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Wordless Wednesday: Weekend

Ryan - driving in the game room.

Ryan - In drawing and colouring "school." I think children should be allowed to express themselves and their own creativity. Babe seems to think they should be instructed on exactly how to draw and colour things. *sighs* Buuut, this is only my observation in one instance. *shrugs*

This represents money that I threw away. Babe didn't eat these delectable, delicious treats. *sighs* I always kick myself after I save or purchase treats for her for them to go in the garbage, or to some random visitor. Maybe I should ask for a list of things she likes and would accept/use/eat? I obviously don't know these thing, y'all.

Five Question Friday

Ok. I gotta make this one quick. Super busy, short day! This is happening often now, I know. Rushy, rushy, rushy. It’s just so BUSY right now. Wowzaaah!
1. What do you do when you are really upset to calm yourself down?
Hmmm… Cry, and shower. Run, cycle, or some other form of exercise.
2. Do you go all out for V-day or is it just another day?
Somewhere in between, I think. I don’t like to go all out when I’m concerned that the other person isn’t very into it. But I don’t want it to be just-another-day that just flies by with no recognition. I wanna do a lil something. Something nice, make us both happy, and very unique to (and perfect for) US. Not just a cookie-cutter fit-the-mold this-is-what-people-do-on-Valentine’s Day stuff. Screw the roses. How ’bout some gerbera daisies or lillies? And chocolate? Pssh. That’s a treat I’ll take/give ANY day.
3. Are you more or less productive when Hubs is away?
I don’t have a Hubs, but I have a Babe. I’m probably the same. If she’s ever away, we spend time text messaging/Skyping/emailing. If we can’t really be in touch, it could go either way. I may watch movies and read books, and I may get things done like writing. *shrugs*
4. What is your favorite time of day and why?
Morning. I love my drive to work. It’s pretty smooth with minimal traffic, but I have to travel a lot of looong roads, so it takes a while. Usually about 25 minutes to get there. It’s a little bit of ME time. I can clear my head, think, rock out in the car… Whatever. I also really like my evening/night shower. It’s awwwesommmmme. Hot water. Quiet. Dark. It’s the perfect way to release all of the everything of the day. Wash it all away, wipe it clean. It’s like a little bit of Sunday at the end of every day.
5. What is your go to karaoke song?
I would have to have a LOT of drinkage to do karaoke. LOL. I don’t have a go to song, and I have no idea what I would sing. I SOOO wanna do it though. It would have to be somewhere I’m visiting, where I have no concern about every seeing the people in attendance again. Lol.
As always, you can link up for Five Question Friday, or answer the questions in the comments.
If you haven’t already, read my guest post over at Victoria Writes. 🙂
Have a great weekend! 🙂

Thankful Thursday: Guest Posting

Happy Thursday to you! Hope your week is going well, and you’ve found at least 3 good reasons to be thankful. Whether you’re thankful to God, the universe, a family member, a good friend, or just plain ol’ thankful, I hope you are. I’m thankful for love, blogging, and blog buddies.

I usually have a nice little list of things I’m thankful for. Not this week. And it’s not because I’m not thankful. I AM. For SO much. But it’s the week of looooove. I’m in love with the most amazing person in the world, and I’m sharing the short version of the story of us. To read the story, show some love to Victoria over at Victoria Writes. She’s a blog buddy of mine. We follow and comment on each other’s blog posts. And we’re both writers. She’s REALLY good. So when you hop over there to read my guest post, be sure to check out some of her posts. Spread the (blog) looooove!

To my regular blog readers: There’s a little (or big) surprise at the end of the guest post. I’ve been keeping the secret since Christmas day, and decided to unleash it and let it run free, but that’s where you have to go to find out the big (or little?) awesome secret!

Vix, thanks a mil for the opportunity to guest post. I know it’s not always easy to let someone else cook in your kitchen. I appreciate it. Much blog love to ya! 🙂

Wordless Wednesday: Lucky Lady

From Miami. Ma brought me two pairs of jeans and a pretty dress. Dad brought my requested 2 runner tanks and fitted athletic pants, toothpaste, and a devotional I'd ordered some time last year.


Writing + reading supplies - Notebook/Journal, pen, post-its, planner, multi-colour pen, whiteboard, dry erase markers, simple touch nook


Valentine’s Day lovin’! Babe got me a bag full of goodies that are awesommmmme. A coaster, a sticker, fun socks, havaiana flipflops, metallic pens (!!!), a very cool wallet I REALLY wanted (!!!), tea, tickets to Empty Bowls, movie vouchers (which we’ll use to see Hunger Games!), and a giant card, HANDWRITTEN! Love it!


Valentine's Day Dinner - Mushroom+cabbage topped steak, sweet potato mash, carrots, asparagus, and zucchini-squash medley

Valentine’s Day 2011

I went to work, as usual. Nothing special. I don’t remember whether or not flowers or other special treats were delivered to other people in the store. I probably didn’t notice. I didn’t care. Nothing had arrived for me. No one had thought of me.

I was dating someone, but he was on his way out. I was no longer interested. I’d lost interest shortly after Christmas. For some reason, I was very lazy about getting out of the relationship. I just made myself unavailable and become almost comatose. Unresponsive. He was just not the right person for me. He was nice enough, but it just didn’t work. We just didn’t click. He was quite happy, but me? No. He was busy. He worked, worked, worked. He had a child. I wasn’t really interested in step-mothering. His values were not in line with mine. Above all else was money. Becoming a millionaire. Like an obsession. I was appalled.

I met someone. I met her months before things started to really break down. She was a friend. Then, she became a really good friend. Soon enough, I was enamored. Now, don’t get the wrong idea. There was no rebound. There was no stealing. There was no plan. One thing just fell apart, and another came together.

One of the ladies in the front office came to my office carrying a little gift bag. In it was a bottle of tequila (*swoons*), two cupcakes, and a card. They were from her. It was Valentine’s Day. And she thought of me. Enough to pick out some of my favourite things. For me. I didn’t even want to eat the cupcakes. They were so pretty. And so special. She was so special. And she still is.

Later that night, he called.

“You ain’ even mention the flowers and shits what I sent you.”

I held the phone to my ear, waiting for the punchline.



“The shits what I send you. You ain’ say thanks or nuttin.”

“First of all, don’t swear at me. Secondly, what are you talking about? I got nothing from you.”

He seemed pretty surprise. Shocked, really. That I didn’t get “the shits” that he sent. It did not take long to realize what had happened.

“Stop jokin’! You ain’ get the stuff what I sen’? I sen’ it to Donald’s Furniture!”

“Um…” I stifled my laughter before saying, “I don’t work at Donald’s Furniture. I work at Roberts…”

I hope the “Alicia” at Donald’s Furniture enjoyed the flowers “and shits” sent by a man who was too busy trying to be a millionaire to pay attention to where THIS Alicia worked. I thoroughly enjoyed my cupcakes, loved the card, and still smile when I see the bottle of tequila in our kitchen that she and I only open for very special occasions. In ten days, we’ll be celebrating our first year together, so we’ll welcome Jose Cuervo – the only man allowed to live with us – to join us.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! Wishing you lots of pretty flowers, yummy chocolate, presents in tiny boxes, and looove.

Got any good Valentine’s Day stories? Do tell! 🙂

Vix wrote and shared a good V-Day short story in this post. She has a V-Day theme going on this week, so keep checking it out. Especially on Thursday for my guest post with a surpriiiiise for yooou.