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Thankful Thursday

It’s been a while, I know! After things stopped being super hectic, I started feeling very tired. My energy level was super low, and my vision got a bit crazy. I’ve self-diagnosed. I’m pretty sure it’s related to my anemia, and my failure to take proper meds. *sighs* Anyway, getting back on track now, so YAY!

Today, I’m thankful for:

  • Sweet weather. It’s cool, but the sun is still shining.
  • Getting out of my ruts. I started writing again this week, and starting running (and it was HARD) again TODAY. The weather demanded it.
  • Supportive family. I’m unemployed at the moment, but my family is backing me up in my decision to lay low and work on a few projects of my own. My mom still lends me the car (which I though she MAY have stopped doing since I wasn’t going to work), my aunt doesn’t discourage me from writing, my mom tells me to go get my business license, my great-grandmother is not stressing me out about joblessness, etc.
  • I have an application in for an exec. asst. job. It’s nothing thrilling, but the department (of government) is new and interesting, and it’s the kind of job that will still leave me with the time and brainpower to do my own thing. It shouldn’t be draining. Getting it would be cool since it would kind of be a good balance. I’d be getting a steady income and would be able to run my own business and write at the same time.
  • I put a call in to a contact I made while working at my previous place of employment. He’d told me about the possibility of his workplace (a local bank) opening up a completely new position to bridge the gap between them and all of the initiatives and organizations that they support/sponsor/make donations to, and work with their (outsourced) PR team. That’s right up my alley, so if they make it a real job, I’m on it!
  • I’ve got all the laziness out of my system. I’ve been at home for almost two weeks, and I still have some time with pay left, so it’s not too late at all. I’m happy to be back in productive-mode.
  • Yoga. I see it being very important and beneficial in life. *breathes deeply*
  • Elections will be held in less than two weeks. I may throw a party when it’s all over, regardless of which party wins. I’ll explain this in a post about election season in The Bahamas on the weekend. Be sure to come back to read it! You have never heard of anything like it. Believe me.
  • Cereal and milk. I’ve been up for far too long to have nothing in my system, and I don’t feel like cooking. Hellooo, Honey Bunches of Oats. *looks in kitchen* Do I see bananas?! Oh, yes indeed!

How about you? What are you thankful for today? What’s the weather like in your part of the world? How productive have you been this week? Fill me in!

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  1. Good luck with those job prospects, they sound exciting and worthwhile AND something you could do WHILE pursuing other interests …… sweetness! Having a supportive family is the bees knees and I’m super-duper thankful for mine. And of course, Husband Dearest. Enjoy your cereal, silly girl! Have a blessed Thurs-DAY.


    • Thanks! I’m hoping one of them comes through. I don’t like job hunting, and this is a terrible time and place to be doing it. I like the stability of a “real job”.

      YAY! for great hubbies!

      Have a great day, Nicole! 🙂

  2. It’s great that your family is being cool about it! I’m happy that you’re using the time to do things that fulfill you, too.

    • I was really expecting some insanity. You know… People telling me I need to find a job, people asking me the same questions over and over about the end of the last job, random phone calls about ads in the paper… The usual crazy over-protective, semi-controlling family stuff. Lol.
      So far, things are going ok, so YAY! Fingers crossed for smooth transitions when the time comes.

  3. I wrote a Thankful Thursday too… my first in a very long time! Now I just got to get back into exercising loool One step at a time, right?

  4. yoga AND cereal and milk!? i think you and i are kindred spirits.

  5. Just Rambling said:

    I hope you’ll get the job! I am sorry, I have bern “away” for quite some time, as in minding my own business, being a super unfaithful follower and all that. So I didn’t know you were unemployed. Anyway, like I said, hope the job’s for you! 😀

    • I was wondering where you ran off to! Glad you’re okay, and were just on a little vacation.

      • Just Rambling said:

        I just easily lose track every now and then… *sigh* Not good. Not good at all. Anyway, glad you’re still writing and blogging! 😀

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