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The Joys of Helping Friends Move


Source: The Oatmeal – Pretty hilarious stuff.

Still Moving

Okay. I told you I was moving. I did it. With a little help. Or a lot of help. Woke up on Thursday morning with no clue how Babe and I were going to move things. My cousin wasn’t able to help us any more, and said he wouldn’t be available for another 2 or 3 days. I figured we should start moving the smaller things that we could handle. I called my sister to see if she could be our driving. She has a Grand Cherokee Jeep, so it was a great choice for moving. She usually works morning shifts and is off sometime between 1:30 and 3:00pm. Well, lucky us! I called her and, somehow, her work schedule got messed up. She had to go to work for 1:30pm. This meant she was able to leave a bit early and pick me up on her way to work so Babe and I could have use of her car all day. WINNN! What are the chances that her schedule would be screwed up in the perfect way so that she could help me when I needed it? That’s on my Thankful Thursday list for sure.

Sis picked me up from Babe’s place. It took me an hour to get from her work to my apartment. Please, remember. The island I live on is 21×7 miles. Traffic here is ridiculous. There are far too many cars on the road, far too many road works going on, and far too many traffic lights there are still not working after the hurricane… And school is opening soon. Yeah. It’s crazy. I had to break a few laws to get to my place in an hour. They included going the wrong way around a roundabout when traffic was unmoving in the direction I was headed in. How can I describe this? Okay, imagine a 4-legged roundabout. I was on leg 1. At leg 2, there was the longest line of traffic in life extending from a T-junction (with a non-functioning traffic light) all the way to the roundabout – more specifically, right in front of me. Great. I needed to get to leg 4. So I went counter-clockwise. *shrugs*

Got to my place at 2:17pm, and called Babe who thought I went to have my hair cut on the way. HA! No, Babe. I just enjoyed the traffic. *sighs* First, I emptied my drawers. I put all of my clothes in garbage bags. I pulled shirts off of hangers and tossed them in. I packed bags of books. I took containers out of the freezer to thaw out so I could throw the food away. (I’m sure it was gross from the electricity being on and off and on and off lately.) I put all of my shoes in a garbage bag. I threw out things I don’t want or need. It wasn’t long before I felt like time was going to quickly. I called Babe at 3:00pm and we made the decision to move with what we’d packed so far. I’d already called Jimmy, and he said to call when we were ready for him to move the bed for us.

At 3:25pm I left my place. I drove legally and sensibly, though I took creative routes, and got to Babe in 30 minutes. Ridiculous, but not at bad as it could have been if I took the regular route. We loaded up the Jeep with more things. Once it was full, we were on our way. We got to the new place pretty easily, considering that we’d only been there once, and weren’t too sure about how to get back there. Hahaha. We’re clear on it now. YAY, us! We pretty much just dumped everything against one wall in the living room, and headed back out. I was feeling pressed for time because my sister expected to be off from work between 6pm and 7pm, and I wanted to be in the parking lot waiting for her whenever she was ready. I have this thing about being early, especially if I’m using someone’s car. Turns out, I didn’t need to worry. She didn’t end up getting off from work until 10:45pm.

We made another trip to Babe’s place. Jimmy was supposed to meet us around 5pm, but it was raining. A lot. We waited for it to stop. It wouldn’t. Then Babe got a phone call. Family emergency. I called Jimmy and told him we’d try again today. Again, we loaded the Jeep up with what we could. It was raining, but we did what we had to do. I took Babe to deal with the family emergency and waited. From there, we went straight to the new place. We offloaded. We starting some unpacking. Mostly the food items since some of them needed to be refrigerated. We were there for about 20 minutes before I noted some things we needed, and suggest we go to the grocery store. On a SERIOUS. BUDGET. Off we went to get a bit more food, and some cleaning items. We ended up leaving the cleaning items because of this exchange:

Me: *looks in grocery cart and sees milk and cereal* Babe. Did we bring bowls?

Babe: *smiles and stares at me without answering*


Babe: *points at plastic bowls near checkout* Check the price on them.

Me: No way. Do you have the keys to my place?

Babe: Yeah.

Me: K, cool. *takes scrubby brush, cleaning agent, etc. out of cart*

Babe: What are you doing?

Me: We’ll go by me to get bowls. I have cleaning stuff there anyway.

So that’s how a quick trip to the grocery store turned into us going back to my old place to pack up more things. I dumped all of the cleaning things into the bucket. While I did this, Babe cleared out the freezer, the bathroom, and did a little more. So efficient, that one. 🙂 We left with a full backseat. There is now very little left at my place to be packed up. I could clear out of there AND clean in an hour at the most.

After work, I’m heading straight to Babe’s place. We’ll pack up more things, and get Jimmy to load the bed, table, and chairs onto his truck for us. We’ll take what we can in the cab of his truck. Lucky us, he’s only charging us gas money. It’s good to have good family, good friend, and good family friends. It’s good to do what you can to help people out. It always comes back to you. Babe and I are seriously living off of that right now. Kindness, goodness, and love.


When did you last move? What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about moving? Who always comes through for you when you need a helping hand?

Time to Move!


It’s moving day! Babe and I are up nice and early. We haven’t packed. At all. We’re so funny. And living-on-the-edge-ish. And cool. And so totally laid back. It would have made sense for me to go my apartment to at least pack my things up last night, but no. I decided that I’d much rather be at Babe’s place. Because the lifetime together ahead of us clearly would not be enough. The one night would make a difference. Good call, right?

My plan is to ride to my old apartment very shortly. With a bag of bags on my back. I’ll stop to the pharmacy on the way and pick up a pack of garbage bag. I will toss everything (that makes sense) into garbage bags. Clothes, towels, sheets. All that stuff. I made no effort to get boxes. I thought of it, but the follow-through wasn’t there. See how cool and confident I am? And laid back? Yeah, that’s me. (No, not really.) The pots, pans, and dishes… I don’t really know what I’m doing about them. I’ll probably buy a newspaper or two at the pharmacy to wrap up the dishes. There’s no furniture to be moved from my place. It should be fairly simple to get every bagged. The only fairly hefty/large items I have are my mini-trampoline and television. Easy-peasy!

I guess while I’m at the old place, Babe will be packing up her place. She’s really just got clothes and a few kitchen items too. And grocery. No biggie! See how much striiiiide I’m taking this whole thing in? Yeah. I meditated this morning. ZEN. BLISS. SERENITY. I’m fine. We’re moving. It will happen. It’s no big deal.

How are we moving these things, you ask? We don’t know. I asked my cousin to borrow his work truck and an employee of his to serve as a driver (and lifter). They recently sold their huge building and moved to a smaller place. They were supposed to be out by August 31. Well, they fell behind in the moving. Sooo, yeah. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I may have to call for backup. Remember that guy who helped me out right after my cellphone was stolen? He gave me his card, and I saw that he has a trucking service. Maybe he can help us out. I tried calling yesterday, but the cellphone service here has been terrible over the past few days. Ugh. Wish us luck with this stuff!

It’s Monday!

Hey, hey, heyyy!

I’m so happy it’s Monday. Just for it to be another day is great. Here’s what’s been going on lately:

  • I’m working on my regular day off (today) so that I can get Thursday (moving day) off. It was hard to come back to work after just one day off. I’m used to Sunday+Monday being my weekend.
  • I need to look into getting a few boxes for the move. I’m planning to dump pretty much everything into garbage bags, but the pots, pans, plates, etc. will require a bit more. Newspaper wrapping, maybe plastic bags, and boxes. I also need to decide on a time to borrow one of my cousin’s employees along with his work truck. Moving shouldn’t take too long. It’s just that Babe and I are moving from two different places.
  • Went to FamJam (Sunday dinner at great-gram’s) yesterday. I missed the last one and it was a big deal, mostly because I have no phone that people can reach me on to confirm that I am alive. No lowness was thrown. Amazing.
  • Ma went away two weeks ago. Since I missed last week’s FamJam, I got my prezzies yesterday. A cute, colorful summer dress, hanger clothespins which I’ve always wanted and just managed to ask for, and two pairs of not-so-short shorts. It was funny because Ma said, “I guess you could sleep in ’em. I know you like ’em shorter than that to wear out.” Ahahahahahaha. Yes. I like poom pooms (pronounced p’m-p’m).
  • Dad brought me a box of Fruit & Nut which I freaking LOVE. ANNNNND… NUTELLA! Winniiiiing!
  • Saturday was the worst day of work ever. Cable was down. That means no internet. The ENTIRE. DAY. AT WORK. No internet. On top of that, only one generator of the two was working (and this is still the case today). Sadly, the one that isn’t working is the one that powers the a/c in my office. An office with no windows. It was gross. I spent most of the day at the warehouse gate, catching a little breeze. Then the rain came pouring down. For hours. It felt great, being misted by it. Needless to say, I did absolutely no work on Saturday. *shrugs*
  • Someone I know (who is close – and related – to someone very close to me) is very ill, and in hospital. Really, I only met her once, but that was enough. We probably talked for less than 30 minutes, but it was such interesting, friendly conversation. You know when you speak to someone, and it’s like you’ve known them forever? It’s like whatever you don’t know about them doesn’t really matter, because all you can see is goodness, kindness, and sincerity? I don’t remember all of what we talked about, but I remember feeling like I could talk to her about whatever, whenever. Well, that very nice lady is in need of all the hope, prayers, and positivity that we can muster up for her. If you hope, or pray, or believe in the law of attraction, or the power of positive thinking… Anything like that… Please think of this lady. We’ll call her “B.”
  • My brother is freaking hilarious. He picked me up from work on Saturday because it was raining and thundering too much for me to ride home. I got off at 5:30, and didn’t end up home until after 8pm. We rode around doing a lot of foolishness. Stopped by a friend’s bar for a few games of dominoes. I whipped the boys’ butts really good. The scores were 5-2-2-0. Hahahaha. I’m quiet, but deadlyyyyyyy.
  • Babe is the absolute best. We had a great pasta, tuna, and salad meal the other night. This morning, Babe got up the same time as me, and worked on my lunch while I got ready. I wish I could take a picture to show you. I have a turkey sandwich, animal crackers, mango, raisins, and sour cream & onion pringles. And a Coke. I am blessed beyond anything I could imagine to have a love so great, and to always FEEL it.
Hope your week is off to a great start. Remember: Even though you can’t always control your circumstance, happiness is still a decision you can make every single day. I encourage you to do it. Be happy. Be positive. Be the best you that you can be. 🙂

All I Wanna Do Is… And Take Your Money

Man, oh, man! What a busy time it is!

I’ve probably mentioned before that I don’t care much for my job. Well, it’s pretty boring. I have pretty diverse interests, skills, and experience, and tend to like having the flexibility to do a few different things. Just answering that phone and making copies would never work for me. What I’m doing now, honestly, isn’t far off from that. It’s pretty boring, mundane work. When it’s slow, it. is. slooooowwwww. There are sometimes a week or two of insanity because we’ve have shipments come in. I work in the purchasing department of a furniture store, so I pretty much just chill until new things come in. When we get containers, I do some calculations to find the total cost, fill out some sheets, input number in the computer system, print labels, stick them on the items, then calculate prices and create and print tags. Fun, right? I have TWO Bachelor’s degrees. I should definitely be able to do better. The economy just sucks. And people generally don’t want to pay. Ugh.

I’m on the job hunt. I don’t want to live here any more. Babe and I are trying to get the hell up out of here. We need to be somewhere with more opportunity, higher quality of life, better income, better healthcare, cleaner, safer… You get what I’m saying, right? Better everything. Canadaaaaa! BUT. To move, we need lots of moolah. It’s time to save save save! To save money, though, you need to be making some. Hahahaha. It’s so funny, the way life is. Seriously, why do we even have money? Who came up with that brilliant idea?! Why don’t we all just live? Take what we need, share what we have more than enough of, give away what we don’t need, help others when we can, and just be happy? Huh?! TELL ME!

I’m on the job hunt. Did I mention that? I’ve probably sent about 20 random emails to companies I randomly came across in the phone book. I may have sent about 3 in response to actual job postings. I neeeed to get out of here, and make more money. More than that, I need my sanity. I feel like my years in university and all of the experience I got is just being wasted. It’s laying dormant in me, and I don’t want it all to just fade away. I need to put it to use. I need to feel some VALUE.

It would be great if this new job I get is closer to the new place. Did I mention that we’re moving? Yep. Next month, I’ll be further away from work. It’ll be double the distance to bike. I take 15-20 minutes to get to work now, so I’m guessing it will take almost an hour to get here from the new place, considering that I’ll have to cycle a bit slower, and I’ll be dealing with more traffic. *sighs*

I’m excited about the new place. It’s quite nice. It’s the first place we saw, and we were both pretty happy with it. The second place sucked (mostly because the landlord was super weird and not-so-nice). The third place blew the first two places out of the water completely. BEAUTIFUL. The work was just really well done. Landscaped nicely. Nice set up, great wall colours, super nice cabinets, ensuite bathroom… Just. NICE. Anyway, the landlord wasn’t keen on our payment plan (for first, last and security deposit), so we called up the lady from the first place. She’s super nice, and very accommodating and agreed to the payment plan. Really, we’re asking here to hold the place until September 1, with half down. Nice of her to do it, right? She’s also going to put a fridge and stove in the place for a bit more rent, but that’s fine. We don’t need the stress of finding another $1,200+ for appliances. We now have to concern ourselves with getting the other half of the money for her, AND paying the deposits to set up our utilities. Everything is ridiculous. For example, to get cable and internet, the deposit and initial fees comes to (US)$285. REALLY?! That doesn’t even include the first month. Phone is pretty much the same deal. Electricity, we won’t know about for a while. I’m scared to find out what it will cost to set up. Somehow, we’ll figure it out. Oh! Get this! For a 50 gallon gas tank (full fo gas), we’d have to pay $300 where it would cost $100 to fill an already existing tank. We may opt to get a 20lb tank for $68 and fill for $35. $300 is a bit insane.

Well, that’s what’s up with me right now. I’m sending resumes like mad, and budgeting like my life depends on it. Since it probably does. Hahahaha. Send me a bit of positive energy if you have any to spare. I could definitely use it! Speaking of spare things you may have that I could use… MONEY. Got any? 🙂