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Food Cravings

If I didn’t know myself, I’d think I’m pregnant. A LOT. I crave food. A LOT. This is no, “Oh, a piece of pound cake would be nice to have later.” No, no. This more… I. WANT. TRIPLE. CHOCOLATE. CAKE. NOW. With whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and sweet strawberries on top. With an oreo chocolate milkshake. NOOOWWW! RAWWWRRR!” These cravings drop out of the sky, and straight into my head. Or is it my heart? My belly? My tastebuds? I don’t know. I just want things. To eat. I like eating.

This is a funnel cake. It looks yummy. I would like one. Or two. Or three. I WAAANNNT! Photo: http://foodbeast.com/content/2009/05/17/craving-funnel-cake/

Yesterday, I was reading other people’s 5QF posts, and more than one person (Jenna and Lisa) mentioned funnel cakes. I’ve heard of funnel cakes once or twice, but have never seen one, let alone tasted one, or thoroughly enjoyed one. Lisa sort of described it, and I think I over-salivated. I HAD to find out more about that goodness the two ladies thought of when asked what they splurge on at state fairs. I found a recipe that I definitely plan to try. I mean, I did a LOT of digging, ok? I looked at a thousand pictures. No, I lied. I only looked at about a twenty (huge lie, I know. Sorry.) because going beyond that point would have been too torturesome! I couldn’t figure out I really liked seeing the pictures and being appetized (made that up, apparently) and such, or if I was killing myself slowly since I don’t have a funnel cake in my desk drawer. I had to stop. But only after I realized that these funnel cake thingies are probably SO great for toppings! Ice cream, apples, nutella, cinnamon, sugar…

It didn’t end there. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED! I freaking suddenly remembered my wonderful days in HALIVILLE (really, it’s just Halifax)! There’s this awesome pastry called a beavertail. I’d been in the city for 3 or 4 years before I learned about this amazing goodness. I was working with a young organization, and the youth were talking about what they’d spend their treat money on. Options were ice cream, beavertails, and random things I don’t remember.

I was like, “Sorry, what? A what?”

Jenn said, “A BEAVERTAIL!”

Me: [Blank stare]

Jenn: “Alicia. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT A BEAVERTAIL IS?!” [shocked face] *runs around telling people Alicia doesn’t know what a beavertail is*

Everyone: [In complete disbelief or unable to comprehend]

GA: “Wait. So you’ve NEVER had a beavertail?”

Me: [nervous] Nooo…


Well, needless to say, I was taken straight to the Beavertails shack to get one. OH. MY. GOSH.


The Beavertail people are GENIUS! You can get different toppings. Cinnamon and sugar. Chocolate and banana (this one has NUTELLA!). Maple butter. Score (the chocolate/candy). Apple cinnamon. Ooooh, my gosh. I. NEEEEEED. A BEAVERTAIL!





It’s Five Question Friday time, folks. WOO! I’m super pumped. One of the questions I sent was chosen. WEEEEEE! Funny part? I have no idea what my answer is going to be. We’ll see how this goes. Ready? Ok.

1. Do you have siblings and are you close with them?
I do! I have two brothers and two sisters. I only grew up with my younger brother. We’re super close. We went through a horrible hate stage which lasted about 12 years. Finally, when he was in 7th grade, and I was in 12th grade, we were okay. We started looking out for each other, defending each other, etc. When I left for university, it was hardest to say bye to him (aside from my great-grandmother). EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I left, I said bye to him last. And fought tears. Crazy, right? We’d talk on MSN Messenger (Holy cheese! Do people still use that?!) and MagicJack phones a LOT.
The older siblings are all at least 9 years older than me. That’s a bit of a gap, but we’re still close. We talk often, and go out together. They have children, and I looove their children. I’m a doting aunt. *Sighs* My sisters are super dependable. Stranded somewhere? Call a sister. Low on cash? Call a sister. Need someone to listen to me cry? Call a sister. Mum pissed me off? Call a sister. Need someone beat up? Call a sister. Hungry? Call a sister. Wanna go to the beach? Call a sister. Pregnancy scare? Call a sister. Need a new liver? Call a sister. Pretty much anything I need, I can call one of them. And they WILL come. Right away. My brother is the first born. He’s pretty hilarious. He’s pretty hood and gangsta and all that jazz. Well, externally. Really, he’s probably never “busted a shot” or anything like that. He’s no criminal. He just had lots of tattoos. LOTS. I stopped counting at 19. That was before I went to university. He hasn’t stopped yet. He’s a little less present, but super cool. Lots of fun. Very funny. We text message every now and then to catch up, but we mostly comment on each others’ Facebook statuses. Lol. Oh, the 21st century…

2. Would you rather be slightly UNDER weight or slightly OVER weight?
Oh, boy. I’d really dislike being either of those things. Shocking, I know! Looking at myself now, at a healthy weight, I’m pretty sure that even slightly underweight would look gross. I have a slight tendency to look a little anorexic at times. My collarbone is the protruding kind. Mind you, my legs and hips would assure ANYone that I never miss a meal. My upper body? No. My stomach is relatively flat, I have B-cups, my arms are average… Thinking about this more, I think it depends on where the weight would go (or come from). If the weight will leave my bottom half, I’d go with slightly underweight. If the weight is being added to my upper half, I’d go with slightly overweight (but I don’t want a belly!). GAH! This is tough. I’d look sick underweight. I’d go with overweight. No one would know that I’m not in the early stages of pregnancy, or on steroids for some kind of condition. AND I could work it off faster than I could gain it back. Yeah. Like my eggs. Slightly over, please.

3. What’s your favorite State Fair food to splurge on?
I’ve never lived in a state. I’ve never been to a State Fair. I’ve never had State Fair food. Now I haz a sad. 😦 I don’t even know what they have at those things. Hot dogs? I’m not crazy about scrap meat. Hmmm… Pizza? I find that the carnival (the thing that comes every year with lots of rides and gambling games) has the best pizza. Super cheesy. YUMMM! Maybe a State Fair could rival that. What else? Hmmm… Nachos, maybe? Gotta be LOADED though. At least two types of cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, olives, jalapeños, and colourful peppers (green, yellow, red). YESSSSS! *clasps hands together and looks to heaven* Let it be, let it BE! Wait. Splurge? Would that be a splurge? I don’t know. That’s what I’d have though.

4. What are your thoughts on your kid(s) going to school in a few weeks?
I don’t have children, so I don’t have any sentimental or stressed-out-mom reason behind this. I’m glad school is reopening because one of my nieces has been idle all summer. It’s annoying to me. She doesn’t bother me at all, mind you. I just think it’s ridiculous for a 12 year old to be at home all day, every day, on the computer. Ridiculous. Too young to work like my other sister’s two children, and two old for daycare like my brother’s daughter, but I don’t understand why she’s not in some sort of camp. Or piano. Swimming. SOMEthing. Getting ENRICHED. BLAH!
On the other hand, traffic will get crazier. There’ll be more line-ups, and it may be a little more challenging, or taking a little more time, for me to zip out of corners on my bicycle. When schools closed for the summer, I saw a drastic change in traffic, and I’ve been able to ride with less anxiety. Oh, well. I’ll start leaving home 5-10 minutes earlier when school starts again, to make sure I get to work on time. It’ll be fine.
School reopening? YAY!

5. Pool or Ocean?
Depends on what I’m doing. I opt for the beach a lot because, hell, I live in the freaking Bahamas. The beach is never more than 10 minutes away. It’s so natural and beautiful. Island breeze, trees (that are not always palm), and the oceannnnn. The look, the smell… The calmmmmm. Ahhhh! I LOVE it. The only thing about the ocean is that it’s HUGE. It only makes sense to swim length-ways to be sure that you won’t get to tired to make it back to shore. I tend to just relax in the ocean. I don’t swim much. Just relax. And float. And TAN! Oh, and the ocean is really good for your health. Clears sinuses, helps with getting over colds, etc.
Now pools… Pretty artificial. Preferred for swimming? Yes. Chlorine and other chemicals aren’t the greatest thing ever, but they makes water in a hole a lot prettier. And stuff. People do bad things in pools, and that concerns me. When I grow up, and have a house, I’m gonna have a pool. At least then, the only urine in my pool will be from the bodies of my wonderful children who may choose to be lazy, sneaky, and disobedient at times. *Shrugs*
I haven’t done any days of truth in a looong time. Sorreh! I’m gonna get back on it soon. I usually spend my weekends internetless (yes, I made up that word), and do most of my posts from work (where I usually have very little work), but these days, it’s just been coming at me from every direction! Man, oh, man. Really though. I’m gonna get back on it. 🙂 Tonight, I’ll be at home by my lonesome, so I should be able to bang out some stuuuff.