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Summer Brings…

  • Mosquitoes. I don’t understand why they have to show up in the summer. EVERY summer. And BITE. As if it’s not annoying enough that they’re flying around. And seriously, why do they exist? WHY?! Do they do anything awesome like turn into butterflies? No. Do they do anything useful like cat rats? No. I asked my aunt the other day why God made them. She said something about the plagues in Egypt or something. Nice save, Auntie. Nice save. All the bad stuff is the fault of the humans that weren’t jivin’ with God. Got it.
  • Heat. Extreme heat. It is a bit too hot in The Bahamas. You really would not survive with air conditioning or a high-powered fan. It is SO. Freaking. HOT. Wowzeeerrr! I don’t mind the heat when I’m at the beach. It’s allllll good. But in traffic? No bueno. Trying to sleep? No bueno. Any time that I’m not on the beach, heat is no bueno.
  • Graduations and proms. I think they are all over now. The young folks here have decided that limos are not cool any more. Now, they find people with “fresh rides” to drive them to the prom. Mercedes, BMW, Hummer, Jaguar… That type of thing. They’re saying, “Look at us! We know people who drive these super expensive cars! BOW DOWN!”
  • “Summer body” season. It is just HILARIOUS to me. People post FB statuses, tweet, and start conversations about their bodies. It isn’t until June that everyone is talking about “workin’ on this summer body.” Like, really? You have a special body for the summer? That’s the only time that you care to be in shape? You think that if you start in JUNE, you’ll have a “summer body” before the end of the summer? Ok. Carry on smartly! *eats ice cream*
  • Idle Children. School is closed. Parents are at work. No guardians are around. All of the children/teenagers are breaking Twitter. Can’t sign in? Guess why. Because all of your little cousins, godchildren, and their friends are tweeting about running out of juice boxes.There also seems to be an increase in graffiti, fights in public places, and revenue at places like the movie theater. They are BORED. Their parents won’t send them to summer camps.  
  • Ice Cream Cravings. I want WAY more ice cream during the summer month. And those AMAZING frozen strawberry fruit bars. You know that ones with chunks of strawberry? Have mercyyyyy. Yummm. I love it!
  • Projects. It seems like the perfect time to take on things. It’s like Lent on crack. MUST DO THINGS. DO ALL THE THINGS. Must get better at things. Must run marathons, and travel to other places, and exercise, and spend more time with friends, and write a book, and clear out the garage, and finish the kitchen renovations. Must DO. Must.
  • Barbeques. Except in this place. We really don’t do much barbequing in The Bahamas, y’all. I don’t think very many people OWN barbeque grills. I miss that about Halifax. Anyway, getting off track. BARBEQUES. Parties outsiiiiide! WOO! *runs around in bikini*
  • Vacations. Some people save, and some people take out loans, but ALL the people WILL find the money to GO AWAAAYYY. For Bahamians, the place to be is Florida. It’s super close, so it’s rather convenient to go and shop. They take their children, and spend every single day in malls. Hardly any of them will see a theme park. All they want to do is get rid of the money. Some people are a bit more fancy, and go to New York. They don’t want to wear the same clothes as everyone else who probably caught the SAME sale, and have the SAME pieces of clothing. Vacations are a must.
  • Beach time! The beaches are far more crowded than any other season. Everyone who forgot they had a swim suit is on the sand, sitting on bath towels (because no one bothers to buy beach towels). Suddenly, we live on an island, and there is an ocean, and EVERYONE must go and see it. And you should see the hilarity. People staying on the sand, in all the heat. Most of the people in the water unable to swim. Don’t ask me how this happened. I don’t know.

Does summer change things in your city/town/country? Does it change anything for you? What are your summer plans?

Sunday Tradition

Years before I was born, the family tradition began. My great-grandmother (Ma) cooks lunch for everyone. Now, everyone doesn’t really mean EVERYone. The lunch crew included my grandfather (her son), my grandaunt (her daughter) and her husband plus their three children, and my dad. As the family grew, so did the number of lunch guests. My cousins’ spouses and children, my mother, my brother, and I became members of the Sunday lunch club as well.

Ma cooks up quite the meal. There are always at least two meats. There’s always some form of potato, mixed vegetable and rice (usually white). The other things – broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, corn, asparagus, green beans, stuffing – vary from week to week. Ma makes THE BEST ICED TEA ON THE PLANET to accompany the meal. It. Is. Way. Too. GOOD! Plates are always full for a bit, and our tummies get full and stay that way for a little longer.

After lunch, we clear the table, and slip off into different parts of the house. My grandfather (deceased) used to sit a while at the dinner table, then head back to his bedroom. My granduncle (deceased) would go on and on about how great the meal was, tell funny stories, and fall asleep on a couch. Auntie helps in the with the kitchen clean-up. My dad and brother get back to the laundry, and watch tv (usually football or basketball) in the tv room right by the laundry room. The children scamper off into “the back” to watch tv. The rest of us pick a spot, and sleep on the floor until it’s time for dessert. Yummm! If it’s a birthday, we all gather around the dining room table to sing Happy Birthday, and get some CAKE! Once we’re able to walk around again, my brother and I take the little ones across to the pond and feed the fish with stale bread. Fun times!

A lot of people have Sunday traditions/rituals. When I have a family of my own, I’d like to do something special. Something everyone will look forward to every week. Just like Ma, I’d like to watch the dinner table cramped as the family grows, and enjoy seeing everyone under one roof, if only for a few hours on a Sunday. Even if I’m cooking from 7am until 1pm and no one arrives until 3pm.

I believe we need time to unwind. We need to know that, regardless of what went on all week, one thing is sure – We’ll share a meal with some of the people we love most and know us best. Whether it’s the first day or the last day of the week, Sunday just seems like the best day to spend with loved ones.

Sundays should be made of:

  • Beautiful sunrises shared with someone just as beautiful
  • Big breakfast spreads, complete with smoothies
  • Flowers for pretty ladies
  • Lazy/Play time outdoors
  • Late lunches with lots of chatter and giggles
  • Quiet sunsets, glass of wine in hand
  • Decadent desserts
  • Movies, blankets, and cuddles
What does your average Sunday look like?