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Birthday Smirthday

Yesterday was my birthday, y’all. It wasn’t the best day ever, but whatever. I worked a REALLY long day. We stuffed the bags for the bike-a-thon participants. It wasn’t something I was looking forward to since the committee/founders have really been testing my patience lately. Luckily, there were friends of the committee there to chat them up, so I fell nicely into the background.

Remember what I posted about on Thursday? Well, it seems that they have a habit of treating staff in a certain way. In addition to appearing to be very timid, but good-natured, the housekeeper (at the committee member’s house we stuff bags at) looked kind of sad. I smiled at her and greeted her like a real person, which no one else seemed to do. Odd, right? All anyone else did was bark orders at her in Spanish, or speak toddler-like English to her. It was rather sad.

I have this thing… I don’t know what it is. People just randomly tell me things. Anyway, the housekeeper asked me if I work for the lady woman of the house. I told her I didn’t, and she shook her head saying, “She no good. No. No good.” I knew what she meant since I’d witnessed the woman call her around the house, giving her detailed instructions. At one point, she asked her to take out the tray of muffins and fruit, as well as glasses, silverware, and juices. The housekeeper took some of the items and by the time she got back to the kitchen to get the rest of it, lady woman of the house was muttering, “Stupid!” and then speaking to her in Spanish, urging her to do whatever she’d just asked. I mean, really… She’s hired help, but she only has two hands and two feet! Give her a chance!

Later on, another committee member was on her cell phone, mumbling to herself, “I’m gonna kill her.” Someone asked her what she was talking about. “My housekeeper! I’m trying to call her, but either she’s got the phone off the hook, or she’s on it. I need to tell her a truck is coming there.” Oh, well let me hand you a knife to stab her because she clearly deserves it. What the heck is wrong with these people?!

We finished stuffing bags around 2pm, so I headed back to the office. I wasn’t seated for 5 minutes before the phone rang. Committee member #2  told me she needed the registration forms printed. I said, “I’ll have them done by the end of the day.” She said, “I need them in the morning.” I just let the silence stew on the line. She asked, “Will I have them in the morning?” After a pause for effect, I said, “Yes.” Did I miss something, or is she a bit slow? I know she’d love to believe that I’m an idiot, but really… Who is the idiot here?

I left work at 6pm to check on my great-grandmother who hadn’t been feeling well and was taken to the doctor. Apparently her blood pressure sky rocketed. The number on the machine just kept going up until the band popped right off of her arm. It was too high to be read. Scary! At 92 years old, she doesn’t need her blood pressure to be up so high. She’d already been on pills, and was taking them daily. I guess something triggered it, but she’s feeling much better now, with new medication.

Whoa. This is a looong post. But I had a looong day. And it wasn’t the best day ever. I was glad to get home and have dinner with Babe, watch a little Modern Family, and then have a visit from two of my favourite people – a cousin and a friend. We chatted and drank wine for a couple of hours. Twas nice. The real birthday celebration will be on Saturday night. Karaoke and JustDance! WOO!

Things to do today:

  • Goals for ROW80
  • Start a new short story
  • Open my presents! (Was too tired and out of it to do it last night)

How’d your week start? How did you spend my birthday?

Comments on: "Birthday Smirthday" (17)

  1. Hope today is better! Happy late birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I wish you a happy and healthy year ahead. I stopped by to see if you have changed your mind about the 30 Days of Honesty. I don’t mean to bother you but I do want to remove your name from the list if you are no longer interested. Again, enjoy this new year of life!

  3. aquariusSoul said:

    First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I really hate when people talk down to others and treat them badly. People tend to forget that they will reap what they sow.

    • Thanks! 🙂

      Yeah, it really, really pisses me off. In addition to that, it makes me never want to speak to or see the offender again. When those people (all related) get what’s coming, I don’t wanna be anywhere NEAR.


  5. laci512 said:

    Happy belated birthday. Hope today is much much better.

  6. Well Happy Birthday even if it is a day late! Too funny, the 2nd was my birthday too! 😀 And if it makes you feel any better, it doesn’t sound like mine went much better, maybe it was something in the air this year.

    • Oh, wow. Happy two days after your birthday to you! 🙂
      Maybe in the air, yeah. It can only get better, right?
      You know what… Another blogger I follow has the same birthday as us. We’re taking over! Hahahaha

  7. Happy belated birthday 🙂

    It’s sad that some people treat others in such a lowly way…

  8. What a crappy birthday! I hope you have a better day today!

    PS – I’ve set my blog to private for the time being 🙂


  9. Happy birthday, birthday buddy! 🙂

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