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A Favourite Song: After Tonight

This is one of those songs that is so honest and pure and true. You feel it. When he gets to the chorus, it’s like every word tugs at your heart a little more than the one before it. You can see it playing out. Like she’s been hoping and praying and wishing on stars… And he’s promising her that if she’d just give herself to him, he’d take her away, beyond the stars she’s been wishing on… And she’d never have a wish to make again. *sighs* Listen to it…

Did you feel it?

I also really like Be Back Soon.

Kissing (By Bliss)

Kissing – Bliss

The red light of the sun,
slowly descending.
The sky is all I see,
it’s never ending.

We could fly,
you and I.
On a cloud,
kissing, kissing.

The wind plays with the leaves,
the weather turns colder.
But as long as we believe,
love doesn’t get older.

We could fly,
you and I.
On a cloud,
kissing, kissing.

On a journey of the heart,
there’s so much to see.
And when the sky is dark,
you’ll be right here,
right here with me.

Right here with me.

(Kissing, kissing)
(A journey of the heart)