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You With Me?

Today, I feel some sort of way. This week, really. I’m fighting it pretty steadily. Though I can’t define it, I know that it isn’t good. Little things make me want to cry, or swear, or tell someone off. And this morning, I sort of felt like I should never have gotten out of bed. Bleh. I haaate that feeling. I keep shaking my booty. You know… To shake it off. We can’t have that attitude [DMX voice] UP IN HERE, UP IN HERE!


I decided that I don’t want to talk to anyone in my real life about my physical activities. I get better support from the blogosphere or whatever. People in my real life have ancient thoughts, opinion, and expectations of me. I don’t need the extra weight. I don’t intend to impress anyone. I’m not on a mission to change any minds. I just want to continue to do what I want to do. Regardless. When I feel like cycling, I will. When I feel like running, I will. When I’m ready to do my first 5k, I will. If, after that, I want to do more, I will. Yeah, it sucks that there won’t be anyone cycling with me, or cheering me on as I run, but whatever. It’s probably better that way.


At some point in my life, I did EVERYthing alone. I didn’t see the need for the “buddy system” in every little thing. If I felt like going to the club and dancing, I got dolled up, and walked – yes, by myself – to the club. I bought my own drinks, danced by myself (or with random, fun people I met there), and left when I was good and ready. I saw LOTS of movies by myself. I made meals and enjoyed them alone. No big deal.

Now, there’s someone super special in my life. I like to call that special someone my SupaSupa (and sometimes “Babe”). Because everything is super, really. It’s kind of like having my own superhero. Anyway, a lot of the things I’m used to doing on my own, or by myself, I sort of factor my SupaSupa into. Sometimes, I stop myself because I think it’s unfair. There are things I like that she really doesn’t. She’s not into the whole get-active thing. At all. It bothers me a little, I have to admit. I feel like it’s very important to break out of sedentary lifestyles. We weren’t made to just sit around all the time. We need to walk. Get fresh air. Kick balls around. Whatever. DO things. REAL things. Not just play with iPhones and eat ice cream all the time. It scares me, actually. I wonder what kind of condition she’ll be in 10 or 20 years from now. I’m absolutely positive that more active people live healthier, happier, longer lives, and are much better with keeping up with children and grandchildren. Maybe this is selfish of me. I want her to keep up, be healthy, and love life. Even if she doesn’t want to run. Hahaha.

Anyway, I’m not sure how I got to be rambling, but listen. I’m starting a new blog. I’ll use it to track my progress with various things. I think the focus will largely be on running. There’ll be a little cycling in there too, some healthy-ish (because you know I like my chocolates and cheeses) recipes, pictures of random things I come across, etc. Don’t worry. Conchsaladeque is staying the same. I won’t bore you with my distances, times, and fruit smoothies. So stick around. Deal?


Remember that wish list I posted the other day? Got started on it. My wishlist on F21 is super long. I’ll probably order 25% of the stuff on the weekend. MUST look good for work. Annnnnd, we ordered NookBooks this morning! Here’s what we got:

Lullabies for Little Criminals – One of my favourite books EVER. Heartbreakingly hilarious. Wait. That’s weird. But that’s what it is. *shrugs* Babe has to read it, and I need to read it again. And again.)

Catching Fire (Hunger Games #2) – Read #1. Really liked it when I was completely prepared (and expecting) to hate it. Had Babe read it last week. She REALLY liked it. Round 2, comin’ up!

Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner’s Semester At America’s Holiest University – Got the free sample on my Nook. Read it. It’s exactly what the titles says. Hooked. Need the whole thing.

Mayhem in High Heels – Okay. So I got hooked on these short, girly novels by Gemma Halliday. Not my style at all, but so fitting for the lunch hour. Like a guilty pleasure. Reminds me of my Desperate Housewives stint. I think the first ones I got were $1.99 or something, so I figured I couldn’t lose. I didn’t.

Hollywood Headlines Mysteries (3 books) – Um, more Gemma?! Another series of mindless lunch-hour reads? Yes, please.

Shoot Me – Another of my faves. By an Atlantic Canadian author. I saw a little selection of books by Lesley Crewe in Bookmark, the bookstore on Spring Garden Road, in Halifax. (I’ve been WAITING for her books to be available for Nooks!) I bought two of them. LOVED them both. This is one of them. Another must-read for Babe.

Relative Happiness – By Lesley Crewe. I just had to.

Lots of reading, coming right up!


In her Sunday Songs post this week, Vix shared a song that I REALLY like, so I’m sharing it with you.

And since I referenced the song and everything, here’s a lil [insert DMX dog bark here] DMX.

And a lil something from Cher Lloyd, ’cause I think she’s cool, and I’m still not over yesterday’s discovery.


How’s your week going? Did you make any fun purchases? Would you rather take on a challenge by yourself, or with a buddy?


I Want Things…

I want, I want, I want. I don’t feel like waiting for Christmas. I’ve been putting everything off for a long time. Now, things are looking up. I’ve got a little bit of money in my pocket. I think I can treat myself a little. Right? I can’t have it ALL, but I can certainly have sommme.

I want:

  • New Nook with a case or two for protection (and the cute factor). Of course the green would be for every day use, and the pink would be to change it up from time to time. It’d be great to have two nooks, because then Babe and I can read a book at the same time. We’d link them both to my account, so we’d pay for the books once, but have them on two devices. Perfection! I could also use a booklight.
  • Straw case for my new Nook. I had one custom-made for my original Nook, and it is SO nice. It’s the natural straw colour with green straw going through it. The lady did a fantastic job, and the price was amazing. I’m definitely going back there to get a nice case for the new baby. (Yes, I still need the B&N case. I like the added protection and style. The lady made the case for the original so that the Nook fits snugly and securely into it WHILE in the B&N case. I’ll post pictures later.
  • Piles of clothes from Forever21. I left pretty much all of my clothes when I moved from Halifax. I still haven’t built my wardrobe back up. I did a little bit late last year, and that helped, but there’s more to be done. Especially now that I have a new job. And in the affluent part of the island. I need to look GOOD. My wishlist on the website is LONG. I’ll have to choose carefully what I add to my shopping cart for the first purchase. I’ll focus on what I can use best and interchangeably with what I have for work. I’ll worry about fun clothes later. Some of the things I want are this, this, this, this, this, and this (which I love to get in a zillion colours because it’s so easy to throw on and change up with vests and sweaters).
  • Clothes for Babe. That’s another wardrobe I’d like to pep-up. We talked about it, and we’re gonna work on it. SOON!
  • Running clothes! When I get into something, I get ALL into it. That’s me. Right now, I’m getting into running. I found a cool website with funky running clothes, and I’m a funky kinda girl. Give me colour! Give me stripes! I love it! I’d also like to get running skirts because they’re so girly and cool, and typically unexpected (of a runner). I like being different. And stuff. Hahaha. I need to find some that I really like, and don’t cost a million dollars.
  • Earrings. I don’t know where all of my earrings went to. It pisses me off to think about it, so I try not to. I just know that I need something in these holes in my ears. And I don’t wear ’em cheap. Gotta be gold. White or yellow. Diamonds? Yes, please.
  • Living Room Set. I need us to have a nice sofa. Something to plop on when we’re just in from wherever. Or to sit and talk. Watch tv (whenever we get cable). The sofa would probably be lonely if we didn’t get two chairs, or a loveseat and chair to go with it. I have my eye on a set. It’s under $900. Layway, maybe?
  • Dining Room Set. Because look. We can’t keep eating on the bed. We should be able to sit to a nice table, look at each other, and enjoy our meals. It’s only right and proper! I had my eye on a table with 4 stools (no backs) in here for a little under $300. Big sale yesterday = set sold. Probably for the better, because I’d prefer chairs with backs, and so would Babe. There’s a little “Bistro” set. Table with two chairs. Under $250. It’s cute, and I like it, but I think it may be a bit weird in our place because we have a kitchen counter/bar thingy. The stools would have been cool, because we could use them at the bar too. Also, I’d like a table that could seat 4 people. I could see us having people over for dinner someday.
  • Internet. Yeah, we still don’t have it at home. Hahaha. These things are SO expensive to set up. It’s $300 to set up cable and internet. That doesn’t include the first month of service. Hahahahaha.
  • Gas. For our stove. Right now, we’re working with a single burner hotplate. So, yeah. For some reason, it would cost us $300 to get a tank full of gas. I’m like, “Sorry, what?!” It made more sense to get a hotplate. Now, I’m thinking maybe a small tank. We’d have to get it filled more often, but whatever. $68 vs $300. $68 wins.
  • NookBooks! I don’t need to explain this, do I? I haven’t bought a NookBook ALL YEAR. I DESERVE a HEARTY helping of NookBooks. Babe and I both do.
  • Pandora charms for my bracelet. I only need about 4 more to fill my bracelet. I’d like one to be a symbol of PASSION (related to going after what I want, living for me, etc.), an elephant (because there’s one in every room, and I love ’em!), and another green one. The last one can be a present. 🙂
  • A tattoo. It’ll say “Walk in Love” in nice big, loopy, cursive letters. There’ll be some henna-like vines of flowers and hearts stemming from it. I want it on my wrist. It’s my new religion. And it’s something that I need to remember, always. And share with people. Whether I remember to do it verbally, or not.
  • A scooter. For Babe and I to get around more easily. I hate the bus. Cycling isn’t safe with all the highways around us, our narrow roads, and the horrible drivers. A car simply is not feasible, and so unfriendly to the environment. And all it would do is cost us money – buying it, insuring it, putting gas in it, repairing it… It just makes no sense. A scooter, like a bike, would save us from ridiculous traffic, reduce emissions, cost very little in gas, and look for cool for us ladies. Maybe we can make this a Christmas present to ourselves. Last year, I saw them advertised in the paper for about $1,000. We’ll see how it goes.
  • Plane ticket and accommodations (Florida) for the weekend I want to do my first 5K. Babe is coming, of course. Gotta have a personal cheerleader!
I’ll end my list there for now. Nothing there is too outrageous right?! I’m not THAT much a material girl, am I? Hehehe.
What do you really need to purchase right now? What would you really like to purchase right now?

5 Things I’d Rather Be Doing


Ok, I may have made that up. Whatever. I think it’s cool. This Friday, I’ll tell you 5 things I’d rather be doing. I’m at work, and I don’t like it here, so I’d really rather do just about anything. Picking just 5 is harrrd.

  1. Making lasagna. This comes to mind because Babe and I were at the grocery store last night, and I said, “Think we should get ricotta cheese and lasagna pasta so I could make lasagna?” Babe said, “If you’re gonna make it…” That settled it. I didn’t get the items. Mostly because we had spaghetti this week. That’s just red meat overload. And Italian overload. In one. Still, I’d rather be making lasagna right now. Even if it makes the kitchen really hot. Lasagna is awesome. Work is not.
  2. NookBook shopping. I could really use new books for my Nook (Nooklebury Nookington). That, however, requires money on the card. The bank I use for such things is not one I’ve visited much at all. I rarely make deposits there. I should toss some money on it so I could buy things. Like NookBooks. And shirts for work. That requires having money that can actually be disposed of in such a way though, huh? Hmmm…
  3. Having lunch with friends. People I like. Food. Drinkage. (Yes, I made that word up.) That is what life is supposed to be about. Not 40 hours/wk of supreme boredom. *stares at office walls*
  4. Tanning on the beeeeeach. Yep. Under the sun. On the sand. Near the water. In the moment. Out of the office. *closes eyes for a mental journey*
  5. Visiting my grandmother. Hospitals are boring. She’s in one. I’d keep her company.

(From myglitters.info)

What 5 things would you rather be doing at the moment?