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What is Conch Salad?

This is a conch salad. At least now you have an idea of what it looks like. Chew on that. Well... Imagine chewing on it, I guess. It's gooood. Just so you know.

CONCH SALAD is a Bahamian dish that can serve as an appetizer or a meal, like most salads. The conch is fresh-taken from its shell and cleaned. The eye is removed. It is then cut into bite-sized pieces. It is mixed with diced green pepper, onion, and tomato, and dumped into a bowl. Then, lime or lemon juice is squeezed over it along with orange juice until the bowl is full of yummy juice. It’s then further seasoned with salt to taste. Pepper can be added (and usually is). YUM YUM YUM!

People have started to personalize their conch salads using cucumbers, apples, and other fruits and vegetables. What I’ve described above is a traditional conch salad. If you ever visit The Bahamas, you MUST have a conch salad. To leave without at least trying it would be a shame. In Nassau (the capital of The Bahamas), the best places to get conch salad are “The Dock” (under the Paradise Island-Nassau bridge) and Arawak Cay (also known as the “Fish Fry”) which are strips with lots of native food restaurants/stalls.

So why choose “Conchsaladesque” for a blog name? Well, I’m Bahamian – born and raised. A common saying on this islands (translated to standard English) is, “You’re mixed up just like conch salad!” Mixed up like conch salad can describe a person’s ethnicity, mental state, understanding of a certain topic/subject/issue, etc. For this blog, I have no main subject matter. I don’t plan to blog about anything in particular. I’ll just blog. Period. Whatever I want to blog about at any given time will be here. Knowing myself, recognizing that lots of things are of interest to me and I’m normally inclined and inspired to write/talk about any given thing, I know that the topics covered here will be vast and varied. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Seasoned to taste. Just like a conch salad. If you’re adventurous, just grab a spoon and dig in. 🙂



Comments on: "What is Conch Salad?" (14)

  1. Hi, and thanks for all the complimentary comments on my blog! I had to click on the conch salad because I used to live in Grenada– for a year at least, and that is where I met my husband. Before him and my other friends there, I had no idea what a conch was. In Grenada it is called Lambi in dishes. I see it’s a few days past July 19…

    • Re: Comments – You’re very welcome! Your blog is really interesting, and I’ll be visiting often. 🙂
      Re: Grenada – Very cool! I’d like to visit some time. I had no idea they had another name for conch. Good to know! I’m glad you left that little tidbit here.
      Re: July 19 – I know! Terrible! I wasn’t only for a few days, and I’ve been working away on a video collage for my baby cousin’s first birthday (which was July 20). That sort of trumped the Conch Salad explanation. Haha. I’ll blog about the birthdayness this weekend, but not before I update this page! TONIGHT! 🙂 Come back and check, and if it’s not done (it WILL be), chastise and embarrass, then I’ll REALLY do it (but it’ll already be done). Hahaha.

  2. For making me laugh, cry, or almost pee my pants, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. For complete details, see the following post in my blog:


  3. I was curious where the name came from and I can honestly say I’m glad I click to see where it came from. very Interesting I must say. And you stay true by your word. I only came across your blog a few days ago and love how you just talk about every thing.

  4. Hi there! I found you through Christina.

    • Hi! 🙂 Thanks for coming by. Would you like some tea? Coffee? Juice?
      Since you found me through Christina, you’re a-okay with me! You’re even welcome to an icy cold Coca-Cola! 🙂

      • You’re as hospitable as a Midwesterner! If you’ve got it whiskey, or tea with soy milk…or tea with soy milk and whiskey. I’m easy.

  5. Does the conch salad taste something like pico de gallo (salsa fresca)?

    I was looking around your blog and found it pleasurable. 🙂

    • Hmmm… Not quite. It has a lot more of a citrus flavour to it, and I think the ingredients are more coursely chopped than with pico de gallo. Some of the same ingredients though.
      Thanks! 🙂

  6. Madtante: I have tea with 2% milk, and tequila. *scratches head* My brother probably made some whiskey (night train) last night though. One sec!

  7. That looks D-E-L-I-S-H.

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