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What a weekend!

Friday was a holiday (Labour Day in The Bahamas), so it was a long one. My sister went away, and left me with her car. Along with her car came a few to-do’s. I became Super Auntie. This weekend, I:

  • Took my niece to a retreat at church which wrapped up her CCD (I really don’t know what that stands for) classes she took for confirmation.
  • Picked up niece from retreat, and took her for food for her and my nephew (who was at home) before taking her home.
  • Took my nephew to school to take his first SAT.
  • Picked up nephew from school in some ridiculous traffic in the rain.
  • Took nephew for food. This entailed sitting on the drive-thru for a really long time. I picked him up from the SAT at 1:30pm and didn’t get him home until after 3pm. Ridiculous!
  • Picked up niece when I dropped off nephew. She went to see her godfather, and to shop for shoes for her confirmation (which was the next day).
  • Helped niece pick out shoes at the first shoe store we went to. WOOHOO!
  • Took niece home with Babe and I where we all slept for about 45 minutes.
  • Took niece to the movies to meet her friend.
  • Picked up niece from movies. Her friend’s ride wasn’t there, so we hung out in the parking lot for about an hour until the mom showed up. Then, took niece home.
  • Picked up my sister from the airport on Sunday morning and handed the car back over.

Sis: “You let these children run you ragged! Why you let them do that to you? They run you RAGGED!”

LOL. She cracks me up.

My nephew is funny too. When I dropped him home and told him to get his sister he said, “Oh, she goin’ with you?” I said, “Yeah, we’re going to get her shoes for confirmation.” He grabbed his Wendy’s bag and slid out of the car saying, “Well… Thanks for the ride… I’ll be going now.” LOL. It was hilarious. Maybe he thought I was gonna try to make him shoe shop with us? Idk. LOL.

Newly confirmed niece

On Sunday evening, I went to my niece’s confirmation. The service was quite nice, and it was only 2 hours. I was expecting it to be longer. For some reason, the Catholic churches here confirm all of their students at ONE service held at the Cathedral. I found that kind of strange since I was raised in the Anglican church, and each church held its own Confirmation service (in the regular church service). *shrugs*

The weekend was busy, but fun. Now it’s time to get to work. I’m still on the job hunt. I haven’t heard from the non-profit I interviewed with yet, so it’s safe to say that I didn’t get the job. Blaaah! They asked for a LOT of qualifications and experience, so it was a long shot anyway. I’m hoping something comes along soon. I’m tired of paying bills out of my savings account. My bank account is looking really sad these days.

Some things I’m working on this week:

  • Polishing a flash fiction
  • Editing a short story (changing the tense)
  • Choosing two more competition to enter (part of ROW80 challenge)
  • Checking DAILY for job postings
  • Writing another short story
  • Ordering 2 or 3 more books on the craft of writing
  • Get my butt on the road to RUN. I’m feeling rather fat these days. Not good!

Oh, my gosh. I found some conferences and retreats that look AWESOME! If I had a freaking JOB, I would have already signed up for at least one of them. *sighs* Fingers crossed for things to start looking up.

How was your weekend? What’s your week looking like?

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  1. I went to a … hard to explain, so American! It *had* been Lutheran and was started as Catholic about 300 years ago. When I went, it was sort of well. In the US at least, especially in remote areas, it depends on the pastor. Ours was VERY mild-mannered. He was a “shepherd” not a fire and brimstone power-trip freak. Anyway, he was an actual Christian, so I went ahead as family wanted and did the year of Evangelical Catechism Classes, then was Confirmed and Baptised right before (cos you had to be b’d before c’d). It’s all silly to me. I believe in a lot of stuff but not so much rules 🙂

    • It’s quite interesting that there are so many religions, and SO many denominations. I could never make up my mind about whether or not it’s a good thing. I guess people have a right to worship one God however they see fit (the Christians), so different denominations come into play.
      I’m cool with people believing whatever. Everyone needs something to believe. Even if it’s evolution. 🙂
      I’m happy to know that there is something/one greater than me. There is nature, and nurture. There is the power of me, and power and will of the universe/God/fate. Whatever anyone wants to call that is fine by me. How we live HAS to be more important than the label we put on it.

      • I’m a person of faith but I would NEVER “put faith above science.” That’s got to be the most ridiculous MAN-THING I’ve ever heard! Like God would put us in this place with all these gifts and not want us to use our brains? One thing that helped is that I grew up with a bunch of scientist and doctors in my life who were devout Christians. If they never had a problem with it, why should people today? People crazy!

        Evolution, btw, isn’t what Creationists (today!) say it is. Education is a blessing from God — like all blessings, we can embrace it or think “we know better” (that’s why I called it a “man-thing”–not saying “men” but people). 🙂

        • I never paid attention to it. My brain can’t handle science. Hate, hate, hate it. I just take their word for it. *shrugs* I don’t think it really matters how we got here. I certainly don’t care. We’re here now, so let’s just live!

          • Ha! If I were SMARTER, I’d have been a scientist. Prolly cos of being surrounded by them as a kid! Well, that and artists. 🙂

  2. Whew, that sounds like a pretty busy weekend! And best wishes on the job search. You’ll get something as long as you stay focused. And in terms of writing books, I’m sure someone has already recommended Stephen King’s “On Writing”? That’s a good one to have. After awhile, they get to be redundant.

    • Thanks, Shay!
      I’ve heard about Stephen King’s On Writing, but shy away from it. I’ve read some reviews, and it sounds like what works for him simply works for him because he’s so practiced at it. I can’t pants an entire novel, and then rewrite it 700 times. I recently read Donald Maass’ Writing the Breakout Novel and LOVED it. Started Larry Brook’s Story Engineering, and I’m hating it every step of the way. Too much blabber, so I’m just scanning the page, looking for the meat.

  3. Love the pic! Sounds like a great trip, I love letting my nieces and nephew run me ragged 🙂

    • Yes! I love it! They are so fun. And funny.
      I get a little emotional sometimes though, because I forget that they’re growing up. How the heck did they get in their teens?! Boyfriends? Girlfriends? Wanting to stay home? Skyping all the time?! Gaaaaah! I gotta suck up all the time I can!

  4. Wow what a weekend! I feel the same way about my nieces and nephews like where in the world did the time go. This past weekend was quiet but about two weekends ago my love came to visit (from 2000 plus miles away) Now I’m missing him like crazy!


  5. Yes, we can’t let the kids run us ragged 🙂 Good luck on your writing goals–changing a tense! Ouch. That is true dedication. I have a friend who did that *and* changed the POV from third-person to first-person. I think after something like that, the story would be a different story, lol. Good luck with your writing guides, too 🙂

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