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Wordless Wednesday: Weekend

Ryan - driving in the game room.

Ryan - In drawing and colouring "school." I think children should be allowed to express themselves and their own creativity. Babe seems to think they should be instructed on exactly how to draw and colour things. *sighs* Buuut, this is only my observation in one instance. *shrugs*

This represents money that I threw away. Babe didn't eat these delectable, delicious treats. *sighs* I always kick myself after I save or purchase treats for her for them to go in the garbage, or to some random visitor. Maybe I should ask for a list of things she likes and would accept/use/eat? I obviously don't know these thing, y'all.

Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday: Weekend" (4)

  1. Just Rambling said:

    Send them to me! đŸ˜›
    The chocolate I mean, not the kids who don’t know how to draw!

  2. I have the saaame problem…

    • Glad it’s not just me. I’m easy. Mostly because I make it clear what I like. Coca-Cola, chocolate, novels, journals, writing, lime green things. And if I see something I like/want/need, I say so. Not that I’m asking for it, but I make mention. Lol.

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