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Wordless Wednesday: Authenticity



Feel Good Tuesday

Happy Tuesdaaaaayyyyy!

I’m a in really good mood today. I have idea why. There is no logical reason. But me?! Worry?! Never!

This song played just as I parked at work this morning, and I sat in the car to sing it loudly. With the windows down. I’m bad like that. I kinda feel like that… Toniii-iii-iiii-iiiight, we are youuu-oooung, so let’s set the world on fiii-yaaah, we can briii-iighter, than the suuu-oh-uuuh-uuun! WOO!

Talk about energy! Of the positive kind. I’m going to get a lot done today. I’m going to work like I have the day off tomorrow. I’m going to make progress with my novel. I’m going to do something physical when I get home (which probably won’t be running, and DANG IT, I forgot to toss running clothes in the car… Got thrown off when I had to switch cars with my mom this morning so she could take the one I’ve been driving to be licensed.)… Jump on the trampoline, jog on it a little, jump rope… Something. ‘Cause guess what! Toniii-iii-iii-iiight, weee are yooouuung! Hahaha.

Ok. So play that song. Feel the energy. Get yourself in an awesome mood. Make 3 goals for yourself today. And GO AT THEM like the man who stole your grandmother’s wallet on the bus. CONQUER them. Because you can.

I have two meetings today. Maybe three. Lots of opportunity for people to say and do things that could bring me down. IFFF I allow it. And I won’t. I just decided, so it’s a done deal. I will be happy. I will be positive. I will use all energy, whether positive or negative, for good. I will do my best. I will be satisfied. I will enjoy and live in every moment of this day.

When I checked my email this morning, I saw a great post. I read it, and it resonated with me. Being the awesome person that I am, I’m sharing it with you. Be sure to take a few minutes to read The Magnificent Self-Made Person over at CreatingReciprocity.

Two quotes for you today. One from the post linked above:

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.   -Khalil Gibran

And one that I just love:

Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.   – Karen Ravn

Go forth, then, blog buddies, and be great. Be great instead of, in spite of, and because of.

Let me know how you’re feeling today. What are your goals for today?

Things of the Day (and Week)

Funny Quote of the Day: Ok. I have to set this up. I was having a conversation with my mother. We were talking about the insurance agent I’m going to see today. Apparently, she was the insurance agent for my dad as well; I knew she dealt with my brother because he referred me to her. My brother and I are the only two children my mother has by my (our) father. This is what she said, “Alan and his daddy…” The rest of the sentence was last. ALAN and HIS daddy? Who the HELL is my dad?! Ahahahahahahahha. Good thing I look as much like that man as a young woman could possibly look like any man.

Quote to Think About for the Day: You know that I like to set things up, right? Well, I called for my dad. I gave a warm greeting to my godfather’s wife who answered the phone before asking if “my daddy” was there. She said, “Alicia?” Well, yes, it’s me. I confirmed, and she said, “You’re sounding younger and younger every day!” I said, “Well, yes… I try.” Hahahha. Anyway, she probably didn’t mean to be all philosophical or anything, but her response was, “Only one time around, so ya betta do what ya gotta do. Only. One. Time. Around.” -My godfather’s wife.

Song of the Day Week: Technically, this was the song of yesterday. It played on the radio on my way home, and I was JAMMIN’. I’m talking, radio up loud, I’m singing along, and making facial expressions, tossing my head around like I was starring in the music video. Yeah, baby. I am TITANIUM. Please note that the music video that I was in was/is waaayyy better than the official music video for David Guetta’s Titanium which features Sia.

Post of the Day Weekend: Lori is on a journey, and her posts along the way are interesting. Thought-provoking. Last week Thursday, she gave me a lot to think about. It was on my mind on the weekend. I’m getting very close to the answer. I encourage you to think about it. What’s is your personal statement of purpose? Please read Lori’s post over at Slow Happy Runner. It is SO good. It will get you thinking.  I’m going to post my response. I think we should make it a community event. How’d you like to post your response too? We can do it on Monday (Jan. 30) to give us the weekend to think about it. Come onnnn. You know you wanna. Join me in developing a personal purpose statement. It may help. One thing it won’t do is harm.

Awkward Moment of the Week: Yeah, I know the week isn’t over yet, but how can this be topped? I know y’all thought it was cute before, but what about now? Does the silly face make the words more of a joke? Is he jesting? I don’t get it. I think I’ll take a little morning beverage vacation.


Excited about: Wine Dinnerrrrr! I don’t even know what I like more – wine or dinner. But I looove when they’re together. I don’t even have the menu for the 5 course meal yet, but it shall be GREAT. Babe and I went, with our friend Vanessa, to a wine dinner at the same restaurant with the same host in November. I talked about it and shared the menu in this post. The next one will be on February 4. We are all super exciteeeeed!

Do you have quotes from today? Any awkward moments this week? Song that lifted your spirits when you heard it? Read any awesome posts lately? Share it! Share it all!

Betty Knows Best!

A million zillion of my FB friends shared this. I had to do the same. Just not on Facebook.

Anything Can Be




Expect the Unexpected (via Maggie Mae’s Days)

LOVE this. Had to share it.

Expect the Unexpected I know I've heard many a person say, "You never know what to expect".  Time and time again I've heard those words or uttered them myself in relation to various situations, circumstances and events. This has always held true in my personal experiences in life so far… Just when you think you know, you find out in reality you really have no idea… But you see, life always has a way of changing on ya… the path in the road winding in a different … Read More

via Maggie Mae's Days

Freedom – StumbleUpon

albert-camus-freedom-quote.png from carnell.com – StumbleUpon.


As Babe always says, LIVE LOUDLY!

Be happy.

Don’t just breathe. LIVE.

Existing is not what we’re here for. It’s not enough. Do more. Be more.

Merf. Thinking is Hard.

Understanding is not a prerequisite to acceptance and respect. … The idea is of radical acceptance — that I don’t need to understand you to love and support you — I’d think *that* is solidarity.

via Merf. Thinking is Hard..