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Five Question Friday

1. Where do you hide the reeeally good snacks?
At work, they’re in my second drawer in a set of 3 locked drawers. At home, we have a special cupboard for the goodies. M&Ms, oreos, nutella, popcorn… All the yumminess is in there. I also keep a nice stash in my bag because I am a really big snacker. I GOTTA snack.
2. Do u keep your vehicle clean or am I the only one who has things falling out of their van?
I generally keep any vehicle in my possession quite clean. I hate when cars look like people live in them. Right now, I’m using my dad’s/brother’s car, and they both use cars as filing systems. I have been slowly moving their junk to the trunk. Funny point: The car has been loaded down with my work junk for a few weeks now. Every week, I have somewhere to be to set up a registration table for Ride for Hope. For that reason, I’m driving around with save-the-date totebags, tervis tumblers, hats, etc. *sighs* It’s hard to keep it all in the trunk, along with my dad’s/brother’s junk. I’m doing the best I can.
3. Have you ever been to Vegas?
No. Vegas holds no appeal for me. At all. *shrugs*
4. Warm room light blankets or cold room warm snuggly blanket?
Cold room with a warm snuggly blanket! And hot chocolate. And a warm body. And cuddles. Love it.
5. What is the worst airplane/flying experience you’ve ever had?
To keep this short, I’ll tell it in point form.
  • My dad, an eternally late man, got me to the airport later than the recommended 2 hours before flight time.
  • The line was super freaking long to check-in. There were probably only 2 agents working. I was on the line for over an hour.
  • Got to the front of the line, and the agent told me it was too late to check-in. This is in Miami. I needed to get to New York to get my flight to Halifax. She was not bending.
  • My dad got annoyed. He told her to check me in.
  • The agent told him that we came too late, and she saw when we joined the line at [insert time here], and we should have been there from [insert time here].
  • My dad has zero tolerance for pretty much everything. Poor customer service? He is NOT the one. He went INSANE. Swearing, gesturing, and demanding a manager.
  • The manager finally came out. He told the agent to leave. By this time, the flight was closed. I could have been checked-in and on my way to the gate. The manager totally gets this.
  • I already missed the flight. The security line is LONG. There are no available seats on any other flights to New York for that day. (This is not okay. I need to get to school. My parents are in Miami, but leaving the next day. I NEED to leave Miami.) I am put on standby for EVERY flight to New York for the rest of the day. He also gave me a hotel voucher + food vouchers to use in case I get stuck in New York.
  • I spend the day chillin’ at the gates, on standby. This started at about 8am. There isn’t any room on any flights.
  • I FINALLY get on a flight around 7pm. Of course, the flight is coming out of New York, and they’re having MAJOR weather issues.
  • 9pm rolls around. I’m still in Miami. My parents called me and told me to leave the gate area. I went out, past security, to hang out with them. They bought my dinner. I went back through security.
  • Around 10pm the flight finally gets in. BUT. We can’t leave. The weather in New York got horrible again.
  • It’s midnight when we finally leave Miami and head to New York.
  • We get to New York around 2am. There are NO HOTEL ROOMS AVAILABLE in all of New York. The bad weather meant a lot of people were stuck. Lucky me. I had a voucher for a hotel room that was occupied.
  • I left in the New York airport with blankets from the airline. I got the flight out of New York to Halifax around 8am. What a freaking DAY.

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Comments on: "Five Question Friday" (10)

  1. oh my. what an experience!

    Here are mine:

    1. Where do you hide the reeeally good snacks?
    Err, don’t buy them?

    2. Do u keep your vehicle clean or am I the only one who has things falling out of their van?
    my mum leaves apple cores in the car…. dirty person.

    3. Have you ever been to Vegas?

    4. Warm room light blankets or cold room warm snuggly blanket?
    Cold room with a warm snuggly blanket

    5. What is the worst airplane/flying experience you’ve ever had?
    Not really an airplane one…. but waiting at the airport for 12 hours once listening to the global hypercolour advert for the duration had to suck. big time. In the end my brother bought a global hypercolour tee.

    have a good weekend.

    • Hahaha. Yeah, it was ridiculous. I HATE American Airlines, and I HATE the Miami airport. Always have, but that put the icing on the cake.

      You don’t buy snacks?! HUH, wha?! *scratches head*

      I haaate apple cores. Someday, I’ll blog about my issues with seeds and bones, and my inability to cut apples properly.

      You have a good weekend too! 🙂

  2. YESSS cold room with snuggly blankettt!!!!! Love.
    Also, what an awful airport experience. *shudders*

  3. Just Rambling said:

    Gahahaha, gosh you have some gooooood snacks! Want! 😀

  4. I also hide snacks in the workplace and I know that hard habit to break is liable for all the lbs I’ve been gaining. I also love Oreo and M&Ms 🙂

    I’ve never been to Vegas, moreso to any place in the US, that’s one of my greatest dreams too.

    I’ll choose an old room warm snuggly blanket… For some unknown reasons, there’s excitement, happiness and thrill especially as you said when you have some company LOL

  5. Gahhhhh at the flight horror story ughhhh. I canNOT even imagine!

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