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Sunday Tradition

Years before I was born, the family tradition began. My great-grandmother (Ma) cooks lunch for everyone. Now, everyone doesn’t really mean EVERYone. The lunch crew included my grandfather (her son), my grandaunt (her daughter) and her husband plus their three children, and my dad. As the family grew, so did the number of lunch guests. My cousins’ spouses and children, my mother, my brother, and I became members of the Sunday lunch club as well.

Ma cooks up quite the meal. There are always at least two meats. There’s always some form of potato, mixed vegetable and rice (usually white). The other things – broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, corn, asparagus, green beans, stuffing – vary from week to week. Ma makes THE BEST ICED TEA ON THE PLANET to accompany the meal. It. Is. Way. Too. GOOD! Plates are always full for a bit, and our tummies get full and stay that way for a little longer.

After lunch, we clear the table, and slip off into different parts of the house. My grandfather (deceased) used to sit a while at the dinner table, then head back to his bedroom. My granduncle (deceased) would go on and on about how great the meal was, tell funny stories, and fall asleep on a couch. Auntie helps in the with the kitchen clean-up. My dad and brother get back to the laundry, and watch tv (usually football or basketball) in the tv room right by the laundry room. The children scamper off into “the back” to watch tv. The rest of us pick a spot, and sleep on the floor until it’s time for dessert. Yummm! If it’s a birthday, we all gather around the dining room table to sing Happy Birthday, and get some CAKE! Once we’re able to walk around again, my brother and I take the little ones across to the pond and feed the fish with stale bread. Fun times!

A lot of people have Sunday traditions/rituals. When I have a family of my own, I’d like to do something special. Something everyone will look forward to every week. Just like Ma, I’d like to watch the dinner table cramped as the family grows, and enjoy seeing everyone under one roof, if only for a few hours on a Sunday. Even if I’m cooking from 7am until 1pm and no one arrives until 3pm.

I believe we need time to unwind. We need to know that, regardless of what went on all week, one thing is sure – We’ll share a meal with some of the people we love most and know us best. Whether it’s the first day or the last day of the week, Sunday just seems like the best day to spend with loved ones.

Sundays should be made of:

  • Beautiful sunrises shared with someone just as beautiful
  • Big breakfast spreads, complete with smoothies
  • Flowers for pretty ladies
  • Lazy/Play time outdoors
  • Late lunches with lots of chatter and giggles
  • Quiet sunsets, glass of wine in hand
  • Decadent desserts
  • Movies, blankets, and cuddles
What does your average Sunday look like?

It’s Me Again

Random things about me, in case you don’t know enough already. Hahaha.

  1. Things I am addicted to: Babe (What a sweet addiction!); days off; lime green things; Twitter (I’m getting over it now); Nico (baby cousin); starchy food; fresh air; the feel and smell of towels right out of the dryer with a million Bounce sheets; hugs and kisses from Babe
  2. Things that really annoy me: Noise when I’m trying to get to sleep; phones ringing; mispronunciations of my name RIGHT after it’s been SAID; waiting; excessive use of profanity
  3. Things that always make me feel better: hugs and kisses from Babe; tea (3 tsp sugar, enough cream to make it match my complexion); beach time; cycling; hot showers; walks; babies
  4. Things that make me feel guilty: Favours (I find it hard to accept and feel the need to pay back); when Babe is nice to me when I’m in superbitch mode; eating the last serving of a meal
  5. Things I think I know: Aside from everything? It’s important to love self; Love > Everything – Love (including religion, law, rules of society); money isn’t nearly as important as how you get it and what you do with it; life is both too long and too short to be unhappy, live in someone else’s shadow, or try to please everyone else; how to dougie, jerk, and catdaddy 🙂
  6. Things I’m really bad at: Remembering more than 4 names at social gathering, going in the ocean (I take the tiniest steps while shivering and shrieking that it’s cold), drinking water (major work in progress)
  7. Things I think I look good in: The colours pink (one day I wore pink and got about 5 compliments), turquoise/teal (according to Babe), and black; skinny jeans; dark jeans; layered tanks; short dresses
  8. Things I wish I was better at: Cycling (distance/endurance), artsy things (painting, drawing); hairstyling
  9. Things I wish I had more of right now: Food (I think I brought too little for lunch. Lol); exciting work (this job is not doing it for me); great apartment options (gotta mooove if I get this new job); money (to mooove… And not just to a new apartment!)
  10. Things I do too often but shouldn’t: Scratch mosquito bites; buy/eat ice cream; go home with a half-full water bottle; sleep too long (which makes me super tired); forget to call people

Go Braless!

Day 16 – Someone or Something you definitely could live without

Bras. I really don’t understand why they are such a big deal in society. For a woman to walk around in public without a bra on… Can you imagine? It’s as though breasts are dirty, and need to be tucked away. Now, for the better endowed women, I understand the need/desire to wear a bra. It probably reduces sweat, make them feel less heavy, etc. For me, a little ol’ B-cup, bras make no sense. I often joke that I could just wear two band-aids (to keep the headlights in check) or scotch tape and be good to go. When picking out tank tops, I always go for the ones with the shelf-bra. That’s one less piece of clothing I need. Really though, how did we get here? I did a little research, and my findings are interesting. I’ll share them as succinctly as I can without losing meaning, and provide some links for further reading.

Brief History

  • 1500s – Corsets became popular (for lifting breasts)
  • 1900s – Bras introduced (to provide  more comfort than corsets)

More Bra History

Why Women Wear Bras

  • Support. Pssh! I don’t need support for these lil babies.
  • Morality & Decency. I have to comment that this is just ridiculous. It is a valid concern, but at the root, it’s ludicrous. Some women wear bras to SEX IT UP while other wear them for the opposite reason. Insane! Yes, I know there are various types for various purposes… Still, it’s crazy.
  • Unspoken Rule of Society. I believe this is directly linked to Morality & Decency point.)
  • Anti-sagging. (Yes, a bra will left them for as long as you wear it. There seems to be some evidence, however, of bras causing sagging. Imagine that!
  • Comfort (Reduces sweat and slapping.) THIS, I understand.
  • Illusion. I admit that I have worn bras to make my breasts look larger on a few occasions. Kind of like applying white eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger. No? Not the same thing. Oh.
  • Exercise. During a presentation on Shark Tank, a woman said something like, “When a woman exercises, the only things that should be bouncing are balls.” I’m with her on that one.
  • Breastfeeding. Make sense. Leaking is real.

Bras have even been found to be a contributor to breast cancer!

Bra Alternatives

  • Camisoles
  • Tops with shelf bras. Nowhere near as ridiculous as a regular bra as it’s just an extra layer underneath the top with elastic under the bust area to keep it in place. These are my absolute favourites.
  • Adhesive cups. Theeese are pretty cool!
  • Disposable stickers. Some of them even give a little lift action!
  • Loose-fitting tops.
  • Leotards.
  • Men’s Undershirts.
  • Vests.
  • ZeeBraz Still a bra, but looks pretty cool and less restrictive.
  • Breast Rest This looks interesting… It’s sort of a support system that goes around the breasts, so they’re still out in the open and able to breathe. Worth a look.

I’m glad this question prompted me to look into the whole bra thing. Bras are a form of oppression for a lot of women. If you’d rather not wear them, don’t. Find the alternative(s) that work(s) best for you. I’m already thinking about the changes I can make, the purchases I should make, and the confidence I will definitely find within myself to be more comfortable.

Also, funny that I’m wearing these socks today:

Strength. Courage. Hope.

Want to read a bit more?

The Purpose of the Bra

Bra-Free Experiences

Going Braless Forum

More Detailed Info On My Points

I Know It’s Saturday

I’m doing 5 Question Friday on Saturday. Whatever. Who makes the rules anyway?! Here we go!

1. Vow renewal ceremonies-yay or nay?

Nay. All of the years of marriage are covered in that one ceremony. What’s the point of doing it again? The vows taken do not expire. They are not conditional. Nothing makes them null and void (with the exception of legal separation, divorce, etc., in which case, it would not be a renewal, but a starting-over-and-remarrying). Poverty, sickness, bad times… All covered in the vows. I see no need, no reason, to say it all again. Unless a couple is really looking for a reason to party, wants some attention, or didn’t really mean the vows in the first place. Orrr the first ceremony was a big rush and/or low scale (often the case with unplanned pregnancy), or just-made-sense more than the commitment was actually wanted (often the case when immigration/citizenship is involved). Other than that, nay. Lol.

2. What sound/s annoy you the most?
  • Pencils/markers on paper or cardboard
  • Cardboard scraping against cardboard
  • That hooorrrrrrible clicking/clucking thing people do at the back of their throats. fkj;fdkl;jhgk;hjkdfhjkghj;ghjkbn I hate it!
  • BZZZZZ! Flies, mosquitoes, bees, people… Doesn’t matter who is doing it. Me no likey.
  • The word “no” when I need to hear “yes”
  • The old Nokia ringtone. Can we all PLEASE say goodbye to 2001?
  • Frog croaking (YUCK!)
3. If you had to pick, would you have only all boys, or only all girls for kids?
For goats, I don’t think I’d care. I don’t want goats anyway. For children? That would be horrible. *leans close to microphone* I’d like two and two please.

4. Do you believe in alternative medicine?
What’s there to believe (or not believe) in? I believe in healthy living. Whatever works. Different strokes for different folks, right? Really, whatever makes the most sense. It’d be pretty difficult to kill a rat with a fly swat, and ridiculous to try killing a fly with rat poison.

5. Would you take a family member’s children and raise them if they needed it?
Right away, as long as I am able. As a matter of fact, I’d like to adopt a child, period.

5 Things I’d Rather Be Doing


Ok, I may have made that up. Whatever. I think it’s cool. This Friday, I’ll tell you 5 things I’d rather be doing. I’m at work, and I don’t like it here, so I’d really rather do just about anything. Picking just 5 is harrrd.

  1. Making lasagna. This comes to mind because Babe and I were at the grocery store last night, and I said, “Think we should get ricotta cheese and lasagna pasta so I could make lasagna?” Babe said, “If you’re gonna make it…” That settled it. I didn’t get the items. Mostly because we had spaghetti this week. That’s just red meat overload. And Italian overload. In one. Still, I’d rather be making lasagna right now. Even if it makes the kitchen really hot. Lasagna is awesome. Work is not.
  2. NookBook shopping. I could really use new books for my Nook (Nooklebury Nookington). That, however, requires money on the card. The bank I use for such things is not one I’ve visited much at all. I rarely make deposits there. I should toss some money on it so I could buy things. Like NookBooks. And shirts for work. That requires having money that can actually be disposed of in such a way though, huh? Hmmm…
  3. Having lunch with friends. People I like. Food. Drinkage. (Yes, I made that word up.) That is what life is supposed to be about. Not 40 hours/wk of supreme boredom. *stares at office walls*
  4. Tanning on the beeeeeach. Yep. Under the sun. On the sand. Near the water. In the moment. Out of the office. *closes eyes for a mental journey*
  5. Visiting my grandmother. Hospitals are boring. She’s in one. I’d keep her company.

(From myglitters.info)

What 5 things would you rather be doing at the moment?

Iron Like a Lion

Day 15 – Something or someone you couldn’t live without because you’ve tried living without it.

I couldn’t live without iron. I have iron-deficiency anaemia, and it can get pretty nasty. It’s the most common type of anaemia, but mine is a little strange. It seems that my body doesn’t store iron. Not only that, it has a bit of difficulty in absorbing iron in the first place. This means I have to intake more iron than the average person. Even more than most anaemic people. It really becomes difficult since, generally, I don’t eat red meat. I try to eat beef every now then since it’s the only meat I can stomach aside from chicken and turkey. I can’t eat beef everyday, so I supplement myself with spinach, apples, raisins, oatmeal, etc.

There have been a few times that my iron has been quite low. My iron level should be between 30 and 100, and the first time it dropped really low was when I was in university. I was extremely tired, had frequent headaches, found it difficult to concentrate, etc. Finally, I went to the doctor. After testing, the doctor told me she had no idea how I was able to stand up, let alone walk across campus to her office. My iron was at 4. Now the thing about iron is that it drops quickly, but it takes forever to build it back up. I had to visit the doctor every week, and she wasn’t pleased with how slowly it was increasing, especially considering the amount of tablets I was taking. I did all the little tricks like taking B12, and taking vitamin C at the same time as the iron supplements. Nothing worked. It became clear than my body was not responsive to the pills anymore. What did this mean? SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS! And not the fun kind.

Another time, when I was living off campus, I felt near-death. My mother called me one day, and just from the way I sounded, she became upset. She called my grandaunt and asked her to call me and see if she could figure out what was going on. Eventually, my great-grandmother and dad were calling me too. They all decided that I sounded awful. My mother later said that I sounded “like you didn’t have another minute to live!” Somehow, I made it to the hospital where they discovered that my iron was low AND my blood sugar level dropped (probably because I had no energy to make myself anything to eat.) I got iron shots, and IVs. It was great. My great-grandmother, mother, and father all hopped on a plane and travelled 9 hours to get to me. By the time they got to me, there was nothing left to do but wait for my iron level to go up. They sat with me day after day as I stayed curled up on the couch, covered by blankets. (With my iron so low, I was always freezing.) My dad force-fed me various things including beets (Yum!) and Guinness (YUCK!). He literally FED me. And HELD DRINKS WITH STRAWS for me. Carried me around. Even things that tasted good, I didn’t feel like eating or drinking. I can’t really describe the feeling of complete weakness.

That was the last time my iron has ever been that low. I don’t know what the level actual was, but I know that I need not ever feel that way again. Since that experience, I found an amazing product that’s all natural and keep my iron where it needs to be. A little every morning, the right combination of vitamins, and iron-rich food in every meal, and it’s smooooth sailing. Most of the time. I snack as much as possible during the day on things like yummy mixes, apples, and fruit snacks with the occasional sweets (to keep the sugar up and maybe give me some fake energy). I also drink VitaMalt when I think my meal may be a little lacking in iron-enrichment.

So, yeah. I need iron in my life. The snacks and food I’ve mentioned and the magic liquid iron probably save my life daily. I DID try living without, and I ended up quite… Lifeless.

Hyperbole and a Half: How a Fish Almost Destroyed My Childhood

Hyperbole and a Half: How a Fish Almost Destroyed My Childhood.

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