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Life List

This is where I’ll keep my Life List as it develops, following the guidelines given here. I’m being very careful not to rush this list, or just add things to make it long, or to “look good.” As things come to me, I’ll add them. I’d love to see other life lists. If you have one you can share, leave a link in the comments. And feel free to comment in any way you like. 🙂  



– Visit the family islands of The Bahamas (Eleuthera, Abaco, Long Island, and Exuma in particular)

– Visit Trinidad and Tobago

– Visit Japan

– Visit the Maldives

– Visit Greece

– Visit Germany

– Tour Europe (by bicycle)

– Tour Mexico

– Tour Australia

– Spend 1 month in a Spanish speaking country for complete language immersion

– See the Grand Canyon

– See the Great Wall of China

– See the Taj Mahal, India

– Go to Disney World (as an adult)


– Learn to play 5 songs on the piano

– Learn to play the acoustic guitar. (Notes: Already own an acoustic-electric guitar. Started self-teaching in 2009 with the help of youtube and Justinguitar.)

– Take a course in a trade. E.g. Tiling, auto mechanics, plumbing

– Learn to rollerblade

– Get bartending certificate

– Learn to ride a skateboard

– Learn to ski

– Learn a martial art (black belt level)

– Learn to square dance

– Learn poledance

– Learn to whistle (Babe is teaching me, and I’m getting there! Sound is coming out now, and it’s not just air!)

– Learn to fly a plane

– Take intermediate and advanced level belly dance courses

– Learn the tango

– Learn to sail a boat

– Take a tap dance course

– Learn to surf

– Get a sky diving license

– Learn glassblowing

– Learn to make sushi

– Take a pottery class

– Take a cake decorating class


– Go kayaking

– Free fall

– Go scuba diving

– Go snorkelling

– Go fishing

– Visit a winery

– Go horseback riding

– Do a bikini photo shoot

– Do an implied nude photo shoot

– Go to a shooting range

– Attend Brazil’s Carnival

– Help build a Habitat for Humanity home

– Attend the Olympics

– Be drawn/painted on the spot

-Participate in a “Murder Mystery” weekend

– See a broadway play

– Ride a segway

– Go to an opera

– Ride in a hot air balloon

– Go on a cruise

– Ride in a  helicopter

– Bungee jump

– Ride a mechanical bull

– Drive a race car around a race track

– Ride an elephant

– Go to Trinidad’s Carnival (and dress for it!)

– Fly a kite

-Hang glide

– Make candles

– Paint something worthy of being on my own wall


– Teach English in another country

– Start an after-school youth program

– Get necessary certification in Human Services/Youth Work

– Complete graduate school (in economics and/or education)

– Freelance (write)

– Have a sweet lil shop. Really sweet. Cupcakes, brownies, cookies. Mostly to order. Open shop on Fridays or something.

– Write and publish a series of children’s books

– Write and publish a novel


– Pay off student loan

– Education funds for all children (to cover at least half of their college/university expenses)


– Get married to the Love of My Life (I already know who it is!)

– Adopt a child

– Have a family with 4-5 children

– Create family tree


– Enter (and complete) a bike race

– Run 5k


– Have a home with window seats, a garden, trees, and a large kitchen

– Set up and maintain tropical aquarium (30 gallon)

– Have a garden (complete with trees, flowering plants, veggies, and herbs)


– Skydive

– Get two B.Comm degrees

– Work for a non-profit youth-focused organization

– Learn to use InDesign

– Ride in a rickshaw

– Dance to a live band

– Participate in Relay for Life

– Go natural (get rid of over-processed hair)

– Get a bicycle as main mode of transportation

– Get my tragus pierced

– Get my snug pierced (This failed epically. Got SUPER infected and inflamed and ended with surgery. Cancelled the whole rook piercing thing.)

– Sing karaoke


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  1. You should check out the site 43things.com so useful for keeping track of goals

  2. Love your list! I saw a couple of similar interests. Wishing you a wonderful journey ahead and hope you cross off everything along the way 🙂

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