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Weekend Recap

Happy Mondaaaaayyyyy! My day/week got off to a great start, and it’s probably largely due to a fantastic weekend. I’m gonna rewind a bit, and fill you in on it.


  • Morning run. I toootally drove in the direction of work instead of going to my new run spot. Lol. It was fine though, because there’s a really nice strip of beach out that way, and a sidewalk to run on. I just parked on the side of the road and ran there. It was sooo nice. The ocean, the minimal traffic, the breeze, the quiet of the morning… It was just great. I usually do 15-20 minutes of 3:1 (run:walk). For some reason, I just kept going. I RAN THE WHOLE THING! 15 minutes! I couldn’t get a decent picture of the stats, but here they are: Duration – 15;04″; Pace: 9’03” min/mi; Distance: 1.67 mi; Calories: 179. After the workout, the voice of Tiger Woods congratulated me on clocking my FASTEST MILE! 9’08”! I guess running the whole way instead of run-walking would obviously result in a faster mile, but hey… It was nice to hear and see it. So this working out and training has been paying off. Imagine if I actually managed to stick the plan and run when I want to! (I should be able to now, with transportation sorted out.) I seriously ran the whole thing. I know that’s like nothing for a lot of people, but huuuge for me. I wonder how long it’ll be before I can do 30 minutes non-stop. I’m not in a big rush though. Enjoying the journey, appreciating the process.
  • Morning yoga. Yeah. Right after my run, it was time to head over to yoga class. My mother was diagnosed with MS over a year ago, and her doctor recommended yoga. She really needs to do all she can to stretch, strengthen, and relax her muscles. Yoga it is. *sighs* I was NOT excited about this class. All I ever thought was, uuuugh, yoga is so dummmb. What’s the point of all that stretching and breathing and crap. Dummmb. Waste of time. And energy. BLAAAH! It didn’t help when I took a “beginner” class at the gym on my university’s campus and HATED it. It was crazy. I was like, “Lady, are you SERIOUS?! How am I gonna get my leg there?!” I just laid on my mat and went to sleep until it was over. Well! Imagine my surprise when I actually ENJOYED the yoga class on Saturday! I actually FELT things. Parts of my body WOKE UP. It was amazing. Mind you, I still wasn’t down for all the breathing stuff. I got bored once or twice. I actually like to meditate (for short times), but I think the runner’s high had something to do with it. I felt like I could bounce from wall to wall, and possibly fly. It was a big switch. Anyway, I liked it. I found that I was able to do quite a bit more than I thought I could. It was challenging, but you can bet your fanny that I answered the call! I’ll be back on Saturday with my mom. Again, it will be after my run. Maybe I’ll have a walk after the run to bring myself down a little? I don’t know.
  • Breakfast. I really don’t believe in buying breakfast. It seems so silly. It’s so easy and cheap to make eggs and turkey bacon at home, or whip up some oatmeal. Why pay for breakfast?! Well, I’ve taken to really treating myself on Saturdays. I buy a big breakfast for myself (stew conch – like a conch soup? – with a big piece of johnny cake – a cross between cake and bread). I’ll have to take a picture of it next time. I also get breaky for Babe and for my mum. It’s always sooo good, right after a shower, and right before lounging on the couch with my nook.
  • Quick dash out with Babe. The phone company was set up in a shopping centre parking lot giving away modems and waiving installation fees for the internet. Well, we don’t have a phone, so we didn’t qualify. Oh, well. While we were there, we went grocery shopping. Note that every time I use “we” in this particular point, I actually mean Babe. I just drove. And sat in the car and waited. I was WORKED OUT. AND really full. Hahaha.
  • WIIIIINE DINNNNNEEEEERRRRR! Sooo good. Our friends Vanessa, Ashley, and Rea joined us. It was a good time. Good food, good wine, great company. Everyone enjoyed the meal and the company. I’ll post the menu tomorrow. (This post is already really long.) And maybe some pictures, if WP wants to be nice to me.


  • Chiiiiillllllllll. Babe made breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, and turkey baconnnnn! WOO! Loved it.
  • We pretty much stayed in bed, reading our nooks and chatting.
  • Laundryyyyy. I usually have FamJam but my great-gram went away, so I met my brother at her house to do laundry.
  • Dinneeerrr. I’ve been meaning to cook a nice meal for Babe for a while. I bought all the stuff for it last week, but didn’t get around to doing it. Well, last night, I did! We had chicken parmesan on spaghetti. I’ve definitely done better, but it was okay. Babe seemed to like it.


  • The body is amazing.
  • I can do anything I want, as long as I don’t just want, but put in the effort.
  • Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Twice.
  • Routines are nice. So are treats.
  • Give. Take. Give some more.
  • Wine makes everyone happy.


How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting/different? Did you learn (or re-learn) any lessons?

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  1. it snowed yesterday! But I spent most of it drunk and crying with a bruised heart. The usual.

    • Oh, nooo!
      If you were in The Bahamas, you’d have been at a nice little wine dinner with my friends and me.
      I hope the week is looking better than the weekend for you! 🙂

  2. Love a good breakfast at the weekends yum!

  3. I smiled from beginning to end while reading this post!
    Trust me, I know what a feat that was to have jogged the entire way. Gone den! I’m so proud.
    That dinner was EXCELLENT. I didn’t just “seem to like it”, I LOVED it!


  4. Sounds fabulous and I guess you’re using Nike+ cos I think Tiger gave me some props one time — for WAY SLOWER than you! ;p

    Yoga is many things, easy and stretching is a tiny part. I hate it when people say, “Oh, it’s so relaxing.” Really? REALLY? Come to visit my guru. You’ll be beet-faced, panting and possibly crying and believe me, you’ll DROP OUT. ;p (not “you-you” but the general you who says that smart-assed “yoga is relaxing”).

    Now: yoga can be relaxing, of course! Even Restorative (would be great for your Ma) yoga can kind of hurt. That uses a lot of props and you basically drape your body into a position and lie there, breathing til your muscles release. Since I have a lot of physical issues, it depends if that “hurts” or not but it’s not meant to “work” you — it’s meant to heal!

    That said, I typically do moving/ vinyasa yoga (a form of hatha–which isn’t considered hardcore, at all!) BUT I’ve seen hardcore yoga in action with my guru! ;p

    • Nike+, yeah! I love it! Tiger gave you props too?! I thought I was special. *sighs* Hahaha

      I forgot to mention that I was feeling it the next day. Yeah, some yoga can really kick your butt, eh?! I just recently realized that there are like a million different types of yoga. Crazy!

  5. Gahaha, I loved this. You always make me LOL. Okay… first off…the beach thing makes me jealous. I’d love to RUN there! Second off… the yoga thing, you seriously went to sleep?? Hahahaha, I’d do the same thing! Third off… you guys have Johnny Cake there?? That is SOOOOO cool!!! I make it myself every so often (not too often because it will make me fat, the size of an elephant), but I love it. Dutch people have no idea what it is, but of course I had it a thousand times in my life because we eat it in Curaçao a lot! 😀 Yay!

    • 😀
      Yesss, Johnny Cake! I didn’t realize it was more than just a Bahamian thing. Do they have it with a special dish there? For us, it’s the breakfast soups like chicken souse (chicken boiled with potatoes, onions, and all spice), boiled fish (I hate that), stew conch, etc.

      I’ve never made it. I may have to steal your recipe and see how it compares to my aunt’s. Everyone seems to have a different recipe.

  6. I’m so glad you enjoyed the yoga class! 😀 I took a yoga course in college and hated it as well. Mostly due to the fact that the teacher was so annoying and seemed to get all her poses from a DVD she kept referencing. I felt like I could have gotten a better stretch with the dang DVD than in her class. Thankfully though I did take yoga at a few gyms and LOVED it.
    Sounds like a totally fantastic weekend to me! I hear ya on the eating out for breakfast, i LOVE breakfast & would totally just prefer to make it myself bc I know exactly what I like and how I like it.

    • Me too! The first instructor was definitely not good. People in the class actually commented later that she was doing advanced things, and it was a beginner class. Not a good first impression. I went to class early on Saturday, and told the instructor about my first experience, and that I wasn’t really looking forward to the class. She said she’d treat it like my first, and she did. It was good. 🙂

      I’m glad someone gets what I’m saying on the breakfast bit. A LOT of people seem to buy breakfast, and I just don’t get it. Hahaha.

  7. Justrambling said:

    Nope. No special dish! I need to try it with chicken soul though… I love me some chicken soup! Not the Dutch soup, that is called boring soup. And fish? I ‘ew’ fish in general. I shudder when I think of fish. *shudder* see? Even when I write about it.

    Anyway, umm, haha, yeah I am totally curious to try the recipe you have too, because I stole mine from my aunt! 🙂

  8. […] great weekend. See Weekend Recap for […]

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