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Five Uses of My Cellphone

The internet is about to explode with Thanksgiving posts. I usually try to get away before that happens. It’s not that I don’t like Thanksgiving (or any other holiday), but I find it a bit overwhelming/predictable/boring when everyone is posting about it. So… I’m being random today.

Five Uses of My Cellphone:

  • Pretending to be busy to avoid unwanted conversation from people in my physical space.
  • Security Blanket. Oh, weird guy approaching me? This is a good time to call my dad and have a little chat.
  • Flashlight. Dang. I can’t see the keyhole. Guess I’ll just press any random button on my phone to make it light up.
  • Something to do with my hands and pass the time. Standing in line at the bank with ten people in front of me and two tellers working? Best time to play a little Sudoku.
  • Record things for later. People like my brother are constantly saying hilarious things. Great story ideas fly at me at random. I often have a hard time remembering them when the time comes, so I tap ’em out on my phone.

Do you use your cellphone for things other than sending and receiving calls and messages, taking pictures, and using the internet? What are they?


Package Swap!

I think I told y’all about the NaNoWriMo package swap. Someone organized a huge swap where participants could sign up to get as many swap partners as they want. I signed up for 2. We exchanged information about ourselves and the kinds of things we like, then we went shopping for each other. It was a lot of fun!

I think I gave my partners a lot more info than they give me, so they were in a better position to pick and choose things. I told them things like: I love chocolate; I like owl/turtle/elephant things; I’m a notebook freak; I love pens; I like black tea; Cool socks are my thing; I love lime green; Ooh! Stripes!… So yeah… My stuff was AWESOME.

Both of my packages arrived on Friday. I was super excited to open it, and even more excited to rave about everything and show it all off to Babe.

Here’s a picture of my goodies from Kate:


Included in this package:

  • About six pairs of cool socks. One pair has an OWL. YAY!
  • An ELEPHANT bank. That I can PAINT. How cool is that?!
  • Stickers
  • Page clip bookmarks
  • Bracelet bookmark
  • LIME GREEN felt OWL coasters <— WIN!
  • Three cool shoelaces
  • Pens
  • Coffee Cuff
  • Chocolate
  • Notebooks
  • Sock purse <— Too cool!

Later this week, I’ll show you the contents of the other package (from Elizabeth).

I can’t believe how perfect these things are for me.

*happy dances*

How about you? What made your weekend? What awesome thing happened to you? Received any good gifts lately? Fill me in!

Three Things Tuesday

Heyyyyy! *points and jumps up and down* I haven’t seen you in forever! Where’ve you been? …Say what now? It’s ME? *I* went missing?! *thinks* Oh.


Things are nutty, okay? But not like legume-y nutty like peanuts. I mean trendy, fun, oh-so-good nutty like almonds. Or walnuts. Ya know? The good kind of crazy.

As you know, it’s NaNoWriMo time, and I’m MLing like a CHAMP! I’m tweeting like mad, updating a FB page like an addict, and hosting events. Let’s not talk about how I totally MISSED one of them. *sighs* (I told you things were nutty. But that one was peanut-y. Blech!)

Okay, on top of that, I launched my website! YAAAAHOOOOOOOO! No. I didn’t use Yahoo to build the site. I just wanted to say that. (I feel nutty. Did I mention that?)

Ok, before I drive you away, I’m just going to say three things. Just three.

  1. ImageI launched my website, mmkay? It’s my author website. I’ll be posting excerpts of my work, reviews, sprinkles of inspiration, and slices of life. The servings of life slices over there won’t be as thick as they here though, so keep up with me here too! I know you’ll want to sign up for my email updates, but don’t do it before November 9. That’s when I’ll have a free MP3 for you, just for signing up! đŸ™‚
  2. ImageI had my first request for an event/food review. How cool is that?! Babe and I went to SUGAR RUSH – an event that was all about sweet indulgence. There were eight booths set up by pastry and dessert businesses. Yes! Cupcakes, cake pops, brownies, rum cakes… All goodness. There was also a great LUSH RUSH bar with signature martinis and iced teas (leaded and unleaded). And my JOB was to TASTE things. Say whaaat? More please! I’ll be posting my review of the event in about a week over at my brand spankin’ new website! đŸ˜€
  3. It’s Election Day in the US! WOO! If you are eligible, GET OUT and VOTE. It’s your right, and no one else can exercise it for you. Every vote counts. [insert more you-should-vote rhetoric here.] Really though. Go vote!

And that’s it. That’s three. The limit for today.

OH, NO! WAIT! ONE more thing!

GUEST BLOGGERS. I need some. Ahem. Ruthie. *coughs* Christina. *fake sneezes* Nicole. *points* Madtante. *nudges BWithBooks* *pokes YOU*Just for the month of November. I’ll take 5 people. You can talk about food, share a recipe, tell a funny story, give workout tips, share some of your favourite music, rave about your favourite product, review a book… Whatever! As long as it doesn’t break any of my 3 blog rules (I don’t know what they are yet), you’re good. If you’re interested, let’s talk! Send an email including your name, blog link, and what you’ll blog about to guestblog[at]aliciaaudrey[dot]com. I’ll get back to you pronto!

Thanks for sticking around, even through my absence. You RAWK!


What’s new with you? What post in the last week (of yours) is a must read? Linkit!