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Thankful Thursday

What a crazy few weeks this has been. I’m not liking December at all. Is it surprising that I’m thankful that we’re almost at the end of it? There are a few other things I’m thankful for, and thank goodness for that because it’s Thankful Thursday! *shakes pompoms*

Today, I’m thankful for:

  • Good music
  • Half-decent health. My iron is definitely dropping. I’m ridiculously tired, no matter how many hours of sleep I get. I really don’t wanna spend the big bucks on Floradix (which seems to be the only thing that ever really works), but at least I sort of have it to spend it. Maybe I wanted to spend it on something else, but I’m thankful that I have it.
  • Safety. It’s a crazy time of year, and horrible things are happening. I’m glad that I haven’t fallen victim to any crimes. I should note, however, that there was an attempted break-in at our place last week. The bastards got into the neighbour’s place, but had no success getting in our apartment. This happened while we were at work, between 9am and 5pm. Daylight! Crazy, right?
  • Water. I’m getting back into drinking it. It’s slow, but it’s happening.
  • Running. Something I don’t need much to do. Just my Vibrams. (Holy CRAP! I wanted to get a new pair for myself for Christmas. Oh, well.) And 15-20 minutes (at the moment). Time has been really hard to come by, but things seem to be leveling out a bit.
  • My mother is WALKING! With nooo assistance! *dances*
  • Maternal grandmother. She’s the sweetest lady. Always smiling. Always with kind words. When she sees me, I usually get something similar to, “Oh, look at my favourite girl! Oh, she’s so beautiful! Isn’t she so precious? Oh, bllless her dear heart! I think you got even prettier than the last time I saw you. You got prettier?” She’s so funny. I usually stand there smiling at her, and manage to say something like, “You think so? I’m trying!” Hahahaha. Whenever I ask her how she’s doing, she says, “Oh, much better now that I see (or hear from) you!” Too sweet. She hasn’t been feeling so well lately. I’m glad she’s at home now. She was very adamant about going to her house. Hospitals are no fun. Her health isn’t great, and there’s no telling what will happen, or how soon. (I’m not being specific about this because it’s sort of touchy and people are trying to be hush-hush about it so no pity party starts, and no one goes around her crying or anything like that.) This makes me really sad. Anyway, I’m trying to be happy about knowing her, and that she’s so awesome, and that I can drop by whenever and see her.
  • Christmas is almost here. No, I’m not excited about the day itself. I’m anxious for it to be OVER and DONE WITH. Come onnn, December 26!
  • Fruit. Love, love, love it! MUST remember to get some kiwi and gala apples on the way home. We’re all out!
  • Saturday date night. Babe and I decided to have a nice, quiet evening at home on Saturday. I’ll cook us some steaks with potatoes (maybe twice-baked?), asparagus, and something else… Carrots? Me loooves carrots! I’ll try my hand at a little bread pudding for dessert. Babe likes eggnog, so I’ll see how I can incorporate that. We’ll find a nice movie or two to watch as well. Yes, we’ll be bringing in Christmas morning in style. Hahaha.

What are you thankful for this week? Are you looking forward to Christmas, or waiting for it to be over? Who is the precious gem in your family?

Thankful Thursday

These Thursdays are rollin’ around faster and faster every week! The days seem to go that way at this time of year. There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to do everything that I THINK I need to do. Just as well. If I had all the time in the world, would I use it the way I THINK I should? I don’t know… ANYway… One thing is for sure. I will spend time, every Thursday, being thankful.

This week, I’m thankful for the following reasons:

  • Mother is out of the hospital. She’s able to move around as needed with the help of a walker. Hopefully, she’ll be able to get rid of it soon. Maybe walking by Christmas? We’ll see!
  • We have cool weather. It is not, by ANY means, cold. No matter how much people try to say that it is. It’s just cool. It’s perfect for cuddling on the couch with a little blanket, enjoying soup while watching movies, and sleeping with blankets (until morning starts to come and you need to toss everything off).
  • I have strength. Period.
  • I have reasonable health. I haven’t have any horrible effects of the severe iron-deficiency anemia I struggle with. I’ve been good about taking my supplements, eating red meat once per week (although I’m not a fan), and eating my daily apples. YAY, me!
  • We have transportation. It’s not pretty, but it’s been getting us around as needed.
  • Game night coming up. Some people I would’ve really liked to be there probably won’t make it, but it should be fun. There are still some very cool/fun/funny people who will be in attendance.
  • Babe maybe, possibly liked the soupĀ I made last night. I was like, “Oh, well. She is not a fan.” All she said when she tasted it was, “It’s hot.” And she didn’t say it in a, “Hot DAYUM, girl, it is SO HAWT that you make kick-butt soup like this from scratch!” Just, the temperature is high. Gee, thanks, ENJOY! Lol. When she was done, she finally said something or other about it being good or whatever. Sheesh. Have I ever mentioned that I have severe kitchen/cooking issues? I get really annoyed when I’m outdone, or I end up making something that’s not praiseworthy. I’m used to ROCKING OUT in the kitchen, and people TAKING NOTICE. And NOTES where they can. LOL.
  • Things are picking up at work. Again. Yay!
  • I can finally start running again. I’ve been super fatigued by the whole hospitalization of my mother and other stuff that I’ve been getting up SUPER late, getting to work LATER, and just being exhausted by evening. This has meant no running for me. Well, no more of that crap! I’m getting back on the wagon! Tomorrow! For realz.
  • New orchid for our apartment. šŸ™‚
  • Christmas prezzies from Babe. I know what one is, but the other? No idea. I’m excited. We’re not supposed to be doing the whole Christmas thing this year, but apparently, we are. Lol. Remember, we gifted ourselves a living room set. And we love it and use it a lot. I wonder what is in the wrapped box. A super small book? A box with a handwritten letter? A package of really tasty nuts? Tupperware? *shrugs* I don’t know. I don’t think it’s anything too fancy because, well, we have budgets. Budgets that were busted a long time ago. Hahahaha. Sooo… It’s a surpriiiiise! šŸ˜€
  • Started the Christmas stuff early. At least some people will have some things. I haven’t finished getting the stuff on my life for Babe. She may get the balance of things for New Year’s Day. Lol.
  • The most beautiful, amazing, loving GF in the worrrrrllllld (echoes). I get the warmest hugs, most soothing shoulder/back rubs, sweetest, softest kisses… Yeah. Love is good. Life is good.
  • You’re gonna “like” Ashley’s submission to help her win here.

Join Thankful Thursday!

What are you thankful for? Have there been any unexpected happies this week? Any improvements in your life? Share!

Thursday Randomness

I’m home now. I couldn’t get a post done to save my life today. It was a pretty busy day. I had today’s planned work, a lunch meeting (I hate those), and an afternoon of correcting errors from weeks ago. Horrid. Anyway, it’s done. And I’m home.

A man stopped and asked me if I wanted a ride when I was on the bus stop near work. He said he could took me to Cable Beach which is far less remote than were I was, so there’s a better chance of getting a bus from there. Because I was willing to risk an abduction for not having to sit there forever, I took the ride. Smart? Stupid? Whatever.

It is PITCH BLACK outside right now. I wish I could time my walk from the bus stop to my door. I walk like hell. It’s almost running. Babe hasn’t been taking the bus home with me lately for various reasons, so I’m all on my own. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before something happens. It really isn’t safe. This area isn’t the greatest, and the people in this country – let along the area – aren’t generally the greatest either. Walking alone, in the dark, is a gamble. I hate it. I feel like a perfect target. Young female. Alone. Walking. In the dark. Same time every evening. A criminal’s dream. All I have is mace. I walk with it in my hand, finger on the thingy. Really though, how much defense is that?! *sighs*

Anyway, it’s Thursday. I didn’t forget. Here’s what I’m thankful for:

– La Senza order came. Yaaayyy new undies!
– Some of the Amazon order came, and it included my giant green mug. I love it. Annnd a 1,000 piece puzzle. I won’t tell you what it’s for. You’ll see the finished product.
– The against-all-odds safety of the past few weeks.
– Breakfast for dinner last night. I’m a fan.
– The gift of writing. This is not to say that I’m “gifted” or any good at it. Just that it’s a gift to be able to express myself using words without having to be verbal.
– Yoga mat arrived. I’m breakin’ it out tonight for quiet time. Maybe I’ll do a few supermans before a few minutes of meditation.
– Chocolate.
– Internet service on my BB. How else would I be able to post tonight?

Well, the week is almost over. I hope it’s going well, and you’re knocking balls outta the park, gettin’ ish diiiiiddddd!

What are you thankful for this week?

Thankful + Five Questions

Five Question Friday!

1. If you had a weekly newspaper column, what would you name it?

Rants and Ramblings

Conch Salad

Everyday Living

Foodie Kitchen

Depends on what the column is about, really. I see myself going with the “conch salad” theme more than anything else, because then I could mix it all up. I can rant a little, talk about food, dole out my awesome advice… All in one column.

2. Who is your mentor/inspiration?

Ma. My great-grandmother. She’s pretty awesome. The woman is NINETY-ONE years old. NINE-TEEEE-ONE! She still does everything for herself. And a lot of things for the rest of us. She walks without assistance, can dash around the place, she drives, she cooks and cleans (and I mean really cleans)… Everything. Actually, up until early this year, she ran her own business. She decided to close after 51 years of dressing thousands of women. She had THE ladies’ boutique. And I’m not saying that because she’s my great-grandmother. That’s just what it is. Or was. THE place to shop for clothing for work, church, weddings, funerals, balls, proms, banquets… Yep. She’s an amazing lady.

3. What is your wake up beverage of choice?

Trick question?! COCA-COLA! That’s my #1 choice. Annnd start judgiiiiing… NOW!

I don’t really drink Coke first thing in the morning though. Not every day. So I deserve some credit. Right? Mhmm. Nod your little head. You know I do.

What I REALLY like in the morning is TEA. Do I ever make it? Nah. Not unless it’s a late, lazy morning like Sundays and Mondays tend to be. Other than that, I’m too busy sleeping too late and scrambling around to get ready to make tea.

4. Would you wear your mom’s clothes?

Some of them. She has decent taste in clothing. Our sizes are different, but we could get away with some of the same tops. Pants or skirts would never work. We also have the same shoe size. Although my feet are probably fatter, and hers are longer. It works though. Sometimes, she drops shoes off for me to wear around the house to stretch them for her. Hahaha.

5. When you were a kid, did you put posters on your wall? If so, what were they of?

Never had posters on my wall. Ever. The answer is sort of a long story. How short can I make it? Hmmm… I didn’t spend any time in my bedroom (which was at my dad’s) because I spent most of my wide-awake hours at my aunt’s house (when I wasn’t at school). From school, we went straight to Auntie’s. Our dad picked us up when he got off from work which was anywhere between 7:30 and 11:30pm. Posters on walls that I never spent time between (or looking at) really would have made no sense. If I did have posters, I have no idea what would have been on them. Maybe Spanish verb conjugations or something nerdy like that.


I missed Thankful Thursday. Here we go. I’m thankful for:

  • Good times with family
  • Babe taking those awful bus rides with me this week
  • Improvement in my water consumption
  • Babe agreeing to my decorating plan (I NEED to remember to post about it later)
  • The ability to work with a single burner hotplate (Oh, man. Y’all should really witness it.)
  • Success in the trip to get stuff for the new place. We now have a completed bathroom plus a front door mat and a kitchen garbage WITH a lid. WOO!

Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful for:

  • Unconditional love
  • More job postings (that are sort of decent)
  • Things to look forward to
  • Hope
  • Babe doing the grocery run
  • Funny sisters
  • Being close to done with the moving
  • A way to get my bicycle to the new place (finally)
  • Coca-Cola

It’s Thursday!

Today, I’m thankful for:

  1. The call for an interview. It’s really time for me to leave this job. I know it’s time to go when I have zero interest in completing tasks and spend most of my time daydreaming, surfing the net, hiding (don’t ask), and planning life when I have my own business. The interview is at 11am tomorrow. With traffic, and wanting to be there a little early, I’ll have to be on my way by 10am. They’ll probably run late, and the interview may take a while. This means I’ll be calling in sick.
  2. The rain that stopped in time for me to run out for something to eat. I have to go grocery shop this evening. I didn’t really have anything to bring for lunch. Of course, on the one day that I don’t bring lunch, it rains. Lol. I was able to go out after 1pm. Yay!
  3. Finding my LIME GREEN Nalgene water bottle. I went to my aunt’s, and went digging in her fridge for my iron medication I left when I moved out a few months ago. There, waaayyy at the back, sat the bottle I’ve been looking for. For 3 months.
  4. Seeing my paternal grandmother and uncle today. Now, my grandmother has a very distinctive voice. She is extremely well spoken. Especially for a Bahamian. (Bahamians tend to have heavy accent and really bad dialect.) She doesn’t use dialect. Well, only VERY intentional. She was having normal conversation with a salesperson, and automatically, my ears wagged. I said, “That. Is definitely. Grammy Jacquie.” And it was. She was with Uncle Scottland (whose name is really just Scott) which was cool since he lives in Florida now. Good to see ’em both.
  5. A fun day off with my Babe that I can look back at and smile. We had good, clean, simple fun.

Thankful Thursday!

I make a point of, at least once per week, intentionally thinking of things I’m thankful for. Makes life more appreciable.

Let’s see… Ā Today, I’m thankful for:

  1. Cellphone service. (I thought I may have been cut off yesterday. Phew!)
  2. Bottle of water on my desk. And the water is still cold. Yay!
  3. Music playing in my office. (I was recently told that I could no longer listen to my iPod through earphones. I found a radio station online to play on the computer. Thank goodness! I wouldn’t make it without music!)
  4. Nice weather (Sun is shining, after the rain. Coolness still in the air. For now.)
  5. Glasses! This is the first week I’ve remembered to bring them in MONTHS!
What are you thankful for today?