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Five Question Friday

1. How often do you shave your legs in the winter?
Ahem. How often to I shave them in the frickin’ summer? LOL. I am SO not into leg shaving. I hate it. I rarely do it. Most of the time, I wear jeans, so it doesn’t matter. If I decide to wear shorts, or go to the beach, or anything of that nature, I bite the bullet and shave ’em. If I’m just wearing shorts, I shave just high up enough that it looks like I did it all. Ahahahaha. Yeah. The height of laziness. I know. I don’t care.
2. Valentine’s Day cards for your spouse: funny or romantic?
Romantic. Actually, I was looking at cards on Thursday. They were really all just too much. So many words. So specific. I think I was kind of annoyed at how many words were on them. But I always hate when they’re too plain, like, “You’re amazing, and I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!” I like a happy medium. Three or four lines, and room for me to write whatever I want. I don’t like funny cards. Maybe for birthdays, but not Valentine’s Day. I want it to be sweet, but to ring TRUE. I haven’t seen any cards that I like, so I may just have to make one. And I am NOT crafty. *sighs* Cross your fingers for me. I’d like to be able to give Babe something that doesn’t look like my 8 year old cousin made. *signs cross over self*
3. What are you most looking forward to about spring?
My birthday. Lol.
I live in The Bahamas, so the weather has little change, and little impact on my life. I guess I’m looking forward to my blog buddies cheering up as the weather warms up, and flowers start poppin’ up? Yeah. That.

My fingers look funny. Whatever. I just got my nails diiiiid. 🙂

4. What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself?

Not into pampering at all. I like the end result of getting my nails done. Not actually having them done. I hate getting my hair done. Actually, you know what? I like getting my hair washed. The scrubs and rubs and massages are great. I like that. Not the rest of it. I don’t do much “pampering” of self, but I do treat myself. Chocolate cake, ice cream, good books, spontaneous purchases…
5. Does your tax return go into savings or do you spend it instantly?
Once again, I live in The Bahamas, so this is something else we escape. We do not pay taxes. Not directly. No income tax, no sales tax. We DO have to pay duty on pretty much EVERYthing that we bring in to the country which SUCKS… Especially since we have to bring EVERYthing. We don’t make anything here. Here’s an idea of our duty rates:
  • Clothing – 35%
  • Shoes – 25% (How shoes are more important than clothes, I will never understand)
  • Electronics – 45% (Does not include computers which are duty free except for the $10 stamp tax; does include stereos, video games, alarm systems)
  • Cars parts – 60%
  • Shampoo – 40% (Seriously?! It’s NECESSARY. We NEED to wash our hair!)
  • Cigarettes/Cigars – 220% (MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!)
  • Vehicles – 65-85%
  • Pens – 45%

You get the picture, right? Most people don’t know the duty rates. I know a lot of them because I used to work for a freight-forwarding company. And my brother is a Customs Officer.

Well, HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope you’ve crossed everything off of your to-do list for the week, and you’re gearing up for a great weekend!

Feel free to participate in Five Question Friday. Answer here, or in your own post. Any exciting plans you wanna share?