your plans. They just have to be there. Or see the pictures later. What do y’all think? Babe, what do you think?

How about you? What was the most interesting part of your day? Do you ever use public transportation?

Thankful Thursday

Lots of things have been happening. I’ve been acting on things more than thinking about them lately. I’m holding myself accountable. I need to do what it takes today to be happy and fulfilled tomorrow.

Here’s a little slice of goodness from my week:

  • Got to the grocery store, FINALLY.
  • Picked up three movies to watch. Babe and I are whipping through tv shows and movies like nobody’s business and it’s getting harder to find things we haven’t seen yet AND would like. May soon resort to the classics. Haha.
  • Doing much better with water consumption.
  • Finally proved that I’m not completely inept, and I DO know how to throw and catch a friggin’ football. (I just refuse to put in full effort when I bored, nearly to death, and simply tossing the ball back and forth. Give me a challenge, and I will accept!)
  • My application to be ML (Municipal Liaison) for my region (The Bahamas) in NaNoWriMo was accepted. WOOT, WOOOOT! So exciting!
  • On the FINAL round of edits for my food flash for the Food & Drink themed short story competition. I’m letting it rest for a week before taking my last look at it, doing final tweaks, and sending it off.
  • Finally working on a story I had resting for months. I think it’s been months. I’ve decided that some of the suggestions in the critiques were way off base. They wanted me to give them more story. Backstory, really. That is NOT what a flash piece is about. I decided to make it even shorter. Cut it from almost 1200 words to under 1000. That is MAJOR.
  • Planned my entire ML month – In-person events, online events (Twitter hashtags/chats), created a blog, listed blog enough blog post ideas to post 2x/week until the end of the year, created a Facebook page, and secured venue for in-person events. All I need to do now is plan my novel (which I started months ago).
  • Projects, projects, projects! Lots of things to work on. I love it.
  • Positive feedback. I’ve been doing a lot of critiquing on Scribophile, and sometimes I think I may be taking things too far, BUT I want to be honest. Makes no sense posting work for crits if you don’t want the good, bad, and ugly, right? So I go hard. A lot of people seem to appreciate it, and send me the nicest little messages, thanking me for my help. One woman even said I’m a great editor AND writer, and called it a “power combo”. WOW. Mind. Blown.

How about you? What are you thankful for this week? What has you feeling great?

Monday Madness

It’s Mondaaaaayyyyy! Did ya know?

I feel all fgfkgjfjfgnb today. So much to do! I went through some websites that have information on submissions and contests, and FINALLY updated my little planner. I’ve given myself deadlines to get pieces done and submitted. I need to be ahead of those deadlines if I want time to post them to Scribophile to get feedback from other writers. I have at least one piece due every week for the rest of the year! Crazy, right? That’s not even including the assignments for my Writing for Children & Teenagers course. This should be interesting.

Here is some info on my work in progress:

  • Food Flash – It’s for a food festival, and they’re looking for short stories up to 2500 words on the theme of “Food & Drink”. There are no other restrictions, so I decided to make mine short and sweet. Well, it’s really not sweet. It’s kind of evil. But I like it! I’ve been getting crits on it for a few weeks now, and it’s ALMOST to where it needs to be. Before the end of this month, I’m going to have to let that baby fly.
  • Ice Cream Truck – Have I ever mentioned the super annoying ice cream truck that comes by our place EVERY day at the SAME time? It drives me crazy. I hate it. The music is awful. The other day, I was trying to have a little nap. Note that I am NOT a nap person. I HATE it. I was just SO tired from waking up a 6am to get a ride to work and working all day. Enter the ice cream truck. Playing CHRISTMAS music. I HATE Christmas music. It really annoys me. Anyway, I got my Neo, and wrote a little story. I was pissed when I wrote it, so it’s funny in a snarky sort of way, but it needs work.
  • The Other – It’s about a married woman who is seeing someone else. Her husband is also seeing someone else. Their marriage is pretty much over, but they still live in the same house. Things get a little weird. I wanted this to be a short, snappy piece, but a lot of the critiquers keep asking for more. They want to know more about the woman than I really care to tell. The story isn’t meant to be ABOUT her. I’m struggling with it. I like it the way I wrote it, but it needs to please the reader too. I’d decided to let it rest a while. BUT… It’s perfect (in theory) for a magazine’s theme that I want to submit it for. This week. GAH!
  • Comatose – A woman is in a coma, completely unresponsive. She gets an unexpected visit from the daughter she never had a relationship with. The daughter offloads and rants, but the woman can’t explain herself. I gave this one a looong rest. Time to look up the crits and polish her up. From what I remember, people wanted more backstory on this one too. To me, that’s not what  a short story is about. A short should be started as late as possible – close to the action – and focus on as short a time period as possible. I’m going to have a look at WHO is saying WHAT. If the people who want backstory are novel writers (primarily), I’m gonna have to veto their opinions. This baby needs to fly too!

That’s just what I have already written. There are some other ideas floating around. Can you tell how busy my week is going to be? It’s okay though. It’s about time I put more time and effort into what I REALLY want to do. It’s just difficult to balance a day job and home life with my work. I don’t want anything in the equation to suffer. This may take some trial and error, y’all, so excuse me for blogging far less than I used to. I’ll be back on track soon, I hope!

How about you? How is your Monday going? Any goals for this week?

Tweets of Life

I know, I know. I have to catch you up on things. I really don’t remember very far back, so I decided to consult my twitter feed. I had a look at some of my most recent tweets, and it helped to refresh my memory on some things. I tweet very randomly, so expect that sort of feel from this post too.

Before I hop into putting-my-life-together-using-twitter, let me tell you this. This morning, it was like my life is a movie. You know… With a soundtrack. I got in the car, started it… Silence. Right at I shifted and reversed out of the parking space, the music started. Right at the beginning. JUST like in the movies. Cool, no? I know you wanna know the song. Here ya go:

Ok… So the tweets:

I definitely read NUTELLA. Then I saw that it’s due Friday, and backtracked. *sighs* <— Response to this tweet: I am LOVING this novella. It’s almost finished. Which is good. Since it’s due Friday. 😉

“Try calling the manager at [number]. No, wait. Call Portia. She might answer you.” WHAT?! <—Yeah. That’s the response I got when I called the local telecommunications company (we only have one – UGH) to ask about the new corporate cell phone service.

If you’re paying someone to tell you what you already know, you have a problem your money can’t solve. <— Just wanted to show you some of my genius.

Bad habits don’t just go away. They must be broken. <— More of my genius.

“We call him DNA. Dead On Arrival.” <— Someone really said that to me. I guess he was referring to the newly formed political party that won a total of ZERO seats, but still… Stupid.

“You like Bueno Maz?” <— Same guy asked my cousin this. Took me a while to realize he meant Bruno Mars.

I need to give everyone their own light. <— My niece tweeted this, after she tweeted that someone BBMed her and she was going to answer them. I RTed.

This man wants to know which side of cousin’s family I’m related to. “Oh, so all of y’all basically look alike.” Um, yeah. Sure. <— Pretty sure I do NOT look like this particular cousin. At all.

Okay, so those tweets didn’t really give you much insight. There are others that would do a better job, but those are just so GOLDEN. I had to share them.

I’ve been working on my writing a lot more lately. I’m really happy about that. I’ve been banging out critiques like crazy on Scribophile, and stacking up lots of karma points (needed to post my own work). I already have LOTS of points, but when you crit a lot, your work gets highlight (they call it “in the spotlight”), so more people give critiques (f0r more karma points). I edited two pieces to near perfection. Really excited that they are nearly ready for submissions. Also wrote a completely new piece last night, inspired by the stupid ice cream truck that woke me from my evening nap (that I REALLY needed). More on this stuff later. I’m off to polish my story for my second assignment in the ICL course.

Hope you’re having a productive week. If you’re on twitter, share your best tweet of the week. If not, tell me something else. Lol.