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Once per Week?

Looks like I’ve become one of those people, right? I’m not posting daily, or even close to it any more. I guess I have a lot more things to juggle now. I can’t keep all the balls in the air by myself. *sighs* Still, I’ll do my best to keep you updated on the happenings.

Here we go:

  • The finished novel is still being edited. Very slowly. I am trying to forget the story before I reread it, and it seems to be working. As I read it, I discover things I totally forgot about. Not just since finishing the whole book, but since writing it (scenes). Things I was supposed to come back to, make reference to, resolve, etc. So yeah… I’m glad I’m doing this read through. There is still a lot of work to be done.
  • Book Two is totally necessary. Did I mention this already? I’ve started planning it, but not very heavily. Now that Camp NaNoWriMo is over, I should be able to give it more attention and properly plan it so I can write it during July Camp.
  • A cover for The Whispering Willow! My graphic artist has pulled something out! I love it. I wish I could share it with you, but it’s too soon. And I can’t reveal it here. When the time comes, the big reveal will be over at my real website.
  • My graphic artist has starting sending me options for the cover of the book I’m currently writing. None of them has really hit the nail on the head, but it still feels like we’re getting somewhere. She’s learning more about my style, my vision, and my concept for the book. We’re well on our way. Progress feels so darn good!
  • I got a staff reader position for a new online literary magazine! I’m really excited about it. I’ve been wanting a position like this for a long time. I want to get involve in publishing and get as much experience as I can. It’s all going to add up and make me more knowledgeable about the process, what readers and editors are looking for, and give my writer resume (because, of course, I have a separate resume for my writing) a nice, solid boost. It is not a paid position, but I count the experience. No one else in my life really does, so I haven’t told anyone. I don’t feel like being ridiculed for yet-another-responsibility I’ve taken on that doesn’t-pay-any-bills that actually has me quite excited. It was nice to get the email last week letting me know that I’ve been selected. I’ll let you know when I get started. 🙂
  • I got my pen! My great-grandmother gave me some money to buy myself something for my birthday. I wanted to get something that would last forever. After much thought, I decided on a pen. It is VERY cool. I ordered it from an Etsy shop where they make handturned acrylic pens. Picture coming soon!
  • I’ve been jobless for four weeks. Luckily, I got a random few days of work this week. This will be a big help with the bills that are piling up. I’ve been job hunting for a while, but the land is dry, y’all.  If you know anyone who needs help with writing or editing anything please send them to Word Wielder! Low prices!
  • Things happen in waves. Some not-so-great things are going on. Not really with me, but people around me. Remember that you only have one body. Treat it well! Got mobility? Use it! LIVE, people, LIVE! Seriously.
  • ZINES! I’m making them now.  I’ll be producing 4 monthly titles. The May issues are available NOW in my Etsy shop Appetizine. Please check out the listings and let me know what you think. Make a purchase, for you or a friend, and let your friends know about ’em.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. Have a great weekend! 🙂


Birthday Smirthday

Yesterday was my birthday, y’all. It wasn’t the best day ever, but whatever. I worked a REALLY long day. We stuffed the bags for the bike-a-thon participants. It wasn’t something I was looking forward to since the committee/founders have really been testing my patience lately. Luckily, there were friends of the committee there to chat them up, so I fell nicely into the background.

Remember what I posted about on Thursday? Well, it seems that they have a habit of treating staff in a certain way. In addition to appearing to be very timid, but good-natured, the housekeeper (at the committee member’s house we stuff bags at) looked kind of sad. I smiled at her and greeted her like a real person, which no one else seemed to do. Odd, right? All anyone else did was bark orders at her in Spanish, or speak toddler-like English to her. It was rather sad.

I have this thing… I don’t know what it is. People just randomly tell me things. Anyway, the housekeeper asked me if I work for the lady woman of the house. I told her I didn’t, and she shook her head saying, “She no good. No. No good.” I knew what she meant since I’d witnessed the woman call her around the house, giving her detailed instructions. At one point, she asked her to take out the tray of muffins and fruit, as well as glasses, silverware, and juices. The housekeeper took some of the items and by the time she got back to the kitchen to get the rest of it, lady woman of the house was muttering, “Stupid!” and then speaking to her in Spanish, urging her to do whatever she’d just asked. I mean, really… She’s hired help, but she only has two hands and two feet! Give her a chance!

Later on, another committee member was on her cell phone, mumbling to herself, “I’m gonna kill her.” Someone asked her what she was talking about. “My housekeeper! I’m trying to call her, but either she’s got the phone off the hook, or she’s on it. I need to tell her a truck is coming there.” Oh, well let me hand you a knife to stab her because she clearly deserves it. What the heck is wrong with these people?!

We finished stuffing bags around 2pm, so I headed back to the office. I wasn’t seated for 5 minutes before the phone rang. Committee member #2  told me she needed the registration forms printed. I said, “I’ll have them done by the end of the day.” She said, “I need them in the morning.” I just let the silence stew on the line. She asked, “Will I have them in the morning?” After a pause for effect, I said, “Yes.” Did I miss something, or is she a bit slow? I know she’d love to believe that I’m an idiot, but really… Who is the idiot here?

I left work at 6pm to check on my great-grandmother who hadn’t been feeling well and was taken to the doctor. Apparently her blood pressure sky rocketed. The number on the machine just kept going up until the band popped right off of her arm. It was too high to be read. Scary! At 92 years old, she doesn’t need her blood pressure to be up so high. She’d already been on pills, and was taking them daily. I guess something triggered it, but she’s feeling much better now, with new medication.

Whoa. This is a looong post. But I had a looong day. And it wasn’t the best day ever. I was glad to get home and have dinner with Babe, watch a little Modern Family, and then have a visit from two of my favourite people – a cousin and a friend. We chatted and drank wine for a couple of hours. Twas nice. The real birthday celebration will be on Saturday night. Karaoke and JustDance! WOO!

Things to do today:

  • Goals for ROW80
  • Start a new short story
  • Open my presents! (Was too tired and out of it to do it last night)

How’d your week start? How did you spend my birthday?

Thankful Thursday

This week, Thankful Thursday is difficult. I’m having a rough time. I’m not meeting any of my goals, really. I haven’t been running or writing. Hell. I’ve hardly even been reading. My work days have been very exhausting. When I get home, I really have to drag myself to the shower. I am fatigued by the people I work with. I am convinced that there are all different brands of crazy. Nothing is good enough. Nothing is done fast enough.

Really, everyone is stressed. The event is in 3 weeks. It seems that the committee/board does not handle pressure well. At all. They all fold, crumble, or become as stiff as a board. It’s ridiculous. I’m not the type to freak out. No matter what. The world could be falling apart around me, but I would maintain my cool, and think about the next step. I think it freaks them out that I don’t freak out. It must translate as I am nonchalant and nothing moves me. It’s not that. It’s just that I will not be shaken, and I will not fall apart.

Here are some examples (and feel free to skip them if you like) of the silly things that have been going on and piling up in my mind:

-They asked me to produce a weekly report stating what I have done all week, and what I plan to do the next week. I have done this in MS Word and emailed it to them every Friday. A few months in, one of them emailed me asking that I do not use attachments, but put it in the body of the email as the attachment creates too much work. Fine. I still did it in Word for my own records, and copied and pasted it to the body of the emails. A few months ago, they all got gung-ho about Google Docs (which I HATE). Fine. They decided that sending a bunch of separate threads of emails is crazy. Let’s just share everything in Google Docs. Whatever. So I’ve been uploading my reports to GoogleDocs and sending email notifications of it. Yesterday, S asked me, “What happened to your reports?” Uh… What?! Apparently, for months now, they have all been under the impression that I just stopped doing them. She wanted to know why I stopped sending them individual emails. WHAAAAAT?! Excuse me while I put myself in timeout.

-I’ve been organizing the delivery/collection of promo items from sponsors to be included in participant bags. One of the sponsors I’ve been dealing with for MONTHS just dropped a bomb on me. Their promo items won’t be delivered until next week Thursday. We’re stuffing the bags on Monday and Tuesday. This is a problem. Guess what. The committee thinks this is my fault. Forget that I have called the sponsor numerous times AND emailed with the deadlines. Forget that I left messages for them from Thursday of last week until Tuesday while they were away. Forget all of that. It is MY fault because *I* didn’t translate the urgency to them. HA! I emailed the overall coordinator who is receiving all items since we are stuffing bags at her house. It said, “Good morning [Woman], I just received a response from [Sponsor] on the [promo item]. They will be delivered next week Thursday.” This email is a huge problem because I did not state explicitly that this a problem and does not work with our current schedule for bag stuffing. Why is that necessary again? Do we not all know the schedule? They can’t CHANGE the delivery date MAGICALLY, ok? We have to work with what we’ve got. We may have to drop that item in the bags later, or hand them out with the bags, or have participants collect them at the start line. No, it’s not as seamless, but it CAN WORK. What will not work is harping on the problem.

-They were under the impression that I have not been checking in on the signs we’re having done/revamped. In reality, I have emailed him at least twice per day. I have been calling him at least once per day. He now answer the phone, “Hi, Alicia, from [organization name].” I told S (who called the meeting) that I have been in constant communication with him. She had no response so A (who was just sitting there, doing whatever, listening – I have no idea why she was even there other than to be entertained) said, “Yes, but we don’t know that you’re doing these things. You never told us.” Ok. So in addition to the weekly reports, I should create a GoogleDoc detailing the time I spend emailing/calling people? Please. Do not do this to me.

You know what… At the end of the day, I am thankful for a few things.

  • I know myself.
  • I know that I am competent.
  • I know that I am intelligent.
  • I do not feel the need to overcompensate for issues that people have that really have nothing to do with me.
  • I know my worth.
  • I know that I deserve to be treated with respect.
  • It is not my fault when someone else screws up. It doesn’t matter if it is a committee member, a founder, a sponsor, a supplier, or a participant. I will not hold myself responsible for another person’s mess.
  • I continuously go above and beyond the call of duty.
  • All of my work is a reflection of me, my abilities, and my work ethic. What other people see or know me to be doing is not. That is not the entire picture.
  • There is no need for me to detail everything that I have done when my tasks are clear, and completed as given.
  • There are more opportunities available to me than I can imagine.
  • I have to sit in the driver’s seat of my life. That includes my career.
  • All that glitters is not gold.
  • I need to find a way out.
  • I need to be prudent. My next few decisions must be made carefully.

Enough about me! How about you? What are you thankful for?


After that last post, I feel like I need to spread a little sunshine. And show some gratitude. Sometimes, circumstances get us down. We seem to be more than willing to crouch down, and get under the weather. And then lay flat like dead meat. Cockroaches have more will to live than we do sometimes, when they’re on their backs, legs moving. We need to have that type of GUSTO. Channel our inner cockroaches! We need to WILL ourselves to flip over on the right side, up on our legs, and MOVE. We need to want it a little more.

Well, last week, I went on and on about this job that I really wanted. Quick catch up for those who didn’t see this post,  this post or this post. I applied through a friend of friend, I got awesome reference letters, I asked around to see if anyone else knew the employers, etc. I got the interview. I had all kinds of ride drama. I was kind of sort of late-ish for the interview. The interview went pretty well. I hoped and prayed that my showing up a minute late didn’t overshadow my SHINE in the interview. I begged people to hope and pray and send out positive vibes on my behalf. Yeah. So… I GOT. THE FREAKING. JOB! YESSSSS!

I have not the words. DO YOU HEAR ME?! I. HAVE NOT. THE WORDS. I am SO HAPPY!

Babe messaged me, telling me to call the employer. They called her cell phone (the number I left as my contact). I called back for her to offer the job! This happened yesterday. I didn’t want to get too excited until I got an official job offer. It was emailed to me this morning. Let me tell you… It is AWESOME. All I could have asked for. This is truly my DREAM JOB. I will be able to pay my bills and live comfortably. I’ll have health insurance, finally. (I haven’t had health insurance since I got kicked off of my mom’s plan when I graduated from university.) I am in my glory right now. Y’all don’t know. Y’all have NO. IDEA.

I start on October 17. Enough time to give 2 weeks notice. Perfect. The office is sort of far away, in the “rich white people” area. I have no idea what bus to take to get there, but I’m definitely going to figure it out. Probably on my next day off, Babe and I can take the bus early in the morning, and see how long it takes to get there, and figure out what time I’ll need to leave home. Maybe we can talk to the driver to coordinate schedules or something. We’ll see. Right now, I feel like I could bike/walk there, I’m so excited. No matter what I have to do, I WILL get to work. ON TIME!

Thank you all so much for hoping and praying, and crossing your fingers, and all that good stuff. WOO!

Since it’s Thankful Thursday, lemme let you know what else I’m thankful for.

  • Caring, supportive family
  • Ma bring me lunch yesterday (Made a great dinner for Babe and I last night)
  • Babe’s never-ending support and positivity
  • The ability to blog
  • All the cool people I’ve met through blogs (mine and their)
  • NEW JOB! (Yeah, I had to say it.)
  • Hope
  • Music
  • My dad bringing everything I asked for, especially…
  • Kindness
Has anything amazing happened in your life this week? What are you thankful for?
Most importantly, are you a runner? If you are, can I add your email to my running (pun intended) support list?

Weekend in Review

What a weekend! Feels like it was a WEEK! Let me see how quickly and entertainingly I can catch you up…


  • Babe got two free tickets for us to go to an old school event called “Boogie Nights.” My sister is into oldies and the “mature crowd” so we told her about it. It worked out perfectly. We all got to hang out together, and my sister was our ride. Babe’s friend showed up with her hubby too. We had a great time electric sliding, cha cha cha-ing, and twisting the night away.
  • My sister was ready to go before Babe and I were. She left the car with us. We stayed for another 30 minutes or so, then decided to beat the crowd out the door. We both slept really well. Nothing like going to bed on a little tequila. (Don’t worry. We just had one drink each. But maaannn, my drink was STRONG!)


  • I woke up in time to get ready for work. And iron clothes for the interview and stuff them in my bag without crushing them. But NOT in enough time to pack a good lunch. Just a package of Fruit & Nut.
  • Interview for super awesome job! Oh, man. The DRAMA. I arranged from Wednesday for a ride with my mother. She said she would be working Saturday night, so she could do it. Well, she called me on Friday in a panic. She was about to sleep for work at 3:30pm when she decided to call Scheduling to see if she was a 7pm or 8pm. She was a 6pm. Now, if you work shifts, you know how it goes. Basically, she was in a mad rush to get ready, and realized that being a 6pm, it was possible that she’d be working Saturday MORNING, not night. (See, if she was an 8pm, there’s no way they could give her a shift for the next morning.) She said she’d just find a ride to work on Saturday is she WAS going to be a morning shift, so she’d drop the car to me at work. I’d drive to the interview, and BAM. Done.
  • WELL. She was feeling sick and took TheraFlu and ended up oversleeping on Saturday. She slept until 10am. Had to be to work at 11am. She called my uncle to get her from my work, but he took too long, so she left. She told me to call the same uncle or her friend Staci for a ride. I called my sister (who drove me to work and said she’d be my backup) first. No answer. I later found out that I hung up right as she picked up. Dang it! Staci was in the middle of moving. No go. My uncle, I finally reached at 12:30. My interview was 1:40pm. On the other end of the island.
  • He got here at 1pm. I got to the place and was hopping out of the car RIGHT as the woman came outside to get me. [insert biggest sad EVER here] I couldn’t believe it. Just my luck. “Are you Alicia?” I tried to look cheerful and said, “Yes, I am!” “You’re just getting here?” BURRRNNN! I was supposed to have been sitting on the porch waiting, with a form filled out. She took me straight in and said I could fill it out later. I shook myself out of it and appeared as relaxed and in-control as I could.
  • The interview itself went pretty well. There were smiles. There was laughter and head nodding. They were very interested in a few of my experiences. It felt very comfortable and casual. I feel good about it. I just don’t know what my lateness did for me. She also asked if I have a car. Nooo, ma’am. BUT. A question on the form was, “Would you be willing to work from home?” HECK, YEZZZ!
  • I’m trying to think positively, but not invest myself too much. I don’t like setting myself up for disappointment, but I don’t want to send negative energy into the universe either, ya know? Please cross your fingers AND toes for me. Send positive energy, hope and pray. For me. Please. I REALLY want this job. REALLY.


  • My brother picked me up, as usual, for FamJam. We were super early because he picked up the ICE CREAM CAKE (can you tell that I was excited?!) for Ryan’s birthday. Had to get it in the freezer quickly.
  • Ryan (4 y.o.) met us at the door. The fun began right away. Ryan is HILARIOUS. I love having children around on Sundays. They spice it up. Ryan lives on another island with his mother, so having him around is a real treat.
  • I got the stuff. Mhmm. You know the stuff. That list I gave my dad? Yeaaaaah! Soap, toothpaste, shampoo, daily facial wipes. All very exciting things. Even some things I didn’t ask for like deodorant (but I don’t think he’s trying to tell me that I smell), NUTELLA (I LOVE YOU, DADDY!), and Fruit & Nut. But the big thing… The HUGE thing… DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

My Vibram FiveFingers!

I’m SO happy. And exciting! This is the Bikila model, and OF COURSE, I’d pick the ones with green in them. If/When I get another pair of this model, they’ll be the orange/magenta ones because they’re so BRIGHT and AWESOME-looking! These babies feel GREAT on my feet. I was worried about the fit, but they’re perfect. I’ll take ’em out for a run tomorrow. (Babe and I have a little dinner date this evening, so it can’t be today.) You can find out about these awesome shoes here.

Also, please note that my dad is GREAT. He never complains when I ask for things when he goes away. He’s quite happy to run around, getting whatever I need (or want). It helps that he likes shopping, I guess. Me? Not so much.


  • Relaxing. Babe got up early to do some cleaning. I got up soon after to work on breakfast. We finished at about the same time, and got back into bed to eat. I made fresh toast (syrup for her, nutella for me), scrambled eggs, and turkey bacon. YUM! Babe made tea for us both when we were done eating.
  • Then we had reading time. It was great. Babe’s reading To Kill A Mockingbird. For the FIRST TIME. Can you believe that?! I’m reading The Little Women (NOT for the first time). We read and slept and read.
  • Babe made lunch. We had Ramen (Hey, we’re on a SERIOUS budget right now) and a salad. The salad was GREAT. Which is not surprising. Babe makes the BEST salads. I’ve never watched her make one, so I can’t really tell you what make them so awesome. I kind of don’t want to learn so she can keep doing it. MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAAA. Anyway, they have a certain sour saltiness that mixes with some sort of sweetness that makes an amazing party in the mouth. WOW.
  • We read more. I fell asleep. Babe got up and did things. And came back to read. We decided to go for a little bike ride in the evening.
  • At about 6pm, we figured it was a good time. Not too much traffic, and not too much sun. It was nice. We rode on the sidewalk of a highway close by. It wasn’t a long one. Not for me, anyway. I’m used to walking and riding for a good bit. Babe? Not so much. I could tell she was tired, so we rolled up to the corner store to get a few essentials, then back home.
  • Dinner. Homemade spaghetti. Babe made it. The meat sauce had a certain sweetness to it that I really appreciated. It was nice. I just wished we had a little parmesan cheese. We ran out at some point, and either don’t remember or don’t have the cash to get more. I also wished I thought of making garlic bread. I believe there’s more, so when we get into that, I’ll do some garlic bread.


  • Made breaky this morning! Oatmeal. Babe and I ate it downtown since I have 20ish minute wait between buses to get to work. That was nice. Also packed apples + nutella and a pack of Fruit & Nut for snack. I love food. And having enough of it.
  • At work, and feeling GREAT! The weekend was beautiful. I feel like it was the perfect combination of R&R and fun. It was a lot of things that I really enjoy – a little cousin, good food, family time, reading time, quiet time, extra sleep, bike ride, Babe… Yep. Was good!
  • I’m trying not to think too much about the job. I already mentioned why. I’m just SO excited and hopeful. I sent them a letter. It’s sort of a Thank You (for the interview) + (in case you missed it) I’m awesooommme (and here’s a little reminder of HOW awesome I am! That’s the end of it, I think. I can’t do any more. I can’t make contact any more. I want them to know that I’m interested, but I’d like to NOT look like a crazy/desperate person. *takes deep breath* Yeah. I’m done.
  • My cousin is in town. A pretty awesome cousin. Jessica. She lives on another island. I think we’ve met twice in person, both in the last 6 months or so. Babe and I are going to meet up with her and her friend at Arawak Cay (a strip with lots of native food stalls/restaurants). Another cousin of mine (Jessica’s aunt, Justina) is going to drop by too. I’m excited because I’ve met her daughter, but not her. We’re Facebook friends though. 🙂 Oh, hey! Jess and her friend have a blog. Check it out.
Wishing you smiles and laughs today!
What was the highlight of your weekend? How did you spend your last day off?

Interview This Week!

GUYS! GIRLS! *stops to catch breath* Okay, first, a song.

I just got an email saying that I was short-listed for that job I really, really, really want! Seriously, this is THE perfect job for me. I am seriously the only woman cycling to and from work every day. Okay, so I haven’t cycled since the big move. I’m still trying to figure out how to avoid the dangerous highways, and not have to ride away from work for kilometres before I can start heading in the direction of work. Whatever. Give me a little break. It hasn’t been a month yet. POINT IS I’m like… Legendary.

Oh, funny story! I was walking downtown yesterday evening (I walk there – 25 minutes – from work to get the bus), and a random guy I’m sure I’ve never seen/acknowledges said, “Where ya bike today?” I kind of just laughed it off and kept walking. He said, “Hey?! You left it home, eh?” I said, “Yeah!” People notice these things. That’s good. I feel encouraged. Maybe more people will GO GREEN if I keep it up.

Ok, back to the job. PERFECT. FOR. ME. Finding the cure for cancer, educating people about cancer, healthy lifestyles, etc… all important to me. Cycling? I love it, and I really believe more people should do it. This job would combine two of my passions. Not only that, I would truly be in my element. Planning, budgeting, organizing… All up my alley. It’s my thing. This job should be MINE.

All of you who have been hoping, praying, crossing fingers (and toes), and all that good stuff, THANK YOU. It’s paid off so far. Please don’t stop. I’m convinced that you’re my good luck charm. Keep on keeping on! The interview is on Saturday. I’m happy to have some time to mentally prepare, but not too much time to psych myself out. It’s going to be a-okay. Right?

Too Much Work!

I’ve been kinda quiet lately, right? I don’t know how I went from being super bored to being swamped every day. This job sucks. It seems that there is no in between. Half of the year is dry and boring with very little to do. The other half – this half – is ridiculously busy with lots of shipments coming in for Christmas. WARNING: HORRIBLY BORING JOB DETAILS! This means I spend my days doing purchase orders (PO’s) for incoming shipments, making a zillion adjustments (quantities, costs, etc) to them so they match the invoice the supplier sends us, and entering new items into the system. Then, when we get the bill from the freight forwarder, I have to work out the CIF and total cost (including ocean freight, inland freight, brokerage, exchange rates, and additional fees), enter them in the system, and play with numbers until it all balances. Then I receive the items (in the computer system) so the salespeople can see that they’re available for sale. Once that’s done, I print labels for the warehouse manager to stick on each item with item numbers and prices. That’s how we know if we have a shortage or surplus of items – based on how many stickers we’re left with. THEN, the fun part. I get to go to the super slow computer and make individual price tags for everything. I won’t even get into how involved that is. I’ve bored you enough already. Ugh. Did I mention that I HATE this job?!

I was in a funk earlier today. I sprayed some figurative perfume on myself. It’s sort of a sweet smell on top of the funk, but that’s the best that I can do for now. It has to work until I can get home for a (literal) shower. I’m eating Cheetos at my desk. For lunch, I’ll be having cheese and crackers. I miiight get shrimp fried rice from the world’s worst Chinese take-away around the corner. Just because I’m kind of a big eater. Cheese and crackers won’t cut it. Babe packed some Oreos, but I don’t eat them outside of home. Black cookie remnants on teeth? Not cool. There are M&Ms in my bag too, but I always feel like I need to save them for a really sad situation. Hahaha. M&Ms are THAT serious in my life. M&Ms and Coke.

Okay, time to lighten this post up. Time to be me (read: random).

My dad is going to Florida on the weekend. This means I get to WIN! WOO! *pulls you up to dance with me* I gave him an envelope with some (read: not enough) money inside, and a list on the back. Toothpaste, soap, closet organizer, something random I don’t remember at the moment, and VFFs! My first choice is these in silver and green. He’s already called one store in the area, and they don’t have that colour. My second choice is the magenta/orange/grey. They’re pretty hot, right? Answer: YES! Haley over at Green Plate Dinners introduced me to them, and I’m grateful. I’m excited about getting them. I just hope I picked the right size. You have to measure your foot from heel to longest toe and consult a size chart to figure out what size to get. Really, it’s ideal to be able to fit, but I’m not travelling any time soon. I’m just hoping for the best, and you can hope right along with me! 🙂 This is my first big step toward training for my first 5k. You can read more about VFFs here and here. I’ll do a review once I’ve tried them out.

[Hold on, I’ll be right back.]

WOWZAH! I’m feeling BLESSED right now. *does the Holy Ghost dance with a baptist dip and spins with tambourine in hand*I was wondering about my lunch. You know this if you’ve read this far. A saleswoman just called me out front. There was my great-grandmother. She came straight from church (midweek noon service) and brought me her lunch (which they serve after the service). How sweet! How perfect. I LOVE that little lady. That reminds me that I need to tell you all about something concerning her. It’s a bit personal, but I’d like some feedback. Fresh perspective.

Okay, I have LOTS to price. I’ll try to do better with posting. I may have to write in advance (from home), and have Babe email the posts to me so I can post them from work. We still don’t have the internet at home. Crazy, I know. We’re making it though! We’re hardcore. Hahahaha.

Hope your week is going well. If not, FEAR NOT. There are still a couple of days left, and the power is YOURS to make them great.

~Love & Blessings~

Awesome Job, Please?

Okay. First of all, I’m SO happy to have this blog, and a few followers to share these little things with. Thank y’all, and thank you WordPress! 🙂

On to the matter at hand. I’m on the job hunt. Where I am now is pretty boring, and doesn’t pay well at all. It was never supposed to be a permanent situation. I left a job in November, and started working in my great-grandmother’s store. I wanted to spend some time there, and with her, before she closed the business. In January, the doors closed for good. At that point, she called in a favour to get me this job. Just so that I could make a bit of money to be able to survive. Well, 7 months later, here I am. The economy isn’t great. That, and I probably haven’t been as a aggressive as I need to be in this type of market. Well, I’m stepping my game up! About three weeks ago, I went through the entire telephone directory and sent my resume to pretty much every business with a listed website/email address. I had an interview yesterday, and it went pretty well. I’ll hear from them tomorrow, and if I’m short-listed, I’ll have to interview with another person on Friday.I’m not very enthusiastic about the position. It’s a slight improvement from this job – both in duties and pay. Any step up is a step up, right? Also, it’s closer to where I moved to, so I could bike there a bit easier.

So. I found a posting for a job that I REALLY, REALLY want! I hardly ever feel this way about jobs. This one is sort of like it was tailored to suit me. I want it! The position title is “Administrator” and the organization is Ride For Hope Bahamas. A little bit about R4H (straight from their website): The Ride for Hope is a registered charity. Its flagship event is a fund raising bike-a-thon held each Spring in The Bahamas. Participants have called the Ride for Hope “a truly inspiring weekend.” Every dollar raised by participants without exception is applied to the improvement of programs for cancer treatment and patient care. We encourage you to explore our website and then come and join us for the next Ride for Hope!

Basically, this is a marriage of two things I am very passionate about – cycling and cancer research & education. About the job itself… They’re looking for someone to plan the event. They want multi-level planning skills, hands-on leadership, budget creation and maintenance, self-starter, someone who works well with people… Dear, sweet Lord! ME! ME! ME! Can they please pick me?! Nothing could be more perfect for me, and I doubt any candidate would be more perfect for the job than I am. Seriously, where are they going to find someone like me? Hmmm? NOWHERE. NEVER. Let me tell you why I’m awesome for this job:

  • I was Volunteer Coordinator for the Bluenose Marathon (Nova Scotia). I received applications, sorted them (by availability, interests, and people individuals wanted to work/volunteer with), scheduled them, and stayed in constant communication up until the day of the event. I co-planned the pre-marathon volunteer mixer and the post-marathon volunteer party. I also made sure the volunteer lounge was well stocked with snacks, drinks, comfy chairs, etc.
  • I planned and ran a summer day camp. I did all the business planning and presentations. I won a business plan competition which gave me a bit of start-up money. I then applied for a loan which I got after a few rounds of interviews. Then, I set up shop (school/daycare). It was great. Eight fun-filled weeks with 3 classrooms full of energetic, happy children between 5 and 12 years of age. I managed to get teachers and 3rd and 4th year students to staff it. I did this while attending university full-time, and working two part-time jobs on campus.
  • I have a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics.
  • I’ve done business plans for a several businesses.
  • I am a Toastmaster, and I have won speech competitions at the club, area, and division levels. Public speaking is not a problem.
  • I ran a company in Nassau while the principles were in another country for months. I was responsible for regular office management (phones, emails, faxes, etc.), presentations to new clients, maintaining relationships with existing clients, supervision of staff at various locations, etc. I did this a few months after I finish high school and continued until I moved for school two years later.
Basically, I have skills and experience up the WAZOO! It’s all very crazy and random (most of it I haven’t mentioned above), but RELEVANT. They could do nothing but benefit from having me on board. Oh, gosh. Are you convinced? I hope so. I sent my resume, letter of intent, and two reference letters yesterday. (I know my resume is killer, and my letter of intent is no less. Did I mention that I worked in the Career Development Centre in university? My job was to help students create/edit their resumes, write job-specific cover letters, and prepare for interviews.) Babe and I even called/asked around to see if anyone knows the co-founders of R4H. Around here, who you know is important. We found someone, and I submitted everything through him.*fingers crossed* Please, please, please, can I have this perfect job?! PLEASE?!
I’ve come to learn that my place, in the business world, could be anywhere, but where I really want to be is in the not-for-profit sector. It’s so much more meaningful. I spent a lot of my time, when I was in university, volunteering with different organizations.  A few times, volunteering turned into working. It was great.
What is great about R4H is the wide reach that it has. I was most pleased to find out that they are not only dedicated to donating for cancer research, but also for education. It’s important to educate people about the risks, and what can be done to reduce them. Prevention is always better (and cheaper!) than cure, and we need to keep that at the forefront of our minds. I’m thrilled about this and this.
I went to the website today, and they no longer have the call for applications on the front page. I hope that doesn’t mean they found the person they’re looking for already. (It looks like it was only posted on Aug. 31.) I hope it just means they have enough resumes to sift through. I hope. Please hope with me. Hopes, prayers, and positive energy all gladly accepted (and appreciated) here. 🙂
EDIT: Heart palpitations! I just got an email from them saying that the resume file was corrupted, asking me to resend. I resent it. Oh, boy. Now I know they’re still accepting and reviewing resumes. Aaagh!

All I Wanna Do Is… And Take Your Money

Man, oh, man! What a busy time it is!

I’ve probably mentioned before that I don’t care much for my job. Well, it’s pretty boring. I have pretty diverse interests, skills, and experience, and tend to like having the flexibility to do a few different things. Just answering that phone and making copies would never work for me. What I’m doing now, honestly, isn’t far off from that. It’s pretty boring, mundane work. When it’s slow, it. is. slooooowwwww. There are sometimes a week or two of insanity because we’ve have shipments come in. I work in the purchasing department of a furniture store, so I pretty much just chill until new things come in. When we get containers, I do some calculations to find the total cost, fill out some sheets, input number in the computer system, print labels, stick them on the items, then calculate prices and create and print tags. Fun, right? I have TWO Bachelor’s degrees. I should definitely be able to do better. The economy just sucks. And people generally don’t want to pay. Ugh.

I’m on the job hunt. I don’t want to live here any more. Babe and I are trying to get the hell up out of here. We need to be somewhere with more opportunity, higher quality of life, better income, better healthcare, cleaner, safer… You get what I’m saying, right? Better everything. Canadaaaaa! BUT. To move, we need lots of moolah. It’s time to save save save! To save money, though, you need to be making some. Hahahaha. It’s so funny, the way life is. Seriously, why do we even have money? Who came up with that brilliant idea?! Why don’t we all just live? Take what we need, share what we have more than enough of, give away what we don’t need, help others when we can, and just be happy? Huh?! TELL ME!

I’m on the job hunt. Did I mention that? I’ve probably sent about 20 random emails to companies I randomly came across in the phone book. I may have sent about 3 in response to actual job postings. I neeeed to get out of here, and make more money. More than that, I need my sanity. I feel like my years in university and all of the experience I got is just being wasted. It’s laying dormant in me, and I don’t want it all to just fade away. I need to put it to use. I need to feel some VALUE.

It would be great if this new job I get is closer to the new place. Did I mention that we’re moving? Yep. Next month, I’ll be further away from work. It’ll be double the distance to bike. I take 15-20 minutes to get to work now, so I’m guessing it will take almost an hour to get here from the new place, considering that I’ll have to cycle a bit slower, and I’ll be dealing with more traffic. *sighs*

I’m excited about the new place. It’s quite nice. It’s the first place we saw, and we were both pretty happy with it. The second place sucked (mostly because the landlord was super weird and not-so-nice). The third place blew the first two places out of the water completely. BEAUTIFUL. The work was just really well done. Landscaped nicely. Nice set up, great wall colours, super nice cabinets, ensuite bathroom… Just. NICE. Anyway, the landlord wasn’t keen on our payment plan (for first, last and security deposit), so we called up the lady from the first place. She’s super nice, and very accommodating and agreed to the payment plan. Really, we’re asking here to hold the place until September 1, with half down. Nice of her to do it, right? She’s also going to put a fridge and stove in the place for a bit more rent, but that’s fine. We don’t need the stress of finding another $1,200+ for appliances. We now have to concern ourselves with getting the other half of the money for her, AND paying the deposits to set up our utilities. Everything is ridiculous. For example, to get cable and internet, the deposit and initial fees comes to (US)$285. REALLY?! That doesn’t even include the first month. Phone is pretty much the same deal. Electricity, we won’t know about for a while. I’m scared to find out what it will cost to set up. Somehow, we’ll figure it out. Oh! Get this! For a 50 gallon gas tank (full fo gas), we’d have to pay $300 where it would cost $100 to fill an already existing tank. We may opt to get a 20lb tank for $68 and fill for $35. $300 is a bit insane.

Well, that’s what’s up with me right now. I’m sending resumes like mad, and budgeting like my life depends on it. Since it probably does. Hahahaha. Send me a bit of positive energy if you have any to spare. I could definitely use it! Speaking of spare things you may have that I could use… MONEY. Got any? 🙂