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Thankful Thursday

It’s Thursday. You know how I roll on Thursdays, don’t ya? *does the dance of thankfulness*

Here we go, one thing for every finger:

  • Awesome friends (and cousins) who step in whenever they’re needed
  • Last night’s dinner (Which reminds me that I was supposed to have leftovers for breakfast. Oh, well. Appetizer tonight.)
  • New running tanks (They feel SO GOOD!)
  • Weekend fun coming right up!
  • My new nook cover

    Liiiiime spankin' green! ❤

  • Great writing resources online, including blogs and writing/critique groups
  • Babe’s support
  • Neo2 on the way, and should be here by Tuesday! WOO!
  • Chocolate cake (which I reeeally hope they have today)
  • Lots of work to keep me busy
Off topic, but read this post on 20 life-altering concepts that you can embrace TODAY. Includes:
  1. Simplify everything
  2. Let go of attachments
  3. Focus on the task at hand
  4. Action is the answer
Read it, read it, read it. Maybe all of it isn’t for you, but there’s probably something there that speaks to you. Something that you can grasp and run with to make your life better. *does masterful tap steps* CHAL-LUUUUUUUNGE!

What are you thankful for today?

Comments on: "Thankful Thursday" (8)

  1. Enjoyed your list.

  2. We’ve been simplifying and I LOVE IT!

  3. I love reading your Thankful Thursday posts, even if it is days later. They always make me reflect on what I am thankful for in my life.

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