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Last Week, This Week, and Happies

Things of the Past Few Weeks:

  • Started flag football practice with my sister’s work team. Babe too! It’s looking more like it’s going to be a really random team that happens to be sponsored by my sister’s work. My other sister joined, and brought two people from her (different) work. Babe and I don’t work at the first workplace. The captain seemed to bring another two people who don’t work with them. Anyway, whatever. I’m glad it’s sponsored. I really don’t feel like the practices are going anywhere. She makes us run around a circle (approximately 0.45 miles) 5 times at the beginning. Then we do some lame stretching, a few push-ups, and jumping jacks. Big deal. Then we toss the ball around. And then do (2 or 3) sprints. Super weird. I think there should be a lot more conditioning going on, but NOPE. I don’t think the captain really knows anything about fitness. I’d probably make a better leader of the very unathletic, not-fit bunch of lazies. Honestly. Hopefully, a trainer will be coming to whip us into shape soon. Tryouts are in the first week of October. *sighs*
  • Babe and I started our wedding planning! SO exciting! It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun. It’s for US. Our day. She probably thinks I’m crazy, and maybe I am. It’s not until next summer, and I’m pretty much trying to get EVERYthing sorted out, like, NOW. I really would like everything (location, where we’re staying, dates of travel, wardrobe, favours, etc.) fully planned within the next two months. I’d also like to start paying deposits on things to hold them. The only problem is: That requires money. *looks at bank account and laughs* We need my new job to start, like, PRONTO.
  • I made a decision on the job thing. The one I really wanted, but passed on, was homeschooling. The problem was that we only had four potential students. Two of my cousin, and two of Babe’s cousin. I would have had to settle for far less money that I need to be making in order to save toward our goals. The upside of that option: shorter working day (8:30-1), more time to write, doing what I LOVE. Oh, well. Money won out in the end. A difference of at least $4,800/year. The other job is with a governmental department directed by a close relative who will make sure I get the job. There is a mandatory training period of 3 or 4 months which is mostly in the classroom. No problem! Listening to people talk, studying, and taking tests? Sign me up! I’m on it. One of Babe’s cousins is also applying. Cool that we’d sort of get to hang out. We only hung out twice, and I think she’s pretty cool/funny. The real kicker with this job: Island transfers! They need people to work on other islands (more remote, quieter, less going on), and people don’t tend to want to take those jobs. SIGN. ME. UP. I would LOVE a change of pace and scenery. And get this… The government would cover rent. HELLOOOOO?! DID YOU HEAR ME?! Living rent-ass-free! That means saving hundreds of dollars without even taking my pay into account. Babe agrees that this is a great opportunity for us to make strides in our plan to move.

Things of This Week:

  • Working at my cousin’s office. Managing to get some critiquing done, so I’m earning karma points to post my own work. Not that I really need points. I have LOTS. As my friend Kane says, I need to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!
  • My second assignment for the ICL Writing for Children & Teenagers course I’m taking is due on Saturday. I have done ZILCH. I’m really annoyed with myself. I got my first assignment in about two weeks early. In her letter to me, the instructor encouraged me to take all the time allotted for the assignment. I sort of took that as an admonishment or something. FAIL. That may be A way, but it’s not MY way. I need to do things when I’m fired up. When I’m excited it. When I’m in the mental space to do it. Now, the deadline looms, and I DO. NOT. FEEL. LIKE. DOING IT. It sucks. I’m going to have to force out a story like a mentally constipated writer. SUCKS. My (writing) butt already hurts. Stupid, stupid move. From now on, I’ll do things as I like.
  • Yesterday, I walked (briskly) with my sister (the older of the two). We went at super speed. Babe hung back and walked at a less competitive pace. We were on our walk about about 50 minutes. Looked like they were getting some chatting in. Good to see them getting more comfortable with one another. (The older sister and Babe are often in the same space, usually in her car, so lots of chatting goes on.) Then, the sisters went crazy when they saw a friend with a trainer, and joined in. Babe and I hung back and chatted with my mum who was riding with one of the sisters. She just had to sit around and wait while we worked out. I guess she had no other ride from work. Anyway, Babe and mum were chattin’ it up! How cool! If there is still any awkwardness, neither of them let it show. It was pretty cool. I wonder if my mum has accepted things, slipped back into denial, or is just ignoring it. Whatever it is, it’s fine, as long as she’s respectful. She even offered to bake up a pan of macaroni. Hahaha.

Things that Make Me Happy:

  • Working ooooout! Like, REALLY working out. Not that play-play ish we do at flag football “practice”.
  • Doing well with my water consumption.
  • Steakouts! Super popular way to raise money in these parts. People sell $10 tickets for dinners of steak or chicken with baked potato, corn, and a roll. Pretty typical. But *I* have tickets to a COOL steakout. They’re serving more native food. Baked chicken, bbq chicken, or steak with peas ‘n’ rice, and choice of two sides: beets, corn, or macaroni. WEEEE! We’re gonna be eatin’ gooooood on Saturday!
  • Frozen strawberry bars. Babe bought me one yesterday. đŸ™‚
  • Snacks. Granola bars, sliced apples, bananas and nutella, yogurt… I feel WAY better on days when I snack, snack, snack. Gotta keep the energy up! I must add that whenever I start working out, my already big appetite gets CRAZY. I am RAVENOUS! Hide your food, y’all!

How about you? What’s been going on? What’s new? What makes you happy?


Oh, it’s Friday?

Wordless Wednesday

Look at the goodies Babe brought back for me from her way-too-long time away! Cute shorts, a shirt that says “It’s owl good” *giggles*, cool notebooks, pens, coloured sharpie markers, highlighters, Twix minis, lime green cell case, two brightly colour tees you can’t see, a tank you can’t see, a booklight, beer mug double-shot glass… Loving it!
Yes, everything is backwards. Makes it more fun. đŸ™‚


Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful for:

  • Having my Babe back đŸ™‚
  • The invitation to join the flag football team started by my sister’s work. Babe and I both went to practice yesterday evening, and had funnn! Everyone thinks I suck, but whatever.
  • Supportive family and friends.
  • Getting closer to making a decision on the job I’m going to take, and being able to share it with you all.
  • The little things that inspire smiles and create good, happy feelings
  • My ability to budget, manage cash, manipulate Excel/Numbers, and make financially sound decisions (when I want to).
  • The gift of words.
  • Hobbies.
  • Use of a car while my cousin (boss) is away, so Babe and I can do errands, grocery shop, and have date nights.
  • The date nights that we will have tonight and tomorrow night… Because when you don’t own a car, but have the use of one, you’ve just GOT to take advantage of it.

How was your week? Shared any cool photos on your blog? Give me the link! What are you thankful for this week? Any plans for the weekend?


The Stuff of This Week

It’s been a while, I know. Things are kinda crazy. Here’s what’s up:

  • My great-grandmother died on Monday. We weren’t close. I didn’t grow up with that side of the family. I talk about my great-grandmother often, but that my dad’s dad’s mother. She’s 92, healthy, fiesty, and fun. Barr, on the other hand, was 95 (Yeah, longevity is kind of a thing in my family), and seemed to be dying for a long time. She had Alzheimer’s or something of the sort. The last time I saw her, I think, was at my aunt’s wedding reception about two years ago. Anyway, her funeral is on Saturday.
  • Took my dress to the dry cleaners today. My sister borrowed it months ago, and I just got it back yesterday. And not in the condition I lent it in. I’m slightly annoyed, but blame myself. I never lend out anything I want back. People just don’t care for your things the way they do their own. It’s annoying. I hope the cleaners get the makeup stains (UGH!) out, and do NOT damage the gorgeous embellished neckline. I’ll post pictures if it looks fine, and I end up wearing it on Saturday.
  • Jobs! I need one! Something I thought would never came through actually did. It’s now a viable option, but it won’t pay very well. And there’s really no room for it to grow. The pros include the short work day (8:30 to 1 or so), it’s something I enjoy, and leaves me with time to write. It would just become very necessary for me to supplement my income, especially if we ever wanna save enough money to move. The other option… It’s more stable and pays more, but I have no idea when it starts. There are about 3 months of training, and after that, I’d remain a trainee until promotions come out. The major pro for that job is the possibility of being transferred to another island, rent-free. Hellooooo, Savings, and hellooooo, new country of residence! Babe and I will have to discuss, and figure things out.
  • My cousin is away for about a week. That means a full week of work for me. YAY! Income! I’m not making loads of cash, but I can pay bills, and buy grocery. This is good.
  • I neeeed to start working out again. It’s SO hot. It’s really hard to get out there and run, but I GOTTA. I’m feeling lousy. This always happens when I don’t exercise. I also need to practice yoga. At least I can do that indoors. I have a great book that helps refresh my memory, so I practice what we did in class. There’s no class during the summer. Looking forward to it starting again in September. Oh, and being able to afford it! Hahaha.
  • Writing. It’s come to a screeching halt. Things got uncomfortable at home with some mishaps and plumbing issues, and then I got sick. My energy level has been terrible, so I haven’t been getting much done outside of the work day. I need to get back on track. There are deadlines to meet, a class to complete, and publishing goals to be met!

  • Got an email from the Community Liaison of NaNoWriMo. They got my application to be the Municipal Liaison for The Bahamas. There wasn’t one last year, so I probably have a good chance of being chosen for this year. It should be fun, and give me a chance to meet other writers. Always good to network, right? And I’m hoping to be able to convince Babe to join in the fun. She could even write 50,000 words worth of songs if she wants too. I just think it would be cool to take on the challenge together. And, of course, she could accompany me to the events I’d have to plan as ML, and then I could always say that ONE person showed up. Hahaha.
  • My brother is hilarious. We share a ridiculous sort of humour. At one point, we were quipping back and forth, and he said, “No one in the world as miserable as us!” It was pretty funny because we were talking about not wanting to be bothered by or with anyone, and not being interested in hearing any belly-aching or complaining this week. Oh, even funnier, I was complaining about the graveyard part of the funeral. I don’t get why families WATCH the casket as it is lowered into the ground. I told him it’s medieval. He said, “What? Medieval?” I said, “Yes! Archaic!” He said, “Listen to me… You and me been to the school right, but you been to college on top of that. You need to take it easy on me with these jokes.” I couldn’t stop laughing. Then he added, “You have a whole college class of people you could crack your college-level jokes with. You and Daddy always have me rollin’ with dictionary.” Too funny!
  • I feel like I need some things to look forward to right now. I decided to come up with a little list. Here it is:
    • New job – Whatever it may end up being
    • Getting my next assignment done, and getting feedback
    • The Color Run in Orlando (Hoping that we can make it!)
    • Watching The Bourne Legacy and the Timothy Green movies with Babe on the weekend
    • Getting in some beach time this weekend
    • Starting my 5k training again, and feeling better about myself
    • Making lasagna (as soon as our kitchen plumbing issue is resolved)
    • Ordering and receiving The 3am Epiphany, and having fun going through the writing exercises
    • Spending lots of time with Babe (SO glad she’s back!)

Any craziness going on with you this week? Any weekend plans? What are you looking forward to?

Six Things Saturday

  1. I’m sick. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but something is wrong. I haven’t been able to eat a meal since Wednesday afternoon. On Friday, I packed myself a lunch. At lunch time, I heated it up and had ONE spoonful. That was all I could take. A few minutes later, I forced two more. That was it.
  2. Today, my little cousin went back to his mother. His dad asked me to accompany him on the plane ride. It was nice to be able to take him, and chat with him. He had a little moment of crying, saying that he wanted to stay with his dad, but it didn’t last long.
  3. My aunt is like a doctor without the degree. She knows all kinds of home remedies and can diagnose things like nobody’s business. Yesterday, she looked in my eyes (the pink part you see when you put your finger right under an eye and pull down). She can see iron levels by the colour. Usually, she just tells me, “Yeah, your iron is low.” That time, she said, “You’re anemic!” I said, “That’s news?” Hahaha. I am feeling a bit lightheaded these days though. It sucks being alone when you feel like crap, doesn’t it? My cousin checks on me every now and then though, so it’s okay.
  4. Babe is still away. She’ll finally be back on Monday. YAY!
  5. Some weird things are going on in our apartment. We’re finding out just how much the owner sucks. She doesn’t respond well to the issues we bring to her attention, and it’s really getting old. Time to move on, I think.
  6. It’s super hot. I think that may be contributing to how I’m feeling. Weak, tired, and no appetite. I’m trying to drink lots of water. I got two bottles of Gatorade from my aunt’s house last night. I’m drinking a mouthful every now and then, just to get something in my system. I do NOT want to end up laying up in a hospital on a drip like last time. I can usually tell when I’m heading down that road, and it’s not good!

Oh, how about a bonus thing? I decided on the writing competitions I’ll enter for the rest of the year. Now I just have to get cracking with the writing and editing of my work. I thought I’d get lots done this week, but health issues deterred me. Bummer! Hope to make up for it after a nap today, and tomorrow while at FamJam. Hopefully my appetite makes an appearance tomorrow. If not, my family will notice, and will probably take me straight to the hospital. Gross!

What are you up to this weekend?



Hello – Karmin

I’ve talked about Karmin before. How cool I think they are. How I like the girl’s style. How good their acoustic sound is. How great the covers are. How quirky and fun the videos are. And stuff.

It all started with this one:

And then, Babe I heard this one on the radio one day:

Babe was like, “Is that Karmin?!”

Me: “I don’t know…” *listens* “Maybe, you know!”

Babe: “It IS Karmin! She said ‘Cheerio!'”

That was cool, to hear them on the radio for the first time. Now, I’ve come across this one:

Just wanted to share that with ya this weekend.


How was your week? What are you up to this weekend? Any cool songs to share?