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Still Moving

Okay. I told you I was moving. I did it. With a little help. Or a lot of help. Woke up on Thursday morning with no clue how Babe and I were going to move things. My cousin wasn’t able to help us any more, and said he wouldn’t be available for another 2 or 3 days. I figured we should start moving the smaller things that we could handle. I called my sister to see if she could be our driving. She has a Grand Cherokee Jeep, so it was a great choice for moving. She usually works morning shifts and is off sometime between 1:30 and 3:00pm. Well, lucky us! I called her and, somehow, her work schedule got messed up. She had to go to work for 1:30pm. This meant she was able to leave a bit early and pick me up on her way to work so Babe and I could have use of her car all day. WINNN! What are the chances that her schedule would be screwed up in the perfect way so that she could help me when I needed it? That’s on my Thankful Thursday list for sure.

Sis picked me up from Babe’s place. It took me an hour to get from her work to my apartment. Please, remember. The island I live on is 21×7 miles. Traffic here is ridiculous. There are far too many cars on the road, far too many road works going on, and far too many traffic lights there are still not working after the hurricane… And school is opening soon. Yeah. It’s crazy. I had to break a few laws to get to my place in an hour. They included going the wrong way around a roundabout when traffic was unmoving in the direction I was headed in. How can I describe this? Okay, imagine a 4-legged roundabout. I was on leg 1. At leg 2, there was the longest line of traffic in life extending from a T-junction (with a non-functioning traffic light) all the way to the roundabout – more specifically, right in front of me. Great. I needed to get to leg 4. So I went counter-clockwise. *shrugs*

Got to my place at 2:17pm, and called Babe who thought I went to have my hair cut on the way. HA! No, Babe. I just enjoyed the traffic. *sighs* First, I emptied my drawers. I put all of my clothes in garbage bags. I pulled shirts off of hangers and tossed them in. I packed bags of books. I took containers out of the freezer to thaw out so I could throw the food away. (I’m sure it was gross from the electricity being on and off and on and off lately.) I put all of my shoes in a garbage bag. I threw out things I don’t want or need. It wasn’t long before I felt like time was going to quickly. I called Babe at 3:00pm and we made the decision to move with what we’d packed so far. I’d already called Jimmy, and he said to call when we were ready for him to move the bed for us.

At 3:25pm I left my place. I drove legally and sensibly, though I took creative routes, and got to Babe in 30 minutes. Ridiculous, but not at bad as it could have been if I took the regular route. We loaded up the Jeep with more things. Once it was full, we were on our way. We got to the new place pretty easily, considering that we’d only been there once, and weren’t too sure about how to get back there. Hahaha. We’re clear on it now. YAY, us! We pretty much just dumped everything against one wall in the living room, and headed back out. I was feeling pressed for time because my sister expected to be off from work between 6pm and 7pm, and I wanted to be in the parking lot waiting for her whenever she was ready. I have this thing about being early, especially if I’m using someone’s car. Turns out, I didn’t need to worry. She didn’t end up getting off from work until 10:45pm.

We made another trip to Babe’s place. Jimmy was supposed to meet us around 5pm, but it was raining. A lot. We waited for it to stop. It wouldn’t. Then Babe got a phone call. Family emergency. I called Jimmy and told him we’d try again today. Again, we loaded the Jeep up with what we could. It was raining, but we did what we had to do. I took Babe to deal with the family emergency and waited. From there, we went straight to the new place. We offloaded. We starting some unpacking. Mostly the food items since some of them needed to be refrigerated. We were there for about 20 minutes before I noted some things we needed, and suggest we go to the grocery store. On a SERIOUS. BUDGET. Off we went to get a bit more food, and some cleaning items. We ended up leaving the cleaning items because of this exchange:

Me: *looks in grocery cart and sees milk and cereal* Babe. Did we bring bowls?

Babe: *smiles and stares at me without answering*


Babe: *points at plastic bowls near checkout* Check the price on them.

Me: No way. Do you have the keys to my place?

Babe: Yeah.

Me: K, cool. *takes scrubby brush, cleaning agent, etc. out of cart*

Babe: What are you doing?

Me: We’ll go by me to get bowls. I have cleaning stuff there anyway.

So that’s how a quick trip to the grocery store turned into us going back to my old place to pack up more things. I dumped all of the cleaning things into the bucket. While I did this, Babe cleared out the freezer, the bathroom, and did a little more. So efficient, that one. 🙂 We left with a full backseat. There is now very little left at my place to be packed up. I could clear out of there AND clean in an hour at the most.

After work, I’m heading straight to Babe’s place. We’ll pack up more things, and get Jimmy to load the bed, table, and chairs onto his truck for us. We’ll take what we can in the cab of his truck. Lucky us, he’s only charging us gas money. It’s good to have good family, good friend, and good family friends. It’s good to do what you can to help people out. It always comes back to you. Babe and I are seriously living off of that right now. Kindness, goodness, and love.


When did you last move? What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about moving? Who always comes through for you when you need a helping hand?