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Wordless Wednesday: Swap Package Fun!

Look at all the happy mail I got the other day!


Christmas card and Pickwick teasChristmas card and Pickwick teas


Another Christmas card (in a language I don't know) and fun tea to tryAnother Christmas card (in a language I don’t know – Dutch?) and fun tea to try


Cute card and more teeea!Cute card and more teeea!


Awesome goodies from the Philippines :) Awesome goodies from the Philippines including note paper, postcards, fold-up envelopes, stickers, and a bookmark. 🙂



Great package including owl key tops, postcards, deco tape, notecards, and elephant earrings!

Great package including owl key tops, postcards, deco tape, notecards, and elephant earrings!


Date Day 1

Babe and I had our first in a series of dates for this year on Saturday. We’ll do one per week for three weeks, then one per month, following the Date Night Challenge Stacey blogged about. We’d planned to go downtown and play some frisbee. It ended up being a very full day. We got up and out the door fairly early for a run-walk. It felt good to get outside and do something. After that, we had showers and breakfast. I don’t remember what was next, but Babe definitely conked out on me. She had a nap, and I was left to my own devices for a while.


Look at all the Happy Mail I got! 😀

Finally, we got out the door again. We went downtown and did a little shopping for my swap addiction. I needed to find cool souvenir items to send to my swap buddies. IT only took three stores to get everything I needed. We walked to the park we wanted to play frisbee in, and it was a pretty long walk. Maybe 20 minutes? By the time we got there, I said, “I’m not gonna lie, Babe… I feel like we’ve already worked out and can’t even play frisbee for too long.” She said, “Me too!”

Well, you know me… We didn’t walk all the way there for nothing. We tossed the frisbee back and forth for about 15 minutes. It was fun! Even more fun than I’d expected. Even when I got tired, I was reluctant to stop. Haha.


Sign at our favourite restaurant/stall

We went across the street to the ever-popular Fish Fry which is a strip of restaurants and food stalls. We treated ourselves to conch fritters and daiquiris. We walked another 5 minutes to the beach where we found a rock to sit on and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. A third wheel appeared, but it flew away when it saw me pulling me out my camera to get evidence. Damn seagulls!


My conch fritters bring all the birds to the yard!


Pina Colada and Strawberry Mango daiquiris. 🙂

By the time we got home, we were both feeling relaxed and happy, commenting that it was a very nice day. Salad for dinner and tv shows for entertainment and the day felt quite done and well-lived.

And yes… We broke the rules. We’re doing our dates during the day. REBELS!

What did you do on Saturday? When’s the last time you dated your partner? Will you do the Date Challenge?

I haven’t had an experience quite like this, but hey… Ish happens.

101 Books

Does it get this gory for you guys?


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Why I Really Don’t Like Girl On Fire (Alicia Keys)

I used to like Alicia Keys. I really did. Back in the days of Fallin’, No One, and the songs that made sense. Now, I am not a fan. Aside from the drama she was involved in with her current husband and his now ex-wife, I’m not feeling her music any more. Girl On Fire was the final straw. I just have to be done with her now. Officially.

Here are my issues with the song:

  • She sings it like she has a sore throat.
  • It sounds like she has shortness of breath. (This is in a weird, horrible Bluelight remix.)
  • It sounds like a 10 year old trying to sing a grown woman’s song (struggling to hit the notes) while in bed, past her bedtime, without her parents hearing her. (Also in the Bluelight remix.)
  • It’s like she has Alzheimer’s and keeps forgetting that she ALREADY SANG THOSE SAME WORDS.
  • The talking at the beginning is ridiculous.
  • It has the only rap verse I’ve ever heard Nicki Minaj do that I absolutely hate. (Remix.)
  • It will probably ruin Catching Fire (the movie) for me.
  • The track is fire. The song is water. Dousing the beautiful flames. It makes me sad.
  • The video is stupid. No one stands on walls like that. No one sits in bed, singing, with their head at that angle. You just look stupid, Alicia. And what the hell is up with the silly magic?

The only reason that song gets airplay, I’m sure, is because it’s by Alicia Keys and she’s sort of earned the privilege of making garbage and having it pass because of past success. If some unknown singer released that song, it wouldn’t make it beyond YouTube. Try to forget it’s her the next time you have the misfortune of hearing it. You’ll agree. I know it.

Oh, January!


Happy End of the Holidays!

My gosh, they took forever to go away, didn’t they? I’m not against the holidays, really. I like a day off from work as much as anyone else. I have a LOT to do with days off. Things just seem to go crazy around that time of year. There’s always certain sense of relief when it’s over and done with.

I am in some serious limbo right now, folks. The job I was hoping for is not coming through quickly enough. They haven’t even started interviewing yet. Meanwhile, I’m working part-time and my brain feels like it’s deteriorating. I’m not feeling challenged at all, but that’s no big surprise.

I guess this is a good time to dive into my writing. In December, I did quite a bit of work on my short stories. I wrote two or three new pieces, jotted down some ideas for new ones, and did a bit of editing. It was a pretty productive month for Alicia, the writer. January, on the other had, has been dead. Well. I’VE been dead. It’s almost mid-month, and I have nothing to show for it. Except for four or five submissions I need to make by the end of the month. Perhaps I should start working on ’em now? Maybe? Hahaha.

So far, I’ve made one submission this month, and I doubt it will be accepted. It’s a short story in list form for a compilation of list-form stories. Crazy, right? But since I think it won’t cut it, I’m going to rewrite it traditionally. I think it could really be a great piece with some work. That’s my first project, and I plan to complete it by Sunday. Then, I have three new stories to write for the end of month submissions.

I’m going to be in GO, GO, GO! mode for a while. I haven’t even told you about my new venture, but I will soon! That’s enough unloading for one post. 🙂

My next post will be lighter. I’ll show you my Christmas prezzies. 😀

What are you up to these days? How’s January lookin’?