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Interview This Week!

GUYS! GIRLS! *stops to catch breath* Okay, first, a song.

I just got an email saying that I was short-listed for that job I really, really, really want! Seriously, this is THE perfect job for me. I am seriously the only woman cycling to and from work every day. Okay, so I haven’t cycled since the big move. I’m still trying to figure out how to avoid the dangerous highways, and not have to ride away from work for kilometres before I can start heading in the direction of work. Whatever. Give me a little break. It hasn’t been a month yet. POINT IS I’m like… Legendary.

Oh, funny story! I was walking downtown yesterday evening (I walk there – 25 minutes – from work to get the bus), and a random guy I’m sure I’ve never seen/acknowledges said, “Where ya bike today?” I kind of just laughed it off and kept walking. He said, “Hey?! You left it home, eh?” I said, “Yeah!” People notice these things. That’s good. I feel encouraged. Maybe more people will GO GREEN if I keep it up.

Ok, back to the job. PERFECT. FOR. ME. Finding the cure for cancer, educating people about cancer, healthy lifestyles, etc… all important to me. Cycling? I love it, and I really believe more people should do it. This job would combine two of my passions. Not only that, I would truly be in my element. Planning, budgeting, organizing… All up my alley. It’s my thing. This job should be MINE.

All of you who have been hoping, praying, crossing fingers (and toes), and all that good stuff, THANK YOU. It’s paid off so far. Please don’t stop. I’m convinced that you’re my good luck charm. Keep on keeping on! The interview is on Saturday. I’m happy to have some time to mentally prepare, but not too much time to psych myself out. It’s going to be a-okay. Right?


Hey, hey, heyyy! Crazy day after quite the weekend. I just couldn’t let the day go by without a little bit of an update. I have to do it the quick and dirty way though. You’ll see why.

  • Went to FamJam on Sunday. Was fun. Watched football with my brother, and tennis with my dad. We had some pretty good jokes. My family is hilarious. Here’s part of a verbal exchange:
    • Dad: We’re watching the tennis game. Serena’s playing.
    • Brother: Oh. She played Djokovic yet?
    • Dad: Djokovic is a MAN!
    • Brother: So?
    • Me: *laughing* Men don’t play women.
    • Brother: What?! Someone should protest that!
    • Me: All of the feminists are busy right now.
    • Brother: But that’s… That’s… *thinking really hard*
    • Me: Sexist?
    • Brother: YES! That’s sexist!
    • Dad: You ever seen WNBA play the NBA?
    • Brother: *looking at Dad like he’s an idiot* That’s just STUPID!
    • Dad: Ever see a man golfer play a woman golfer?
    • Brother: *frustrated* There’s no such thing as a “women golfer” though!
    • Me: *dying of laughter* WHAT?!
    • Brother: *whispering to me* No such thing as women golfers, right?
    • Me: YES, there ARE!
  • Serena Williams has anger management issues. WOW. The girl acts like a real fool when she’s good and ready. She goes OFFFFFF. Read about Sunday’s outburst here. Remember in 2009, when she said she’s shove the f%$#ing ball down the line judge’s f%$#ing throat? Oh, man. Anyway, Stosur played a HELL OF A GAME!
  • Yesterday was crazy. I had my sister’s Jeep again. YAY! She’s awesome. I got to take her children to school (fun, fun, fun). Whenever we ride together, it’s hilarious. From there, I went back to her place so she could drive to work, then turn the car over to me. Babe couldn’t get out of bed at 6:15am with me, so I had to make a return trip. Typical! Hahaha. Dropped Babe to a hair appointment, and off I went to the local department store (Kelly’s). I got a shower curtain rod (FINALLY!), bath mat (FINALLY), basket to keep our bathroom things in (like toilet paper, feminine products, etc), a new toilet scrub brush and caddy, and a mat for our front door. I was please. Our bathroom is now fit for humans. We love it. I was happy that Babe was happy. I was afraid I would make all of these decisions, and end up with a bathroom that I love and Babe hates. Nope. We’re all good! I’ll borrow the iPhone to take a picture and post it later. One room down, 17 to go (not really)!
  • Got a little talk from the GM at work today. It’s no secret that I hate this job, right? Well, for the first few months, I was bored out of my mind. Work was not coming fast enough, or keeping me busy long enough. Eventually, I learned to drag my feet enough to fill my days with the crappy amount of work I got. Now, it’s super busy. Shipments coming in, items on the floor needing pricing, phones ringing, etc. Too bad I’m still working at the same pace. Anyway, she caught on. So now I have to work to my true potential. At a job I hate. Until I find a new one. Please, can I have a new one?! Can Ride For Hope PLEASE stop advertising the gosh-darn job that should be MINE?! It’s time to really stop running those ads, read those resumes, call me in for an interview, and PICK ME! Sheesh!
  • There are a bunch of things I want. That’s a post all on its own, really.
  • I made a big decision. I’m going to train to run 5k (January or February in Florida). Yep. I used to say that I hated running. I don’t think I ever ran (enough) to really know whether or not I like it. Well, I’m giving myself the chance. And the challenge. A chance and a challenge in one. I found a few training programs. There’s one that I think will work for me. I talked to Babe about it last night. I made it clear that I need full support. And requested, in advance, Babe’s presence when I actually do the 5k. The response was something like, “Of COURSE I’ll be there, Babe! Are you serious?! You think I wouldn’t be there?! I will be there.” That made me smile. So that’s another thing I’ll definitely be posting about, as I make progress, hit walls, yell at myself, make changes to my diet, find cool running gear (see previous post – hahahaha), etc. This is something totally new for me, and I love it. I randomly come up with things I want to do, things to prove to myself, things that are outside of my comfort zone, and then I GO IN FOR THE KILL. Yes, I do. Cheer me on, y’all! I’ll make ya proud. Oh, Babe also said something like, “I’ll support you. I just won’t be out there running with you while you train and stuff. I’m not doing that.” Hahahaha. That is one not-so-into-fitness-or-exercise person I have there. Another quote: “And you have to get a complete physical. So tell me when you’ve seen the doctor.” Meh! Precautions schmercautions! Is that really necessary?! I don’t know. I guess I should do it to be on the safe side, and to make Babe feel comfortable with it.
Hope your week is off to a great start. I’ve had some ups and down already, but it’s a-okay. I’m breathing, and remembering to live. As long as there is life, there is hope, right? 🙂

All I Wanna Do Is… And Take Your Money

Man, oh, man! What a busy time it is!

I’ve probably mentioned before that I don’t care much for my job. Well, it’s pretty boring. I have pretty diverse interests, skills, and experience, and tend to like having the flexibility to do a few different things. Just answering that phone and making copies would never work for me. What I’m doing now, honestly, isn’t far off from that. It’s pretty boring, mundane work. When it’s slow, it. is. slooooowwwww. There are sometimes a week or two of insanity because we’ve have shipments come in. I work in the purchasing department of a furniture store, so I pretty much just chill until new things come in. When we get containers, I do some calculations to find the total cost, fill out some sheets, input number in the computer system, print labels, stick them on the items, then calculate prices and create and print tags. Fun, right? I have TWO Bachelor’s degrees. I should definitely be able to do better. The economy just sucks. And people generally don’t want to pay. Ugh.

I’m on the job hunt. I don’t want to live here any more. Babe and I are trying to get the hell up out of here. We need to be somewhere with more opportunity, higher quality of life, better income, better healthcare, cleaner, safer… You get what I’m saying, right? Better everything. Canadaaaaa! BUT. To move, we need lots of moolah. It’s time to save save save! To save money, though, you need to be making some. Hahahaha. It’s so funny, the way life is. Seriously, why do we even have money? Who came up with that brilliant idea?! Why don’t we all just live? Take what we need, share what we have more than enough of, give away what we don’t need, help others when we can, and just be happy? Huh?! TELL ME!

I’m on the job hunt. Did I mention that? I’ve probably sent about 20 random emails to companies I randomly came across in the phone book. I may have sent about 3 in response to actual job postings. I neeeed to get out of here, and make more money. More than that, I need my sanity. I feel like my years in university and all of the experience I got is just being wasted. It’s laying dormant in me, and I don’t want it all to just fade away. I need to put it to use. I need to feel some VALUE.

It would be great if this new job I get is closer to the new place. Did I mention that we’re moving? Yep. Next month, I’ll be further away from work. It’ll be double the distance to bike. I take 15-20 minutes to get to work now, so I’m guessing it will take almost an hour to get here from the new place, considering that I’ll have to cycle a bit slower, and I’ll be dealing with more traffic. *sighs*

I’m excited about the new place. It’s quite nice. It’s the first place we saw, and we were both pretty happy with it. The second place sucked (mostly because the landlord was super weird and not-so-nice). The third place blew the first two places out of the water completely. BEAUTIFUL. The work was just really well done. Landscaped nicely. Nice set up, great wall colours, super nice cabinets, ensuite bathroom… Just. NICE. Anyway, the landlord wasn’t keen on our payment plan (for first, last and security deposit), so we called up the lady from the first place. She’s super nice, and very accommodating and agreed to the payment plan. Really, we’re asking here to hold the place until September 1, with half down. Nice of her to do it, right? She’s also going to put a fridge and stove in the place for a bit more rent, but that’s fine. We don’t need the stress of finding another $1,200+ for appliances. We now have to concern ourselves with getting the other half of the money for her, AND paying the deposits to set up our utilities. Everything is ridiculous. For example, to get cable and internet, the deposit and initial fees comes to (US)$285. REALLY?! That doesn’t even include the first month. Phone is pretty much the same deal. Electricity, we won’t know about for a while. I’m scared to find out what it will cost to set up. Somehow, we’ll figure it out. Oh! Get this! For a 50 gallon gas tank (full fo gas), we’d have to pay $300 where it would cost $100 to fill an already existing tank. We may opt to get a 20lb tank for $68 and fill for $35. $300 is a bit insane.

Well, that’s what’s up with me right now. I’m sending resumes like mad, and budgeting like my life depends on it. Since it probably does. Hahahaha. Send me a bit of positive energy if you have any to spare. I could definitely use it! Speaking of spare things you may have that I could use… MONEY. Got any? 🙂