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Random Update

Hey, y’all! Yet again, it’s been a while. Lots and lots and lots going on.

  • It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Doing lots of volunteering and part-time work at a local non-profit.
  • Short Story Collection to be release in December. Still writing shorts to be added to it. And editing.
  • Novel revisions have come to a screeching halt. I need to get back to it. Soon.
  • Moving! Yeah, it’s time for a new space. A nicer space. Open, bright, and breezy. Wait ’til you see it!
  • Ideas, ideas, ideas. So many of them, all tangled up together. Good grief!
  • Website updates. I need to do them. Soon. Maybe this weekend?
  • New story posted: Banned Books. Do check it out and comment! There are a few others I didn’t post here too, so check them out. đŸ™‚
  • Currently reading: The Story of Beautiful Girl
  • NaNoWriMo is coming up! Holy busy! This month and next month will be nuts! I’m mentally preparing. But you know I love it that way.
  • Photo shoot last Sunday. YES! For my professional images, author photo for the back cover of my book, and website banner. SO excited. I should get the final images in a few days.

I think that’s it. Is that it? Hmmm… I think so.

I’ll try to be back again soon, but I can’t make any promises. ‘Til the next time, BE WELL! đŸ™‚


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  1. Nice seeing you! Thanks for the update. I was wondering where you were. I logged into Nanowrimo for the first time in almost a year. 2011 & 2012, I kept the writing group open but didn’t ‘nano’ (I did write, play guitar or uke or draw, though) with the others but I have to say, it looked like most of them were on FB ;p

    Anyway! Our writing group wasn’t Nano but during November, we met once or more weekly (regularly met once a month).

    Since I disbanded, most joined the local Nano group (local to them, I live a couple hours in the wrong direction) and a couple of people moved away.

    I suppose after so many years doing Nano, I ‘feel’ it’s nearing…so I logged in just to look.

    Enjoy this year and congrats on almost finishing up your book!

    • Lily! Good to see you too! I’ll be hopping over to your blog later on today as I play catch-up.
      The new NaNo site is niiice. I really like it. And no more html-ing for forum posts. Yay!
      The events are a great part of NaNo, hanging out with other writerly types. Suuucks that you had to travel so far for them though. I don’t get many participants in my region, but I’m hoping to drum up a few more people than last year by being loud and getting all over the media. Wish me luck!
      And thanks! đŸ˜€

      • Yup, good luck! I did well by posting flyers in book stores (like 3?) in the area. We’d have anywhere between 8 and 28 people (this is whenever).

        I recall the FIRST one, I was so bummed, sitting there with 8 ppl (counting myself!) when the lady across from me — all of us were strangers — whispered with GLEE, ‘Can you believe there are EIGHT people?!’

        It was a reset, for sure! I hadn’t even done anything like this before, so I thought 8 was a fail. She had attended some different groups over the years and ‘knew’ it was a big deal.

        During Nano, we always had more. There ended up being about 12 – 16 core members who met throughout the year and this lasted 6 years!

        • I had like 3. Hahaha.
          People here seem to be very insular though. They’re not big on meeting up with strangers.
          So cool of that woman to say that, and for it to be an eye-opener for you. That’s awesome.
          This year, my goal is 8 people. Let’s see how close I get. Haha.

          • Maybe it’ll be 80, who knows? Also, are you doing this at a public place? I know some do it from home but I think strangers may feel a public place is safer. It’s kinda scary to up and drop in on somebody, let alone when they’re just…like me. I’m nobody. Looking back? I can’t believe ANYBODY showed up!

        • DEFINITELY in a public place. Yeah. Lol.
          I’m one of those people that wouldn’t go to the home of a stranger either. One time I was invited to book club, but it was at someone’s house, so I was all, EFF THAT! Then I found out it was a cousin I’d never met. Hahaha.

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