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Happy 1st Blog-iversary Tiramisu (via Honey & Hero)

I don’t really like tiramisu (actually I don’t like it AT ALL- me no likey coffee/espresso), but a lot of people do. For you tiramisu likers, HERE YA GO! You’re welcome!

Happy 1st Blog-iversary Tiramisu One year ago, I started the Honeynhero blog. Initially, I was going to write along with my jounery towards becoming a dietitian, but I am sorry to realize that there wasn't many articles about this topic except a few at the beginning.  However, this place has gradually evolved into somewhere I bake and make sweets, somewhere I tell you stories of life,  somewhere we track the places we've been to, by means of clumsy words and not yet perfect pict … Read More

via Honey & Hero