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All I Wanna Do Is… And Take Your Money

Man, oh, man! What a busy time it is!

I’ve probably mentioned before that I don’t care much for my job. Well, it’s pretty boring. I have pretty diverse interests, skills, and experience, and tend to like having the flexibility to do a few different things. Just answering that phone and making copies would never work for me. What I’m doing now, honestly, isn’t far off from that. It’s pretty boring, mundane work. When it’s slow, it. is. slooooowwwww. There are sometimes a week or two of insanity because we’ve have shipments come in. I work in the purchasing department of a furniture store, so I pretty much just chill until new things come in. When we get containers, I do some calculations to find the total cost, fill out some sheets, input number in the computer system, print labels, stick them on the items, then calculate prices and create and print tags. Fun, right? I have TWO Bachelor’s degrees. I should definitely be able to do better. The economy just sucks. And people generally don’t want to pay. Ugh.

I’m on the job hunt. I don’t want to live here any more. Babe and I are trying to get the hell up out of here. We need to be somewhere with more opportunity, higher quality of life, better income, better healthcare, cleaner, safer… You get what I’m saying, right? Better everything. Canadaaaaa! BUT. To move, we need lots of moolah. It’s time to save save save! To save money, though, you need to be making some. Hahahaha. It’s so funny, the way life is. Seriously, why do we even have money? Who came up with that brilliant idea?! Why don’t we all just live? Take what we need, share what we have more than enough of, give away what we don’t need, help others when we can, and just be happy? Huh?! TELL ME!

I’m on the job hunt. Did I mention that? I’ve probably sent about 20 random emails to companies I randomly came across in the phone book. I may have sent about 3 in response to actual job postings. I neeeed to get out of here, and make more money. More than that, I need my sanity. I feel like my years in university and all of the experience I got is just being wasted. It’s laying dormant in me, and I don’t want it all to just fade away. I need to put it to use. I need to feel some VALUE.

It would be great if this new job I get is closer to the new place. Did I mention that we’re moving? Yep. Next month, I’ll be further away from work. It’ll be double the distance to bike. I take 15-20 minutes to get to work now, so I’m guessing it will take almost an hour to get here from the new place, considering that I’ll have to cycle a bit slower, and I’ll be dealing with more traffic. *sighs*

I’m excited about the new place. It’s quite nice. It’s the first place we saw, and we were both pretty happy with it. The second place sucked (mostly because the landlord was super weird and not-so-nice). The third place blew the first two places out of the water completely. BEAUTIFUL. The work was just really well done. Landscaped nicely. Nice set up, great wall colours, super nice cabinets, ensuite bathroom… Just. NICE. Anyway, the landlord wasn’t keen on our payment plan (for first, last and security deposit), so we called up the lady from the first place. She’s super nice, and very accommodating and agreed to the payment plan. Really, we’re asking here to hold the place until September 1, with half down. Nice of her to do it, right? She’s also going to put a fridge and stove in the place for a bit more rent, but that’s fine. We don’t need the stress of finding another $1,200+ for appliances. We now have to concern ourselves with getting the other half of the money for her, AND paying the deposits to set up our utilities. Everything is ridiculous. For example, to get cable and internet, the deposit and initial fees comes to (US)$285. REALLY?! That doesn’t even include the first month. Phone is pretty much the same deal. Electricity, we won’t know about for a while. I’m scared to find out what it will cost to set up. Somehow, we’ll figure it out. Oh! Get this! For a 50 gallon gas tank (full fo gas), we’d have to pay $300 where it would cost $100 to fill an already existing tank. We may opt to get a 20lb tank for $68 and fill for $35. $300 is a bit insane.

Well, that’s what’s up with me right now. I’m sending resumes like mad, and budgeting like my life depends on it. Since it probably does. Hahahaha. Send me a bit of positive energy if you have any to spare. I could definitely use it! Speaking of spare things you may have that I could use… MONEY. Got any? 🙂