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Wordless Wednesday: Cousins!

By the dolphin fountain at Atlantis, Paradise Island

By the dolphin fountain at Atlantis, Paradise Island


On a wall by a seagrape tree near Fort Charlotte, Nassau

On a wall by a seagrape tree near Fort Charlotte, Nassau



Wordless Wednesday: Bahamas Independence

2013-06-05 10.24.27


Wordless Wednesday: Tomorrow



Wordless Wednesday: Authenticity


Wordless Wednesday: Hair

From the the model days of 2009. Hair was blown out, straightened, and curled (from natural state seen in next photo)


Best hairstyle EVER. 2009. Obviously not a professional photo.

Super short and straightened, 2007. Horrible picture, but it’s the only one with that hairstyle.


It was short, and corn-rowed in the front and covered b/c I couldn’t be bothered to fix it for this shoot. Hahaha. 2008-ish.


Same shoot as previous photo, different scarf. Laaazyyy.

Wordless Wednesday: Mindful Eating

Wordless Wednesday: Phone and Food

The first ever Nokia cellphone, carried by a senior citizen. I didn't think anyone still had them... Or that today's SIM cards would work in them. Remember the changeable faces? Nostalgia dot com!


Monday night dinner. Burritos... But in a pita pocket? Yezzz! With an avocado-jalapeno salsa dip. Woot, woot!

Wordless Wednesday: Burger and Fries

Grain, meat, veggies, fruit... Well-balanced meal, I say!


Homemade burger! I like mine with lettuce, tomato, lots of pickles, jalepenos, mustard, (a silly face of) ketchup, and just a little bit of mayo. 🙂

Wordless Wednesday: Meals

Well-seasoned beef strips with mashed potatoes and beet corn salad


Sunday morning breakfast


Soup with buttermilk biscuits



Wordless Wednesday: Wants!

I neeeeeed this. Things are always all over the place in my bag. I'd like to be able to just reach in and grab my Neo2, nook, cellphone, or whatever without a major search.

I'm on the hunt for a good messenger bag, and I saw this one. It is TOO cute. I WANT!

Cuuute! If I could find this with the colours inversed, THAT would be AWESOME.

Ca-YUUUUUTE! I just have no idea when I would wear/use it. I don't have many outfits that would do it justice. But looove.

Beach baaaaag!