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The guy at the coffee shop (in the fancy grocery store near my office) seems to think he remembers me from somewhere. Specifically, Starbucks. Apparently, he used to work at Starbucks. He said something about “Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.” He has “my” schedule down to a science. Anyway, I went with it. What’s the point in popping his ballon? Why give up the little special treatment? He seemed eager to serve me. The drinks he’s been making me have been good. He engages me in pleasant conversation (as much as I can be engaged). I really close myself off to a lot of conversation around here. People are creepy.

He recently started writing on my drink covers. Interesting.

Uhhh... Thanks.


Comments on: "“So Beautiful,” Says the Barista" (11)

  1. At least he spells! 🙂

  2. He must seem desperate. Probably the local lothario?

  3. Ariel Price said:

    How funny! I’m a barista…not to be creepy or anything but I like the idea of randomly writing little notes to people. Like “Have a great day!” or something simple. Could make someone’s day.

    • It IS kinda cool. Especially since a coffee shop is often the first place a person stops. A nice note is a good start to the day. And other people go for a pick-me-up. Coffee + a nice message? *rises like a hotair balloon*

  4. […] the week isn’t over yet, but how can this be topped? I know y’all thought it was cute before, but what about now? Does the silly face make the words more of a joke? Is he jesting? I […]

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