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Wordless Wednesday: Cousins!

By the dolphin fountain at Atlantis, Paradise Island

By the dolphin fountain at Atlantis, Paradise Island


On a wall by a seagrape tree near Fort Charlotte, Nassau

On a wall by a seagrape tree near Fort Charlotte, Nassau


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Quick post today. You know the way my Saturdays work. Pretty much internet-free. Today, I’m spending quality time with Babe. We’re staying in bed late, having big breakfasts, possibly going for a run, or at least a little walk… Annnd we have writing to do. She has songs to work on, and I have TWO stories to write. I have a short stories for a competiton, and a novel for NaNoWrimo. I’m going to go at it for a few hours today, and get huge chunks done. I don’t have much time or energy to really write during the week right now. That’ll soon change, as I get more organized with my new job. I also have a few pieces I want to write for Wordshaker Magazine which is FOR us chicas, BY us chicas. They have weekly themes, and accept submissions for posting on their blog. How great is that?! There’ll be a little post on the theme of “Embarrassing Stories” posted today, and guess who wrote it? Stop looking around. It’s ME! Me, me, me!

You can read more about Wordshaker here. I encourage you to visit often. It’s cool to be able to go to one site, and get to read posts from lots of different people with different viewpoints, opinions, and stories to share.

Also, I have a new little cousin! Kacie was born yesterday. I haven’t met her yet. I just saw a picture her dad posted on Facebook. I don’t like to visit new moms and babies too soon. I’ll definitely call to congratulate, but I’m saving the visit for when I can comfortably hold. Probably in a few weeks. 🙂

How are you spending your Saturday? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? If you are, what’s your word count?

It’s Thursday!

Today, I’m thankful for:

  1. The call for an interview. It’s really time for me to leave this job. I know it’s time to go when I have zero interest in completing tasks and spend most of my time daydreaming, surfing the net, hiding (don’t ask), and planning life when I have my own business. The interview is at 11am tomorrow. With traffic, and wanting to be there a little early, I’ll have to be on my way by 10am. They’ll probably run late, and the interview may take a while. This means I’ll be calling in sick.
  2. The rain that stopped in time for me to run out for something to eat. I have to go grocery shop this evening. I didn’t really have anything to bring for lunch. Of course, on the one day that I don’t bring lunch, it rains. Lol. I was able to go out after 1pm. Yay!
  3. Finding my LIME GREEN Nalgene water bottle. I went to my aunt’s, and went digging in her fridge for my iron medication I left when I moved out a few months ago. There, waaayyy at the back, sat the bottle I’ve been looking for. For 3 months.
  4. Seeing my paternal grandmother and uncle today. Now, my grandmother has a very distinctive voice. She is extremely well spoken. Especially for a Bahamian. (Bahamians tend to have heavy accent and really bad dialect.) She doesn’t use dialect. Well, only VERY intentional. She was having normal conversation with a salesperson, and automatically, my ears wagged. I said, “That. Is definitely. Grammy Jacquie.” And it was. She was with Uncle Scottland (whose name is really just Scott) which was cool since he lives in Florida now. Good to see ’em both.
  5. A fun day off with my Babe that I can look back at and smile. We had good, clean, simple fun.