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My First Cheesecake

Saturday was the bday party for Babe, and I didn’t want to be stressed out all day, so I made the chesecake on Friday night. I’m no fan of that no-bake nonsense, so I got the family recipe for my aunt. Unfortunately, that means that I can’t completely share it with you. Hers is a basic cheesecake, and I decided to raise it a few notches. Now how, you may wonder, do you raise a cheesecake up a few notches? Well, it’s easy. You CHOCOLIFY.

Instead of the cracker crust, I made an oreo crust. I just crushed oreos to bits in the blender until I had a cup full of them. Of course, my afterthought was that I should have counted the oreos so that I could tell you how many you need for a cup. *sighs* Maybe next time. Anyway, I mixed the oreo crumbs with about two tablespoons of butter to make it stick. Then, I pressed the mixture into the bottom of the pan. Once that was done, and the sides of the pan greased, I was free to mix the actual cake. When all done, I poured it into the pan and put it in the oven. The recipe gave me no clue how long to bake it for, so I googled and googled until I found a random basic cheesecake recipe. One hour. Good. At least I knew it wasn’t 15 minutes, or 30 minutes. When the hour was up, the middle still didn’t seem done, so I let it sit in the hot oven (which I’d already turned off) for another 10 minutes. Then, I let it cool. After that, it was ready to chill in the fridge to really set.

Just 90 minutes or so before the party was to start, I took out [the voices of angels since “Uuuuuuuhhhhhhh” beautifully] the Nutella. I covered the top AND sides of that basic cheesecake with Nutella. When I was done with that, I covered the top with more oreo crumbs so it looked like black fairy dust (or something). I decided that all it needed was a little colour. That’s where the strawberries came in. I cut about 12 (totally guessing the number there) strawberries into quarters, and threw them in a waiting pot of simple syrup (water + sugar). I let it “cook” on low heat until the strawberries started to colour the water. I let it all cool, then chill before putting the little strawberry fourths around the top edge of the cheesecake, the tips all facing the same direction.

Results: Not your grandmother’s cheesecake. No basic around here!

“Ooh! I could taste the love in this.”

“Is there NUTELLA in this?!”

“Mmm! So good!”

Happy? Yes, I am. My first cheesecake was a success. YAY, me!

Yeah, I know. No photos. No reason for you to believe me. *sighs* No longer having a smartphone means no photos.

What did you get up to on the weekend? Try anything new? What’s your favourite “basic” thing to make fun/interesting/different?

Comments on: "My First Cheesecake" (12)

  1. You are awesome-sauce!!!!!! Happy (belated) birthday to Babe too! I know you must be so proud of your first cheesecake ….. those can be tricky lil’ things. You rock. You’re amazing.


    P.S. Will you enjoy a delicious bite for me? I haven’t had “real” cheesecake in 10 years, since my cow’s milk allergy. Nom. Nom. Nom. 🙂

    • Thanks, Nicole! 🙂 I was kinda nervous. My aunt (who gave me the recipe) told me it should be fine, and that it could NOT fall. That made me feel better since I’ve made LOTS of cakes, and they’ve never fallen, so cheesecake must be easier. Lol. My logic is kinda funny sometimes.

      Oh, nooooo. Allergies suck! 😦 Babe and I finished the cheesecake off last night in binge-like fashion. Hahahha. I’m happy to call one of those bites yours. 🙂

  2. It was sooooo good!!! Thank you Lici. #ThatIsAll

  3. Congrats! I’ve made a couple of basic ones but I HATE cheesecake, so I don’t like to make them. I prefer making something I’m “proud” of even if others like it and I don’t, it doesn’t feel the same. That said, I’m the only human who hates cheesecake!

    • Yeah, I think you MAY be the only person.
      I don’t like making things I don’t like either. Especially since it means I can’t taste it and know if it’s good or not.

  4. ZOMG oreo crust! I love cheesecake, esp with nutella. I made it once too. I’m glad I don’t remember how to make it anymore bc I would be 500 pounds.

  5. That sounds amazing. It is also amazing to me that you are able to do that. It is difficult for me to get off my butt and go buy a cheesecake much less make one 🙂 And I am being completely serious.

  6. Just Rambling said:

    Cheesecake is the best right?? Never tried it with oreos, so that’s definitely a great idea for my next cake! Happy belated Babe-birthday!!!

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