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Excitement: New Job

I’m on vacation! Well, sort of. My last day at the furniture store was yesterday. I was fairly busy. I was training a salesperson to take over my position (which was NOT an easy task), catch up on filing (yes, I left it for the last minute), deleting/emailing to myself all of the personal junk from the computer, etc. The GM came in my office yesterday morning and said, “Well, this is your last day, madam.” I smiled and nodded. She went on to tell me that it was a pleasure, I did a great job, she was sorry to see me go, etc. She also alluded to the fact that I was underpaid, and it was not unnoticed. I felt good about the little chat, as brief as it was. She wished me luck and success, and said she’s sure it will work out.

I’m VERY excited about the new job. I smile to myself when I think of how happy and completely satisfied I expect that I will be in my new position. I keep sort of “checking myself” because I’m not a fan of high expectations. They often lead to disappointment. I don’t like disappoint. BUT. I don’t expect to be disappointed. Yeah, I know how much (or how little) sense that makes. Just go with it. I officially start work on Monday, so I have a nice long weekend. On Saturday, I’ll be meeting with the co-founder of the organization. I expect that we’ll just be going over things, planning my first days, setting goals, etc. My office will be in the same building that she works in, but she probably won’t be there. She has a full time job outside of the organization. I’m excited about the meeting. I want to learn more about what I’ll be doing. EXCITED! I keep using that word, but there’s no other word to express this. I’M EXCITED!

Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon (nice and crispy), half a grilled cheese sandwich, and half a banana with nutella

Today, Babe and I slept in a little, had a nice breakfast, and headed out for errands. We did some things, Babe had a meeting, and now we’re hanging out at a little cafe downtown. Internet. YAY! Tonight, we run. It’ll be my fourth training session. I’m tracking my 5k training here.

Tomorrow is a holiday. We plan to sleep in a little, have a good breakfast, and do fun things. We’ll likely go for native food and sip daiquiris in the sun. Aaah, yes. The life. Island life. I like the days when I get to really LIVE it. And enjoy it. I’m hoping it won’t be TOO busy, being a holiday and everything.

I’m hoping to get to some WiFi to post on the weekend. If not, I’ll definitely update on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend. Make sure you get out and do something FUN!