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Wordless Wednesday: Burger and Fries

Grain, meat, veggies, fruit... Well-balanced meal, I say!


Homemade burger! I like mine with lettuce, tomato, lots of pickles, jalepenos, mustard, (a silly face of) ketchup, and just a little bit of mayo. ūüôā


Wordless Wednesday: Meals

Well-seasoned beef strips with mashed potatoes and beet corn salad


Sunday morning breakfast


Soup with buttermilk biscuits



Wordless Wednesday: Wants!

I neeeeeed this. Things are always all over the place in my bag. I'd like to be able to just reach in and grab my Neo2, nook, cellphone, or whatever without a major search.

I'm on the hunt for a good messenger bag, and I saw this one. It is TOO cute. I WANT!

Cuuute! If I could find this with the colours inversed, THAT would be AWESOME.

Ca-YUUUUUTE! I just have no idea when I would wear/use it. I don't have many outfits that would do it justice. But looove.

Beach baaaaag!



Wordless Wednesday: Weekend

Ryan - driving in the game room.

Ryan - In drawing and colouring "school." I think children should be allowed to express themselves and their own creativity. Babe seems to think they should be instructed on exactly how to draw and colour things. *sighs* Buuut, this is only my observation in one instance. *shrugs*

This represents money that I threw away. Babe didn't eat these delectable, delicious treats. *sighs* I always kick myself after I save or purchase treats for her for them to go in the garbage, or to some random visitor. Maybe I should ask for a list of things she likes and would accept/use/eat? I obviously don't know these thing, y'all.

Wordless Wednesday: Lucky Lady

From Miami. Ma brought me two pairs of jeans and a pretty dress. Dad brought my requested 2 runner tanks and fitted athletic pants, toothpaste, and a devotional I'd ordered some time last year.


Writing + reading supplies - Notebook/Journal, pen, post-its, planner, multi-colour pen, whiteboard, dry erase markers, simple touch nook


Valentine’s Day lovin’! Babe got me a bag full of goodies that are awesommmmme. A coaster, a sticker, fun socks, havaiana flipflops, metallic pens (!!!), a very cool wallet I REALLY wanted (!!!), tea, tickets to Empty Bowls, movie vouchers (which we’ll use to see Hunger Games!), and a giant card, HANDWRITTEN! Love it!


Valentine's Day Dinner - Mushroom+cabbage topped steak, sweet potato mash, carrots, asparagus, and zucchini-squash medley

Wordless Wednesday: Binder Clips



All of a sudden, WP is giving me major issues when I try adding pictures, video, etc. I managed to get the pictures up, but without the hilarious captions. PLEASE go to the source to get the full effect. Then come back here and leave your LOLs in the comments. ūüôā

Source: 6 Life-Changing Uses for Binder Clips (That You Couldve Easily Thought Of)… – StumbleUpon.

Wordless Wednesday: Hospital-ity

The nurses and PCTs (nurse assistants) took this cupcake (lit) to my mum, singing Happy Birthday This is the note they wrote on the whiteboard facing her bed.


Sister 1 brought a big birthday cake which we lit and sang Happy Birthday (with the lights off).


Sister + friend brought flowers and a basket that I hope to raid some time soon.


Brother 2 will make himself at home no matter where he goes.

¬†If you are only seeing two pictures and a bunch of jacked up captions, WP is being STUPID. I’ve tried a million times to do this post. I can’t put any more time or energy into this right now.

Wordless Wednesday: On the Bus

Can anyone tell me WHYYYYYYY?!Take a really good look at the seatbelt.


Look really closely at the seatbelt. It has been cut at the top (so there is no tension, and it just hangs), and it's not clicked into place.


Wordless Wednesday: Office Buddies

This is how you sneak words into a Wordless Wednesday.


This is my new orchid, Mercy


This is my new turtle, Grace. She's chillin' by the fancy pot I got for Mercy.


Wordless Wednesday

My niece, Mia (March 2011)

She's just the cutest!