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Six Things Saturday

  1. I’m sick. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but something is wrong. I haven’t been able to eat a meal since Wednesday afternoon. On Friday, I packed myself a lunch. At lunch time, I heated it up and had ONE spoonful. That was all I could take. A few minutes later, I forced two more. That was it.
  2. Today, my little cousin went back to his mother. His dad asked me to accompany him on the plane ride. It was nice to be able to take him, and chat with him. He had a little moment of crying, saying that he wanted to stay with his dad, but it didn’t last long.
  3. My aunt is like a doctor without the degree. She knows all kinds of home remedies and can diagnose things like nobody’s business. Yesterday, she looked in my eyes (the pink part you see when you put your finger right under an eye and pull down). She can see iron levels by the colour. Usually, she just tells me, “Yeah, your iron is low.” That time, she said, “You’re anemic!” I said, “That’s news?” Hahaha. I am feeling a bit lightheaded these days though. It sucks being alone when you feel like crap, doesn’t it? My cousin checks on me every now and then though, so it’s okay.
  4. Babe is still away. She’ll finally be back on Monday. YAY!
  5. Some weird things are going on in our apartment. We’re finding out just how much the owner sucks. She doesn’t respond well to the issues we bring to her attention, and it’s really getting old. Time to move on, I think.
  6. It’s super hot. I think that may be contributing to how I’m feeling. Weak, tired, and no appetite. I’m trying to drink lots of water. I got two bottles of Gatorade from my aunt’s house last night. I’m drinking a mouthful every now and then, just to get something in my system. I do NOT want to end up laying up in a hospital on a drip like last time. I can usually tell when I’m heading down that road, and it’s not good!

Oh, how about a bonus thing? I decided on the writing competitions I’ll enter for the rest of the year. Now I just have to get cracking with the writing and editing of my work. I thought I’d get lots done this week, but health issues deterred me. Bummer! Hope to make up for it after a nap today, and tomorrow while at FamJam. Hopefully my appetite makes an appearance tomorrow. If not, my family will notice, and will probably take me straight to the hospital. Gross!

What are you up to this weekend?

Visit Wordshaker

Quick post today. You know the way my Saturdays work. Pretty much internet-free. Today, I’m spending quality time with Babe. We’re staying in bed late, having big breakfasts, possibly going for a run, or at least a little walk… Annnd we have writing to do. She has songs to work on, and I have TWO stories to write. I have a short stories for a competiton, and a novel for NaNoWrimo. I’m going to go at it for a few hours today, and get huge chunks done. I don’t have much time or energy to really write during the week right now. That’ll soon change, as I get more organized with my new job. I also have a few pieces I want to write for Wordshaker Magazine which is FOR us chicas, BY us chicas. They have weekly themes, and accept submissions for posting on their blog. How great is that?! There’ll be a little post on the theme of “Embarrassing Stories” posted today, and guess who wrote it? Stop looking around. It’s ME! Me, me, me!

You can read more about Wordshaker here. I encourage you to visit often. It’s cool to be able to go to one site, and get to read posts from lots of different people with different viewpoints, opinions, and stories to share.

Also, I have a new little cousin! Kacie was born yesterday. I haven’t met her yet. I just saw a picture her dad posted on Facebook. I don’t like to visit new moms and babies too soon. I’ll definitely call to congratulate, but I’m saving the visit for when I can comfortably hold. Probably in a few weeks. 🙂

How are you spending your Saturday? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? If you are, what’s your word count?