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Days of December

Hey, y’aaaaallllllllll!

It’s December, didn’t ya know?

People get excited about December, mostly because of the holidays. I think I’m pretty much over them. I like the days off and the food, but that’s about it. Well, no. I like giving and receiving prezzies too! I’m not so big on Santa everywhere, Christmas music all the time (especially since everyone plays the same 5 albums or so on rotation), increase in crime, and the dark evenings. But hey, gotta take the bad with the good, right? We can’t have it all.

December, for me, begins with celebration of my great-grandmother’s life. Her birthday was yesterday. She’s 93, healthy and happy. I don’t know if there are many other 93 year old people who drive, walk with assistance, clean, cook, etc., but she’s a member of that club. Longevity is definitely in the family. Her birthday has been bittersweet for her for the past four years since my grandfather died late in November and they shared a birthday. Yesterday, though, she didn’t show any sadness.

What’s left of the month… Weeks of craziness as people prepare for Christmas. It won’t be long before the mall (we only have one real mall here) is packed, the prices skyrocket, and traffic is unbearable. I’m not sure why people wait until the last minute to do everything. I guess it’s the thrill of the rush? I’m doing all of my (very minimal) shopping online. No lines, no crowds, no fighting over the last Baby Alive. Heaven!

We’re not doing much in our apartment this year. No tree or anything like that. We’re keeping it as inexpensive as possible. We are, after all, planning the party of the century, and that requires $$$$$. We’re saving hardcore so we have a fun, memorable wedding.

Christmas is always at my great-grandmother’s house. She says, this year (again), that she’s not doing anything big. Just the immediate family. Yeah, right! Just like every other year, it’ll be all the aunts and cousins. I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling. Haha.

All I’m doing is making sure I’m as ahead of the game as possible, and prepared for what I know is ahead. Preparation! Operation Preparation!

How are you preparing for Christmas? Are you decorating? Have you started shopping? Have you set a budget? What are most excited about?