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Sunday Tradition

Years before I was born, the family tradition began. My great-grandmother (Ma) cooks lunch for everyone. Now, everyone doesn’t really mean EVERYone. The lunch crew included my grandfather (her son), my grandaunt (her daughter) and her husband plus their three children, and my dad. As the family grew, so did the number of lunch guests. My cousins’ spouses and children, my mother, my brother, and I became members of the Sunday lunch club as well.

Ma cooks up quite the meal. There are always at least two meats. There’s always some form of potato, mixed vegetable and rice (usually white). The other things – broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, corn, asparagus, green beans, stuffing – vary from week to week. Ma makes THE BEST ICED TEA ON THE PLANET to accompany the meal. It. Is. Way. Too. GOOD! Plates are always full for a bit, and our tummies get full and stay that way for a little longer.

After lunch, we clear the table, and slip off into different parts of the house. My grandfather (deceased) used to sit a while at the dinner table, then head back to his bedroom. My granduncle (deceased) would go on and on about how great the meal was, tell funny stories, and fall asleep on a couch. Auntie helps in the with the kitchen clean-up. My dad and brother get back to the laundry, and watch tv (usually football or basketball) in the tv room right by the laundry room. The children scamper off into “the back” to watch tv. The rest of us pick a spot, and sleep on the floor until it’s time for dessert. Yummm! If it’s a birthday, we all gather around the dining room table to sing Happy Birthday, and get some CAKE! Once we’re able to walk around again, my brother and I take the little ones across to the pond and feed the fish with stale bread. Fun times!

A lot of people have Sunday traditions/rituals. When I have a family of my own, I’d like to do something special. Something everyone will look forward to every week. Just like Ma, I’d like to watch the dinner table cramped as the family grows, and enjoy seeing everyone under one roof, if only for a few hours on a Sunday. Even if I’m cooking from 7am until 1pm and no one arrives until 3pm.

I believe we need time to unwind. We need to know that, regardless of what went on all week, one thing is sure – We’ll share a meal with some of the people we love most and know us best. Whether it’s the first day or the last day of the week, Sunday just seems like the best day to spend with loved ones.

Sundays should be made of:

  • Beautiful sunrises shared with someone just as beautiful
  • Big breakfast spreads, complete with smoothies
  • Flowers for pretty ladies
  • Lazy/Play time outdoors
  • Late lunches with lots of chatter and giggles
  • Quiet sunsets, glass of wine in hand
  • Decadent desserts
  • Movies, blankets, and cuddles
What does your average Sunday look like?