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Liebster Blog Award!

Look at the shiny new award I got from Linasouid! I’m really grateful and excited about it. It always feels so nice to get an award, doesn’t it?! It’s nice to know that someone notices what you’re doing. Or what you did. Or whatever. 🙂


The Liebster Blog Award is all about  spotlighting newer, up-and-coming blogs that typically have less than 200 followers. That’s definitely me! Thanks so much for noticing, Linasouid!

The Rules of Acceptance:

  • Copy and paste the award on your blog
  • Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you
  • Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
  • Hope that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers

I’d like to give this award to a few bloggers I really like. I like that they’re so honest. They write in a this-is-the-way-it-is sort of way. No big frills, no sugarcoating, and no trying to be something else, or trying to make it look good. Their posts are just real. And relatable. Here they are:

  • Lori at Slow Happy Runner. The woman is amazing. I can’t even really sum it up for you. We seem to have about a million things in common. I noticed this when I read about her and I continue to notice it as I read her posts. She’s on a journey. She’s opened herself up to learning to love herself and her life in new ways, and it’s great to go along for the ride run. Yeah. She’s a runner. 🙂
  • Corrie Anne. She’s so cool that her blog name is her name. It’s quite appropriate. She posts in a very this-is-my-life sort of way. Reading her posts is kind of like looking at your friends’ Facebook profiles/pages. You get to meet her hubby and nephews, see what she’s cooking, and what her wedding was like. It’s pretty cool!
  • Amanda at Miles Gone By. She’s from KALAMAZOO! How cool is that?! Apparently, she used to hate running. Now she LOVES it. She’s done a gazillion races. Okay, not really. But a lot. Cool to see where she started, and where she is now.
  • Ashley at love and running shoes. She’s a big time snacker. That gets her 10 points right off the bat. She pushes herself to do things that are bit of a challenge. Or a big challenge. And that’s cool.
  • Natasiarose at Hot Femme in the City. She’s hilarious. Her posts are very entertaining. The kind that make you laugh, and think at the same time, “Oh, my gosh, YES!” You have to visit and read a few posts to get it.

Who Me?! ME?!

Me! Little ol’ me! I got a blog award! I’m really excited/flattered/honoured/happy/encouraged by it.

Isn't she pretty? My favourite colour and everything!

A million zillion thanks to Stacey at Puns Probably Intended. I came across her blog when I was tag surfing one day. A post caught my eye, and it piqued my interest. I checked out more of her posts, and I had to follow her. She has the best stories about parenting. She says about life (and herself), “Life is often a tug-of-war I am playing with myself. Sometimes I win, and sometimes I lose. Many times I find myself to be a walking contradiction.” Well, I don’t think I could have said it any better, Stacey. I concur. That’s life. And I’m definitely a walking contradiction too. Thanks for blogging, for making me laugh, for making me think, and for giving me this awesome, very pretty, lime green award. *curtsies*

The cool thing about this award is that it keeps on giving. Or being given. Like the gift that keeps on giving. It’s like love in Bloggy Land. We just keep spreading it around. Here’s how it works:

As the recipient of this award, I have to:

  1. Thank the person who shared the award by linking back to them in my post.
  2. Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know that I’ve included them in my blog post.
  3. List 7 things about myself.

See how forward thinking I am? I already did the first one. On to the rest. Now, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mix it up a little, right? I’m gonna do the third one next, and leave the goodies for last.

7 Things About Me:

  1. I never learned to skate or rollerblade, and at this point, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Not without a strong person on each side of me, gliding me along. Is that the way it works anyway?
  2. I’m a chicken and turkey kinda girl. I stopped eating pork after a horrible field trip to the disgusting local pig farm (of which I still don’t know the relevance to the biology class) in tenth grade. Actually, I was vegetarian for about a year after that. Then I agreed to eat chicken and turkey so my family wouldn’t think I was anorexic or stress much about what to feed me. Red meat, now, is eaten as a necessity (very rarely) since I have severe iron deficiency anaemia.
  3. The most I’ve had to drink was a few summers ago. I lost count at the 19th shot of tequila. That was quite a night. Most of it is locked away in some memory bank that I don’t have access to at this time.
  4. I love my hair SHORT. It make me feel sort of strong. I think it’s a good look for me, especially since I have a pretty nicely shaped head, full eyebrows, and almond shaped eyes. It has a fierce sort of feel to it. And OH, when I put on a little eyeliner and mascara. TKO. Hahahaha. Also, I am lazy when it comes to hair care. Wash and go is the best thing EVER.
  5. I was in a reality show competition earlier this year. I’ll save the details for one of those posts I always say I’ll do later, and gets left undone for an indefinite period of time.
  6. I don’t wear makeup often. Not to work. Not to church. Not to the movie theatre. And what the hell is up with people wearing makeup there? It’s so dark! Hahahaha. I wear it for super special occasions like weddings and a less-than-ordinary night out. Even then, I go with my essential five – face powder, a little blush, eyeliner (black or navy blue), mascara, and lip colour (I usually mix two). If I’m wearing eyeshadow, I’m feeling REALLY good, or had a LOT of time to kill, and that was one of the ways I chose to kill it.
  7. I love jeans. I wear jeans pretty much all the time. On my day off, I throw on shorts or a summer dress, and on Sundays I do the same. For movies, going to lunch, work, etc.? Jeans!
And now, I have 15 of those sexy babies (see photo above) to give out. All of the blogs are follow are pretty recently discovered. I haven’t been here for very long. I’ve come across a lot of awesome blogs, and found a lot of people that I would really like to meet and hang out with. I could see it happening when I start globe-trotting, or when people start vacationing in The Bahamas. I have a spare room. I’m just saying!
And the awards go tooooo…
  1. Ruthie at Just Rambling is great. She’s just… She makes you want to laugh. And share your sandwich with her. And hug her. And tell her how ridiculously funny she is, how she makes you want to be more positive and happy. Reading her posts, you just know that she loves life. She has fun. She just goes with it. You kind of have to wonder if her feathers ever get ruffled at all! If she has any feathers, that is. Maybe she’s not a peacock like I keep thinking she is. *shrugs* Anyway, she’s really cool. She blogs about random things and her posts are always fun to read and sprinkle a little sunshine in the day. She says about her blog, “These are just little stories about my everyday life. There are tons of things I will never write about. I won’t talk about politics, poodles or knitting since I don’t know anything about it. If you are looking for writings to increase your intelligence level, don’t read these here.” 
  2. Christina at Christina Does It All is too cute! She and Ruthie must be in a happiness competition. She’s super positive and happy and cheery all the time (in her posts). And she’s hilarious. Like, HIGH-freaking-LARIOUS. Her video posts are the best. You get to see all of her personality oozing out of your computer screen and speakers. You convince yourself that you know her. You want to be her friend. She’s one of those people that make you want to pack up and move so it’s possible to hang out at her house and go shopping with her (if you like shopping). Her About Me page is very honest and to the point. She says, “I’m 22. I want to do everything. As you can probably tell by the name of my new blog. I also love people. I would probably love you. Unless you’re a serial killer or something, you asshole.” Yeah. That about sums it up, Christina. Good job!
  3. Vix at LittleMissVix is pretty great. She sort of blogs about whatever. I like it. I especially like her Friday Finds and Sunday Songs. I like when I can look forward to certain type of post from a blogger on a weekly basis. Every Friday, Vix shares things with her reader. New books, good movies, great songs… All of that. The Sunday Songs are great. There’s always at least one song/artist I’ve never heard. In between all that, she fills in the other days of the week with posts about whatever she’s thinking. This is the first post I read on her blog. Then I read this one. Then I followed. Or something like that. She’s an aspiring writer, and you can read more about her here.
  4. Haley at Green Plate Dinners is a fellow islander. Okay, so our islands are parts of different countries. Whatever. An island is an island. We bonded. I REALLY like Haley’s blog. I can see it just being very HER. She’s very honest. I don’t feel like she over-edits and sugar coats. She says it. Whatever it is. It’s nothing controversial, mind you. She blogs about running, healthy eating, and general fitness. I like the little tips I pick up from her posts, and the very personal feel. It doesn’t feel like Oh-my-gosh-another-running-fanatic-blog-about-boring-runny-stuff-and-peanut-butter-banana-sandwiches. When you land on her homepage, you see the truth in the way she sums it up. She says she’s “striving to create balance and harmony in my very busy life.” Aren’t we all?
  5. Courtney at Please Don’t Throw The Sand! has super fun posts. I often want to copy her post ideas. I think I’ve done a good job of resisting temptation so far. Must. Be. Original. At least until she forgets that you should a certain post. THEN, I’ll copy it. [evil laugh] Her posts are the kind that always make you want to comment. You want to have a dialogue with her. You want to weigh in. It’s not that the posts spark a great debate. They’re just the Oh-my-gosh-me-too! and What?-I-NEVER-do-that! type. You just want to say something. Find out more about the girl here.
I’m at work, and it seriously took me all day to do this. I know I have ten more people to give the Versatile Blogger Award to. And I already know who they are. I just can’t do them all at once. I’ll do more next week, k? Until then, go on over to those three pretty ladies’ blogs. Read a post or two, see why they’re awesome, and don’t forget to say CONGRATULATIONNNNNSSSSS! 🙂
Have a safe, happy weekend!

Internet Me (Day 9 of 30 Days of Truth)

Day 9 – Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted

No one really comes to mind, no matter how many times I read this question. I haven’t kept in touch with many people from previous stages of my life, and it hasn’t been intentional. I guess it’s due more to lack of intention and/or action. I don’t feel the need to aggressively, specifically, intentionally keep people in my life. I’m sure that if they should be in my life, they would be. [insert quote about people being in your life for reasons, seasons, etc. here]

I’m not in touch with people from elementary school, though a lot of them were the same people I went to high school with. (I went to a K-12 private school.) Well, to be fair, the people I was close to at any point in life are probably friends of mine on Facebook. See, that’s the thing. These days, there really isn’t much room to be “out of touch” with anyone. You may not be buddy-buddy, going to the movies, hitting clubs, grabbing drinks in bars, sitting side-by-side at random events any more, but you can still feel like these people are a part of your life, and you a part of theirs. It’s all because we have instant, easy access to people’s LIVES. Pictures, videos, status updates (however frequent or infrequent), twitter feeds, blogs, and personal websites. Who needs the telephone?! Who needs to hang out in REAL LIFE?! Answer: No one.

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? In two directions at once. In some ways we’ve made giant steps forward, and in a lot of ways we’ve made gigantic steps back. I’m connected (via various internet sensations) to people I probably would have lost all contact with/for a long time ago. Is this a good thing? Yeah, probably. When we use such technology, we have the option to make a real connection if we’d like to. That’s nice to know. If I ever wanted to reconnect with my 2nd roommate in university, I could search for her on Facebook and send her a message. We could arrange a Skype call if we live too far apart. WALAH! It’s like magic.

There are a lot of people I didn’t intentionally “let go,” but we managed to drift apart. That’s fine with me. I won’t lament or stress about it. It’s FINE. We can reconnect if we WANT to. And that’s what’s important.