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Free Rap in the Streets of NYC | Open Culture

Free Rap in the Streets of NYC | Open Culture.

This is way too cool. This guy sets up a mic and stuff (I didn’t pay attention to the other wires and things) and beatboxes, welcoming people to sing/rap into the mic. Super cool, right?! Things like this never happen in Nassau (Bahamas). Ever seen anything like this in your city?



Please Keep Yours Hands in the Vehicle (Day 10 of 30 Days of Truth)

Day 10 – Someone you need to let go or wish you didn’t know

My hands are always full. There’s no room to hold on to anything I don’t want or need. If it’s not good for me, I just drop it in favour of something better. Even if it’s just being able to hold on, more comfortably, to things I already have. I’m not one of those hanging-on people. I just can’t do it. As a matter of fact, I may be the type to let go of things prematurely. I just don’t like waste. Time, energy, resources… All too precious and limited. Must not be wasted.

I’m thinking really hard about this as I type. Is there someone? [5 minute pause] I really don’t think there is. I try to keep it clean and simple. It’s important that we sit in the driver’s seat of our lives. Not only to sit there and look like we’re in charge, but to really drive it. Like a car. Steer the wheel. Swerve out of the way (as safely as possible) when something’s coming at you that you really don’t need to crash into. Stop at the red light, and watch traffic go in the other direction. Take time to think about which way you’ll go. Get to 4-way stops where you follow the rules and let other people move first if they beat you there. Use OnStar if you really need some help, but keep your own thinking cap (driving goggles?) on. Be in control. Drop people off at their destinations. Don’t feel like you have to take them along for the entire ride. That’s really the key, isn’t it? Ever sat in the driver’s seat, but realized that a PASSENGER was taking YOU for a ride? Ha! No bueno!

Are you catching my drift? Is this making sense? My ride is so sweet; a lot of people wanna get a ride. I’m okay with running the occasional taxi service, but I get to decide on the route we’re taking, and when it’s time to get out… Buddy, get outta the car.

Anyone who needed to be kicked (left on) the curb has been already. There may be people riding my car now that will have to be dropped off at the next destination. Who knows?! I don’t, at this point, so for now, I’m enjoying the view as we take on these rolling hills, feeling the wind whip through my (1cm long) hair. Everyone still in the vehicle can fasten their seatbelts and keep their hands inside. They may be in it for the long haul.

Internet Me (Day 9 of 30 Days of Truth)

Day 9 – Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted

No one really comes to mind, no matter how many times I read this question. I haven’t kept in touch with many people from previous stages of my life, and it hasn’t been intentional. I guess it’s due more to lack of intention and/or action. I don’t feel the need to aggressively, specifically, intentionally keep people in my life. I’m sure that if they should be in my life, they would be. [insert quote about people being in your life for reasons, seasons, etc. here]

I’m not in touch with people from elementary school, though a lot of them were the same people I went to high school with. (I went to a K-12 private school.) Well, to be fair, the people I was close to at any point in life are probably friends of mine on Facebook. See, that’s the thing. These days, there really isn’t much room to be “out of touch” with anyone. You may not be buddy-buddy, going to the movies, hitting clubs, grabbing drinks in bars, sitting side-by-side at random events any more, but you can still feel like these people are a part of your life, and you a part of theirs. It’s all because we have instant, easy access to people’s LIVES. Pictures, videos, status updates (however frequent or infrequent), twitter feeds, blogs, and personal websites. Who needs the telephone?! Who needs to hang out in REAL LIFE?! Answer: No one.

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? In two directions at once. In some ways we’ve made giant steps forward, and in a lot of ways we’ve made gigantic steps back. I’m connected (via various internet sensations) to people I probably would have lost all contact with/for a long time ago. Is this a good thing? Yeah, probably. When we use such technology, we have the option to make a real connection if we’d like to. That’s nice to know. If I ever wanted to reconnect with my 2nd roommate in university, I could search for her on Facebook and send her a message. We could arrange a Skype call if we live too far apart. WALAH! It’s like magic.

There are a lot of people I didn’t intentionally “let go,” but we managed to drift apart. That’s fine with me. I won’t lament or stress about it. It’s FINE. We can reconnect if we WANT to. And that’s what’s important.

3 Short Stories (Day 8 of 30 Days of Truth)

Day 8 – Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like $#!+


First of all, my life is not hell, and never has been. *shrugs* Very few people have ever had the power to make me feel otherwise. None of them have ever used or abused it. Yes, there have been some rough patches. There are days when I wished I’d just stayed in bed. Sometimes I’m disappointed. Some people, at some point(s), have been less than I thought they were or could be. Sometimes, my expectations are not met. Does this make my life hell? Not even close. Would I bother to call anyone out about it? Ummm… Probably not. Can I recount a few experiences for your entertainment [read: bleeding heart] purposes? Sure! Would it be fun to read? Ummm… I don’t know. Maybe in a Oh-my-gosh-that-never-happened-to-me! or a Oh-my-goshness-me-too-girl! or Girlfriend-that-reminds-me-of-this-one-time, or Sistah-I-can-SO-top-that-story sort of way. Let’s see…

One time, in the fifth grade, the teacher decided that for the art session of class (we only had separate teachers for library, physical education, and music), we would draw the person sitting across from us. You can already tell where this is going, can’t you? The boy sitting across from me drew a terrible picture. He didn’t mean to. He just sucked at drawing. Similar to the way that I sucked at drawing. (I still suck at it, by the way. If it’s not a square, circle, rectangle, or triangle, I should just not do it.) Anyway. I hated the picture. Somehow, I internalized it and made his poor drawing my ugliness. Or something. So I cried. It was terrible. We graduated high school together. He still remembered that day.

I got braces in the third grade. It was ignorant. I didn’t even have all of my permanent teeth yet. Like, REALLY?! The orthodontist clearly just wanted the money. WHY would you put braces on a child who hasn’t changed all of his/her teeth yet?! WHY?! Because you’re a jerk, and you just want his/her parents’ money. This idiot… I had braces until the SEVENTH GRADE. No, my teeth were not that jacked up. Actually, I just had a slight space between my two front teeth and a very slight overbite. I was willing to live with it. My mother was not. The result? Three years (I skipped the fourth grade, in case you’re doing the math) of braces when it could’ve been a year or less. Gosh. I just realized that I’m still pissed about this. To add to it, the day I got the braces, teeth all sensitive and everything, my mother cooked STEAK. Yep. STEAK. That hard meat. With baked potato (thank heaven!) and corn ON THE COB. Yep. ON THE COB. She basically had to cut the steak up so small that I couldn’t taste it, and cut the corn off of the cob. She also apologized the whole time I ate. She didn’t plan that meal with me or my brand new mouth accessory in mind. *exhales heavily* I feel much better now that I’ve let that out. *throws the memory and accompanying feelings out into the ocean*

In university, I semi-dated this guy… He was nice enough to me. He pretty much showered me with everything. Cooked for me, accompanied me on errands, introduced me to people, supported me in my goals, etc. Soon enough, things got weird. I became more of an accessory than a person. I realized I was being coerced into attending events I really had zero interest in even hearing about. Yep… a guy was dragging me along and SHOWING ME OFF. We’d be in an elevator like normal people until other people entered. Then he’d be all arm-around-my-waist-ish. People even started commenting about him making it a POINT to let people know that we were together. It was ridiculous. At first it was kind of cute, but that wore off SUPER FAST. I was like, “Dude, this is weird. I don’t like. K, bye.” He was all like, “Woman, no! You will not leave me! We will get married! Everyone will know that you are MIIIIINE [echoes]!” I was all like a track star running away, and he was all like the most villainous villain you’ve ever seen, zapping me and lassoing me and stuff. We had a fight. Verbal, physical… All that jazz. It wasn’t much fun, but we did it anyway. And then he got arrested. And I got counselling. Yeah.

So, there you have it. Three moments (involving people) in my not-quite-three-decades of life that weren’t stellar. They didn’t rock my world. Or even my VERY COOL socks. (Do you know about my love for super cool socks?) They were difficult. In different ways. Still, they didn’t define me, or my life. They’re just pieces of the puzzles. Brick of the wall. Ingredients in the cake. (Definitely not the icing) You know, the raw egg doesn’t taste great by itself. Neither does the flour. Or baking soda/power. But put together with a few other (some slightly or WAY better tasting) things, a beautiful cake is made. My life is cake. Cake is my life. (I mean this in so many ways, you have no idea.) We all have some raw eggs, dry, tasteless flour, and stuff like that, but we also have cocoa powder, vanilla extract, sugar, and stuff like THAT. Mix it up. Put it together. In the RIGHT way… And we end up with a cake. Life is what you make of it, right? Similarly, cake is what you make it… All about how you combine those ingredients… What you DO with them. The oven it bakes in may feel like (your idea of) hell, but 10 minutes to cool and a little frosting, and WALAH! Stick some candles in it, and call it a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

This Life Is Worth Living (Day 7 of 30 Days of Truth)

Day 7 – Someone who has made your life worth living for

There are so many great people in my life. I’ve had great support all my life, from family and friends. Different people have contributed to my life, supported me, taught me lessons, made me feel better, saved me, and been present when need the most at different points and in different situations. To single anyone out would be unfair. It would also be a little ridiculous to say that one person has made my life worth living. If someone had to make my life worth living, I should probably just perish, no? I think it’s enough to say that people have made trying times more bearable, given me more than my share of laughs and smile, supported me, built me up… You know… That stuff.

I guess I should start dishing out some credit…

Ma – ALWAYS there. Always. She’s 91 years old, and still the strongest person I know. Period. Always available, always willing and able to help, always to-the-point, always honest, always sincere, always always.

Auntie – There to listen, there to advise. Asks questions to provoke thought. Makes suggestions. And sandwiches. Does a lot of cooking and feeding. And praying.

Parents – Always do the best they can, denying nothing that is in their power.

Siblings – Multi-everything. All so different, but have and share the same love, care, and concern. Super-support. Drop anything at any moment to help me cry, take me home, bring me a meal, or share a good joke.

TEverything I ever wanted and needed in my life, whether I knew it or not. The Love of My Life. If I say much more, this would end up being a separate post because once I start, I find it hard to stop. My Babe is just the most amazing person. The most perfect person. For me. And only me.

I don’t want to get into listing friends separately… They know who they are. They know that I value a good little pow-wow. A listening ear. A devil’s advocate. A good story. A trip to the beach. Or ice cream shop.

Little things in varying combinations make up the big ol’ thing that is life. And it IS worth living. It’s just that the people we let in add different kinds of special. Like herbs and spices add flavour to a pot.

Acid Rain Talk (Guest Post by Ruthie!)

Acid Rain Talk

I’m working on widening my English vocabulary so that I have more words at my disposal when I talk about subjects like traveling, work, clothing.
I’m also working on deepening my vocabulary. I don’t want to repeat ‘nice’ all the time, but instead I want more words like lovely, delightful, sweet at my finger-tips.
So I opened the book that is supposed to teach me all of that and started reading. Ironically, it started with a very interesting topic the weather and environment.
First word: Acid rain.
Well, really, no one has to explain to me what that is all about. I perfectly know what acid rain is.
Let’s rewind a few hours. This morning I woke up, I drew the curtains and saw a bunch of acid rain falling from heaven. Somehow the floodgates of heaven were wide open and I bet one of the angels forgot to close them. That’s OK, it happens.
I immediately tried to find a calendar because I had to be sure it’s summer. I couldn’t tell because of all the acid rain, wind and leaves in my backyard. But yeah, the calendar said ‘July’. No calendar has ever lied to me, so I’m pretty sure it’s summer.
I then began thinking about the weather in general. People think and talk about the weather a lot.
When I’m at work and I see my coworkers entering the office with their hair and clothes soaking wet, I say, ‘aw, the weather sucks, huh?’
If I go on a break with one of my coworkers and the sun is shining, they smile and say, ‘the weather is great, isn’t it?’
People talk about the weather. I read an article in the newspaper the other day. It said that 71% of the people talked about the weather this past week. We’re not talking about long conversations, just commenting on the weather is enough. My English book confirmed it. I had to start widening and deepening my vocabulary by reading different things about the weather and learning words such as acid rain and global warming.
On top of that I have also noticed how many people are super sensitive to the weather. In my country it’s clear that people are happy clappy when it’s sunny.
I can see why.
I live in a country where it usually rains at least 396 days a year. That’s really special since a year has 365 days. Sometimes 366.
But when it rains, they walk by without saying ‘hello’ or even looking at you. People get sad and cranky when it rains. It’s OK; it happens to my hair too, but sometimes their faces are so evil they scare the daylight out of me. It’s as if people blame each other for the crappy weather.
Oh well, it’s all good, I’ll just go on widening and deepening my vocabulary, reading about acid rain. Even though I can’t tell it’s summer and my hair gets super cranky because of the rain, I’ll try to walk around with a huge grin, showing off my teeth, saying ‘hi’ to every passer-by.

Many thanks to Ruthie for the guest post. I always love her posts over at Just Rambling. They make me smile. And laugh. And nice things like that. SUPER happy to bring some of that over to my brand-spankin’-new blog. WOO! YAAAYYY, Ruthie, for guest-posting! If you like this post, and I KNOOOW you do, you should check out her blog regularly. I promise, I won’t consider it to be you cheating on me.