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Things That Outlast Kim K’s Marriage

I’m not into the pop scene at all, but this is too hard to resist. Go with it.

Things that last longer (or ARE longer) that Kim Kardashian’s marriage:

  • The flavour of chewing gum
  • Battery of a smartphone using WiFi
  • Ice cream in the freezer when the electricity is off
  • Patty in the army (I don’t know if this is popular. My mother uses it as a comparison. “Well, that ain’ gonna last long as Patty in the army!”)
  • A shot of alcohol
  • Availability of tickets for a Michael Jackson concert
  • A grain of rice standing on a hill
  • The pause after Dora asks a question <—– Stolen from Twitter
  • My hair
  • A little old lady’s footsteps
  • The word “encyclopedia”
  • The name “Kardashian”
  • Semester of school
  • Howie Mandel’s elbow bump
  • A piece of fried chicken on Survivor
  • Catholic sermon
  • Wireless internet connection from two floors down (This is my life.)
  • My fingernails
  • Line of traffic when you’re late for work

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. I told you, I’m not into this stuff. It’s a trending topic on Twitter. I had to have a little fun. Feel free to add to this list and amuse me!