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Random Update


Been a while, I know! There are lots of reasons for that. One of them is the weird changes WP keeps forcing me to adapt to. It’s also driving me crazy that I can’t figure out how to post the old way. Just this “New Post” button with the pencil that gives me a little typing space… It’s not the same. I hate it. Especially since every time I use it, my post emails to subscribers, but does not post online. It vanishes. GAAAAAH! I hope that doesn’t happen this time.

Are you following my new, shiny blog? That’s where I am, twice per week, posting 100 word stories, music I like, little notes of inspiration, etc. If you haven’t already, go have a peak! Read a story or two, and comment, comment, comment!

I have been back to work on my NaNoWriMo novel recently. I have 40,000 words to bang out by March 20. Yep. That equals a lot of cups of a tea and a few litres of icy cold Coca-Cola. Yes, indeed! I feel like I am getting close to the finish line. There will be lots of editing to do when I’m done writing it, but at least the writing will be done!

April will be another crazy month. Camp NaNo! YES! That’s write. Another writing challenge. I have another novel to work on in April, and the goal, once again, is 50,000 words. If you’re interested in writing and need a challenge, consider Camp NaNo. What is really awesome about it is that you can choose your word count goal. Anywhere from 10,000 to 999,000. Or something like that. You can tailor it to suit you.

Okay, what else? Hmmm… The job hunt is still on. It is taking reeeally long. The job market sucks, guys. My eyes are still open though.  The hunter must never take her eyes off the prey. NEVER!

Oh, I went on a day trip by boat on Saturday. More on that later, when I upload the pictures.

So what’s up with you? Anything cool going on?

Comments on: "Random Update" (10)

  1. I am lovin your Inspiration Tree 🙂

  2. Hover over your name (probably upper right-hand corner of browser) and see the drop down menu to the name of your blog. Hover. Click dashboard. That will be a familiar page!

    I’m busier than effall with this grad-level course (auditing, no credit).

    • Thank you! Somehow, magically, after I posted, the regular WP bar appeared with things I’m used to seeing. That blue bar drives me nuts!

      Grad courses for free! Woot, woot! Hope you still have time to hang around the farm.


  3. Hmm, Camp NaNo, eh? I thought I’d had enough of that in November but now that you mention it my antennae started wiggling! 🙂 I’ll have to think about it, but I like the idea we can choose our own word count goals. That will make things easier…

  4. You write sooo much! I don’t know how you do it! You crazy. But seriously, that’s awesome. I need to check out your shiny new blog!

    Not a lot is new with me. Hopefully I will have my Canadian residency soon, so I too can look for jobs! What kind of work are you looking for?

    • Yes, check it out!

      Jealous of your residency progress. I want to be like you, Lily. Just like you. Living in Canada.

      And yeah. I AM crazy. *Shrugs*


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