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Real Life Quotes

Quotes I’ve saved in my little green quote book.

They’re all things I’ve said or heard in everyday interactions with family, friends, and strangers. Most of them make me laugh. Loudly. Some of them make me smile. Others give me something to think about. Or take me back to a certain point in time. Where there are back stories, I’ll do my best to explain them well so that the quotes mean as much to you as they do to me. Or close. Feel free to comment and/or add quotes from your own interactions.

Ashlee (6yo at the time): “If Alex (her older brother) tells on me, I’ll FLIP HIM like a HAMBURGER!”

Drew (4yo at the time) did something. Auntie saw him and addressed it. He denied it. This is what was said:

Auntie: Dreeew… Don’t tell lies. God is watching you!

Drew: (with confidence) God can’t see me, ’cause I in the house!


Family was visiting me in Halifax, NS. It was July. It wasn’t cold. They were the only people wearing jackets. Short exchange with my cousin:

Alex (14yo at the time): Alicia, they have windows here?

Alicia: What? What do you mean?

Alex: Like the houses. It so cold. They have windows?


“I’m so far behind in this happiness race!” -My younger brother


Comments on: "Real Life Quotes" (2)

  1. Alex Jones said:

    I loved the last quote! I feel like this too in the race of life sometimes.

    • It must be normal to feel that way at some point. I try to remember that happiness is a decision, and I need to make it every single day.
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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