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Five Things Friday: Secrets

Today, I give you…


  1. I am not interested in the olympic games in the least. I don’t even understand why they exist.
  2. I have no national pride. I do not care about the accomplishment of random people who happened to be born in the same country as I was and do not know personally. I will celebrate my brother MARCHING at an event (seriously), but I can’t find a penny to flick at a stranger’s gold medal for swimming faster than people from other countries.
  3. I hate when people hang up on me, cut off a conversation, or otherwise say their piece and then shut down in an attempt to stick it to me. When that happens, they don’t exist in my life (until they come crawling back). I don’t call. I don’t send messages. I don’t ask for favors. I make sure they have to contact me first. *shrugs* [Yes. This happened today. No, I’m not even mad. Just a little surprised.]
  4. I often get more annoyed than the person affected when unfairness/rudeness/disrespect strikes a loved one. I get PISSSSSSED when my BFF’s boyfriend does something stupid, and stay that way for longer than he/she does. AND I get annoyed when the wronged person does not see that they were wronged or ignore it. AND it’s even MORE annoying when it just isn’t my place to say anything, and I have to fume to myself. Lol.
  5. I’m not a slave to food, but I do have some poor habits. I drink a Coke when I have a headache (because it WORKS), and that’s probably okay. It’s like drinking ginger ale for a tummy ache, right? I also drink a Coke when I’m annoyed. Better than vodka, right? And sometimes, ice cream is the only answer to the question of a really long week.

Got any secrets you wanna share? Any list of five things?

Five Things Friday

Five things I wanna do on the weekend:

  1. Make it to a friend’s birthday funness. Her get-together will involve kiddie pools. Now you wanna come too, right? I know!
  2. Last edit of a short story to send to a critique buddy.
  3. Flash fiction based on two sentences that randomly came to me. Reminiscent of the days of the wrecking industry in The Bahamas.
  4. Beach. This is definitely not gonna happen. The ride situation is just a mess.
  5. Burritooooos! We bought the stuff a while ago, and have yet to make ’em. I WAAANNNT!

What do you want to do this weekend?