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Quick Weekend Recap

Here’s a quick weekend recap:

  • Friday night – Babe randomly asked me to go to the movie theatre when I got home from work. We lazed around a little, reading books, then we got ready. Off we went to see some movie I don’t remember the name of or anything about. Hahahaha. It wasn’t good. It was just there. It felt like it never really started. Anyway, it was nice to be out of the house and with Babe. And I had nachooooos! WITH peppers.
  • Saturday morning – We went on a fun run walk. The lady working at the frontdesk downstairs in this building attends a very active Catholic church. This was their event to raise money for their Hospitality ministry. Well, I’m all about raising money for good causes and being active. Even though we had to drag ourselves out of bed at 5:15am, we did it. It was a 6 mile walk. I kept up a good pace until the turnaround point. On the way back to the church, I got very reflective. I don’t know if it was the communication between my body and my mind. Maybe it was the ocean that wasn’t far away. Maybe it was being alone with my thoughts (Babe was quite a bit behind me the whole time… But at this point, she passed me). I don’t know. I sort of had a very personal, spiritual moment. I thought about life. My purpose. The things I want to do, how I’m going to go about making things happen… I thought about my grandmother. I remembered things she said to me. I imagined the things she would say to me at that moment. It was a good moment. I slowed down. A lot. To just be in the moment. When the walk was done, we went for breakfast. Babe finished having breakfast way before I did. I ate slowly. I was still in a be-in-the-moment mode. I didn’t want to rush through. I wanted taste every flavour. Just be at peace. It was nice. When I was done, I showered, then read on the couch. Eventually, we both fell asleep.
  • Saturday afternoon – We decided to spend the day hanging out with my cousin Shauntae. She’s pretty great. I like her company. We picked her up from her house, and shortly after, my mother called. She was hungry. We spent forever on the KFC (yuck!) line to get food for her, and dropped it off. We ended up there for a few minutes because she had a bunch of new shoes to give Shauntae since she’s no longer wearing high heels. Annnd I got my yearbooks. She wanted them gone. And some of my third grade school work. Pictures later in the week. We went for lunch, then headed home. Babe read on the computer, I read on the new nook, and Shauntae read (The Hunger Games) on the old nook. She’s liking it, so we’re gonna have to email it to her so she can finish reading it. Then, we sort of kind of played Cranium (which really required 4 players).
  • Sunday – My body spoke to me. I was feeeeling Saturday morning’s walk. I like that feeling. That I did something. And I need to keep it up. We’ll see how it goes this week.

What did you do over the weekend? Did you have any special moments? Any revelations?


Comments on: "Quick Weekend Recap" (4)

  1. That is very cool! Being in the moment is so rare and so wonderful that you “sat with it.”

    I don’t know if I had special moments but I always like being in the woods and I did a little of that. 🙂

  2. That moment you were talking about while run-walking….I LOVE moments like that. I get those sometimes too when I’m run-walking. Something about the mix of endorphins and the beauty of nature I think. Great post!

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