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Summer Brings…

  • Mosquitoes. I don’t understand why they have to show up in the summer. EVERY summer. And BITE. As if it’s not annoying enough that they’re flying around. And seriously, why do they exist? WHY?! Do they do anything awesome like turn into butterflies? No. Do they do anything useful like cat rats? No. I asked my aunt the other day why God made them. She said something about the plagues in Egypt or something. Nice save, Auntie. Nice save. All the bad stuff is the fault of the humans that weren’t jivin’ with God. Got it.
  • Heat. Extreme heat. It is a bit too hot in The Bahamas. You really would not survive with air conditioning or a high-powered fan. It is SO. Freaking. HOT. Wowzeeerrr! I don’t mind the heat when I’m at the beach. It’s allllll good. But in traffic? No bueno. Trying to sleep? No bueno. Any time that I’m not on the beach, heat is no bueno.
  • Graduations and proms. I think they are all over now. The young folks here have decided that limos are not cool any more. Now, they find people with “fresh rides” to drive them to the prom. Mercedes, BMW, Hummer, Jaguar… That type of thing. They’re saying, “Look at us! We know people who drive these super expensive cars! BOW DOWN!”
  • “Summer body” season. It is just HILARIOUS to me. People post FB statuses, tweet, and start conversations about their bodies. It isn’t until June that everyone is talking about “workin’ on this summer body.” Like, really? You have a special body for the summer? That’s the only time that you care to be in shape? You think that if you start in JUNE, you’ll have a “summer body” before the end of the summer? Ok. Carry on smartly! *eats ice cream*
  • Idle Children. School is closed. Parents are at work. No guardians are around. All of the children/teenagers are breaking Twitter. Can’t sign in? Guess why. Because all of your little cousins, godchildren, and their friends are tweeting about running out of juice boxes.There also seems to be an increase in graffiti, fights in public places, and revenue at places like the movie theater. They are BORED. Their parents won’t send them to summer camps.  
  • Ice Cream Cravings. I want WAY more ice cream during the summer month. And those AMAZING frozen strawberry fruit bars. You know that ones with chunks of strawberry? Have mercyyyyy. Yummm. I love it!
  • Projects. It seems like the perfect time to take on things. It’s like Lent on crack. MUST DO THINGS. DO ALL THE THINGS. Must get better at things. Must run marathons, and travel to other places, and exercise, and spend more time with friends, and write a book, and clear out the garage, and finish the kitchen renovations. Must DO. Must.
  • Barbeques. Except in this place. We really don’t do much barbequing in The Bahamas, y’all. I don’t think very many people OWN barbeque grills. I miss that about Halifax. Anyway, getting off track. BARBEQUES. Parties outsiiiiide! WOO! *runs around in bikini*
  • Vacations. Some people save, and some people take out loans, but ALL the people WILL find the money to GO AWAAAYYY. For Bahamians, the place to be is Florida. It’s super close, so it’s rather convenient to go and shop. They take their children, and spend every single day in malls. Hardly any of them will see a theme park. All they want to do is get rid of the money. Some people are a bit more fancy, and go to New York. They don’t want to wear the same clothes as everyone else who probably caught the SAME sale, and have the SAME pieces of clothing. Vacations are a must.
  • Beach time! The beaches are far more crowded than any other season. Everyone who forgot they had a swim suit is on the sand, sitting on bath towels (because no one bothers to buy beach towels). Suddenly, we live on an island, and there is an ocean, and EVERYONE must go and see it. And you should see the hilarity. People staying on the sand, in all the heat. Most of the people in the water unable to swim. Don’t ask me how this happened. I don’t know.

Does summer change things in your city/town/country? Does it change anything for you? What are your summer plans?


Five Question Friday

Five Question Friday

1. Are you looking forward to the time change this weekend?
YES! I will finally be able to resume my evening runs! WOO!
Image2. Are you getting the new iPad/would you want a iPad?
No and no. I am not an Apple fanatic, and I sooo do not see the use of a tablet. I already have a laptop. And whyyy would I want to type on a touch screen? No, thank you, ma’am.
3. If money was not a problem, what is the one thing you would splurge on?
I answered this in a tag or something in the last week or two. I would invest in my writing space. That’s small scale. On a large scale, I’d make the move to Canada.
Image4. How did you and the Mr. (or Mrs.) meet?
Truth be told, on twitter. I followed her. She followed me back. I tweeted about dessert. She salivated. I invited her to meet me at a restaurant for said dessert. She accepted the invite. We met there, like each other’s company enough, and hung out a few times since then. Became good friends. During a game night (with no games), it came up that I don’t discriminate in love. Her interested was piqued. Ba-da-bing and ba-da-boom.
5. Summer is right around the corner. Bikini or one-piece?
BIKINIIIIIII! I may not have the “perfect body,” but I’m definitely comfortable enough to rock a REAL two-piece. None of that tankini business.
Note: I would add captions to the photos and space this out better if WordPress would stop being a pain and allow me to. 😦
Answer zee questions in zee comments, or on your own blog, and link back! 🙂 

Weekend Recap

Another great weekend for me. Yay!

I don’t think anything out of the ordinary went on after work on Friday. Probably a movie?

Ahhh... The joy of being on an island that's just 21x7 miles

On Saturday morning, I got up at 6:15 and got dressed for my run. It was raaainiiiiing. I drove out to my run spot. It was raining there too. Lucky, smart me… I’d packed my nook, my writing journal (where I’m plotting out my novel), and a pen. I sat, looking at the beach in the rain, using what was before me as my muse. I read a little and wrote a little. It was quite a productive morning.

From there, I went to yoga class. My mum didn’t go because she had to be at work for noon, and she’s not able to do anything aside from get ready before she goes to work. Gotta preserve the strength in her legs. The class was good, though a little difficult uncomfortable due to the activity of my cycle. Ugh. Anyway, I did what I could. I really could have done more, but I don’t like feeling gross. I spoke to the instructor after the class, and she said my mum crossed her mind a few times during the week. Her husband is a chiropractor, and although she likes to keep their work separate, she spoke to him about her condition. He’s happy to give my mum a free consultation. It’s possible that he could help her in some way. I’m not too sure about it, but hey! It’s something to try. Mum seems up for it. We’ll see if we can get her an appointment this week. But listen… This yoga thing… I’m really liking it! So relaxing, yet awakening.

After chatting with others in the class, and the chat with the yoga instructor, I went to get breakfast for mother and me. From there, I went to pick her up for work. Once I dropped her off, I started setting plans in motion for the day.

Like my scarf? It's very necessary. Holds back my 1.2" of hair. 😀

I made it a BEACH DAAAYYY. Yeah, it’s “winter,” but this is THE BAHAMAAAAAS! Let’s beach it up! Truth be told, the water was COLD. Hahaha. Two of my cousins joined Babe and I in sitting on the rocks (I admit it… I’m the one who insisted on sitting on rocks when there’s lots of sand) on the beach. We chatted, read on nooks (ok, only one of my cousins did this… She’s reading the The Hunger Games every chance she gets which is really only when she has access to our nooks), ate chips, and waited for the sun to come out. It really didn’t. On the contrary, dark clouds rolled in. At some point, I looked around and noticed that everyone else left the beach. We were the last four. Hahaha. We decided to leave and go get DAIQUIRIIIIIIIS!

On the way, I stopped to a book store. I’ve been searching for a good planner for months. I wanted needed one with space for notes on each day. This way, I could write in competitions (deadlines) as well as plan out (set deadlines for) my drafts. Of course, this also required one of those pens with 4 colours, so I got one of those too. Annnd a whiteboard to keep me on track at home, and extra dry erase markers. And little post-its. Yes. I am a stationary and school supply junkie. And I like being organized. I finally feel like this writing life is coming together. YAY, me! YAY, writing! All I need to do now is set up my writing corner, and order this. (Please feel free to suggest similar products. I’m not finding anything to even compare this thing with.) I’m excited about this.

Skip ahead to Sunday night. I haven’t watched the Grammy Awards in YEARS. I used to like it a lot, but in the past 10 years or so, it has just gone down. The show just sucks. BUT. The death of Whitney Houston and talk of tributes made me want to watch it. AND I wanted to see my girl, ADELE, take home all those well-deserved Grammys. Babe and I don’t have cable, so I called my sister to see if it would be okay for us to watch it there. Before I even got all of the words out of my mouth, she said she WILL be watching and that we should come over. She even said she had snacks, and she would buy wine if we wanted. I told her no, we’ll drink VitaMalt (which she always has) and eat popcorn. When Babe and I got there, both my sisters were there, my older brother, and two cousins (one was on the beach w/ us the day before). My niece was in the room doing homework, but she eventually came in the living room to watch with us. We had a nice little Grammy watching party. The end of my weekend.

Today has been good. I’ve been feeling good. It helped that this song (best part is the horns, and then :38 onward) played on my iPod this morning. *dances like in a basement dance party in the heart of Jamaica, swinging imaginary dreadlocks* Great energy for a Monday. WOO!

OH! Can’t forget that my dad brought me stuff from Miami. Running clooothes! WOO! And my nook cover (which I didn’t get yet). And Ma brought me stuff too. Pictures later. Maybe tomorrow, maybe Wednesday.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? What kind of start did your week get off to?

This Is My Life


Fruit smoothies


Breakfast with Babe

FamJam at my great-grandmother’s house


Short skirt

Short hair

Playing with cousins

Chatting with my brother

Wine at lunch with the fam

Funny conversations with my dad

Full plate of food leading to a full tummy

Raspberry iced tea made by Ma

Aunties baked veggies

Singing Happy Birthday for my 17 year old cousin

Long drives

Feeding fish in the pond

Long distance calls to Drew

Watching little 1yr old Nicholas play

Taking food home to share with Babe

Watching movies

More cuddles

Falling asleep in Babe’s arms

…THIS IS MY LIFE (on a Sunday)


It’s Five Question Friday time, folks. WOO! I’m super pumped. One of the questions I sent was chosen. WEEEEEE! Funny part? I have no idea what my answer is going to be. We’ll see how this goes. Ready? Ok.

1. Do you have siblings and are you close with them?
I do! I have two brothers and two sisters. I only grew up with my younger brother. We’re super close. We went through a horrible hate stage which lasted about 12 years. Finally, when he was in 7th grade, and I was in 12th grade, we were okay. We started looking out for each other, defending each other, etc. When I left for university, it was hardest to say bye to him (aside from my great-grandmother). EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I left, I said bye to him last. And fought tears. Crazy, right? We’d talk on MSN Messenger (Holy cheese! Do people still use that?!) and MagicJack phones a LOT.
The older siblings are all at least 9 years older than me. That’s a bit of a gap, but we’re still close. We talk often, and go out together. They have children, and I looove their children. I’m a doting aunt. *Sighs* My sisters are super dependable. Stranded somewhere? Call a sister. Low on cash? Call a sister. Need someone to listen to me cry? Call a sister. Mum pissed me off? Call a sister. Need someone beat up? Call a sister. Hungry? Call a sister. Wanna go to the beach? Call a sister. Pregnancy scare? Call a sister. Need a new liver? Call a sister. Pretty much anything I need, I can call one of them. And they WILL come. Right away. My brother is the first born. He’s pretty hilarious. He’s pretty hood and gangsta and all that jazz. Well, externally. Really, he’s probably never “busted a shot” or anything like that. He’s no criminal. He just had lots of tattoos. LOTS. I stopped counting at 19. That was before I went to university. He hasn’t stopped yet. He’s a little less present, but super cool. Lots of fun. Very funny. We text message every now and then to catch up, but we mostly comment on each others’ Facebook statuses. Lol. Oh, the 21st century…

2. Would you rather be slightly UNDER weight or slightly OVER weight?
Oh, boy. I’d really dislike being either of those things. Shocking, I know! Looking at myself now, at a healthy weight, I’m pretty sure that even slightly underweight would look gross. I have a slight tendency to look a little anorexic at times. My collarbone is the protruding kind. Mind you, my legs and hips would assure ANYone that I never miss a meal. My upper body? No. My stomach is relatively flat, I have B-cups, my arms are average… Thinking about this more, I think it depends on where the weight would go (or come from). If the weight will leave my bottom half, I’d go with slightly underweight. If the weight is being added to my upper half, I’d go with slightly overweight (but I don’t want a belly!). GAH! This is tough. I’d look sick underweight. I’d go with overweight. No one would know that I’m not in the early stages of pregnancy, or on steroids for some kind of condition. AND I could work it off faster than I could gain it back. Yeah. Like my eggs. Slightly over, please.

3. What’s your favorite State Fair food to splurge on?
I’ve never lived in a state. I’ve never been to a State Fair. I’ve never had State Fair food. Now I haz a sad. 😦 I don’t even know what they have at those things. Hot dogs? I’m not crazy about scrap meat. Hmmm… Pizza? I find that the carnival (the thing that comes every year with lots of rides and gambling games) has the best pizza. Super cheesy. YUMMM! Maybe a State Fair could rival that. What else? Hmmm… Nachos, maybe? Gotta be LOADED though. At least two types of cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, olives, jalapeños, and colourful peppers (green, yellow, red). YESSSSS! *clasps hands together and looks to heaven* Let it be, let it BE! Wait. Splurge? Would that be a splurge? I don’t know. That’s what I’d have though.

4. What are your thoughts on your kid(s) going to school in a few weeks?
I don’t have children, so I don’t have any sentimental or stressed-out-mom reason behind this. I’m glad school is reopening because one of my nieces has been idle all summer. It’s annoying to me. She doesn’t bother me at all, mind you. I just think it’s ridiculous for a 12 year old to be at home all day, every day, on the computer. Ridiculous. Too young to work like my other sister’s two children, and two old for daycare like my brother’s daughter, but I don’t understand why she’s not in some sort of camp. Or piano. Swimming. SOMEthing. Getting ENRICHED. BLAH!
On the other hand, traffic will get crazier. There’ll be more line-ups, and it may be a little more challenging, or taking a little more time, for me to zip out of corners on my bicycle. When schools closed for the summer, I saw a drastic change in traffic, and I’ve been able to ride with less anxiety. Oh, well. I’ll start leaving home 5-10 minutes earlier when school starts again, to make sure I get to work on time. It’ll be fine.
School reopening? YAY!

5. Pool or Ocean?
Depends on what I’m doing. I opt for the beach a lot because, hell, I live in the freaking Bahamas. The beach is never more than 10 minutes away. It’s so natural and beautiful. Island breeze, trees (that are not always palm), and the oceannnnn. The look, the smell… The calmmmmm. Ahhhh! I LOVE it. The only thing about the ocean is that it’s HUGE. It only makes sense to swim length-ways to be sure that you won’t get to tired to make it back to shore. I tend to just relax in the ocean. I don’t swim much. Just relax. And float. And TAN! Oh, and the ocean is really good for your health. Clears sinuses, helps with getting over colds, etc.
Now pools… Pretty artificial. Preferred for swimming? Yes. Chlorine and other chemicals aren’t the greatest thing ever, but they makes water in a hole a lot prettier. And stuff. People do bad things in pools, and that concerns me. When I grow up, and have a house, I’m gonna have a pool. At least then, the only urine in my pool will be from the bodies of my wonderful children who may choose to be lazy, sneaky, and disobedient at times. *Shrugs*
I haven’t done any days of truth in a looong time. Sorreh! I’m gonna get back on it soon. I usually spend my weekends internetless (yes, I made up that word), and do most of my posts from work (where I usually have very little work), but these days, it’s just been coming at me from every direction! Man, oh, man. Really though. I’m gonna get back on it. 🙂 Tonight, I’ll be at home by my lonesome, so I should be able to bang out some stuuuff.

Tea, Anyone?

Busy, busy, busy. Fell behind on my 30 days of truth. Things going on in life. This is going to be very random. Here’s a little of what’s been going on:

  • Holiday weekend in The Bahamas. The first Monday of August is Emancipation Day. Yay! We is not slaves any more! I’m not sure why this is still celebrated. I find it a little ridiculous. Actually, pretty much everything to do with race and slavery. I don’t know why people harp on it. I don’t know why it’s STILL a big deal. Can we get over it and move on? Can we realize that WE WEREN’T EVEN HERE WHEN IT HAPPENED?! Ohhh, my goodness. Can we unchain ourselves now?! Can we free our minds?! PLEASE?! Anyway, it was a holiday. Monday is usually my day off, but since it was I holiday, I took Tuesday off. Yep. I had Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off. WOO! Sunday was FamJam as usual. On Monday, Babe and I lounged for most of the day, figured out some things, then went for a walk. It was super hot. We walked along the beach to get to Arawak Cay aka Fish Fry which is a strip with lots of food stalls and restaurants. Saw my cousin on the way. He bought us SkyJuice (gin and coconut water mixed with sweet milk) for the rest of our walk. Then we got some conch fritters. On the way back, I stopped for a fresh mango daiquiri. It was very fresh and natural with the right amount of sweetness and the right amount of refreshingness. Yes, I made up that word.
  • On Tuesday, we lazed around a bit more. We figured out more things. Babe made us a pancake and egg breakfast. Yummerz! I made plans to take Drew to the beach. He’s 11 years old and lives in Louisiana with his mom. He visited for the summer, and he heads back today. His dad brought him to the Hilton (where we were gonna go to the beach), but it was raining. Instead, we hopped in his jeep and got a ride back to Babe’s place. There, we watched Date Night. Not appropriate for his age, but we did it anyway. It was rated T (PG-13) and everything else we had was rated C (R). When that ended, I think we watched a bit of something else. I don’t know why I don’t remember. Anywho, by then it’d stopped raining. We walked back over to the Hilton to beach it up. On the way there, we stopped to a shaved ice place for cool treats. The beach was great. The water was a good temperature. There was sun. We stayed until after 6pm. Drew wanted McDonald’s. Dear me oh my. We all got McDonald’s. BAD. IDEA. FOR ME. We went back to Babe’s, ate the McDonald’s, then called Drew’s dad to pick us up. He gave us a ride to my apartment, and we said out goodbyes to Drew. *tear*
  • We enter my place. There is a smell. We do not like it. There is weird-looking water on the kitchen floor. We don’t like it. Oh, look at that. The fridge door is open. EFF. MY. LIFE. We JUST got grocery last week. GAAAAAH! We got plastic bags and pretty much emptied the fridge. By the time we finished and I took all the garbage out, I was feeling quite ill. To the bathroom I went. And stayed. For a while. It was not fun. See, my body is not used to garbage. Greasy, oily messes called “fast food.” Least of all, the bottom rung – McDonald’s. The last time I had McDonald’s was in Halifax. And I became quite ill. This time was no different. I do believe that the lesson has been learnt. I will not eat it again. Ever. Well. Except for the sundaes. Those are okay. By the time I was able to stand again, Babe had already bleached the place. We shut the door so we could watch Chopped (Tuesday ritual!) and then sleep without killing ourselves by chemical inhalation. Three episodes of Chopped. They were all good. My stomach hated me, off-and-on, during the shows. I wanted tea, but to make it… No. I didn’t want Babe to make it either, after cleaning all alone. And with the scent of the kitchen.
  • Woke up this morning. Work. Ugh. It’s hard to return after three days off. I dragged myself out of bed to get ready. 10 minutes to the schedule departure time, the rain came pouring down. Excellent. I usually cycle to work. I text messaged my mother. Luckily, she was able to pick me up and drive my to work, 11 minutes late. Not bad for a plan b, eh?
  • I have no lunch. There is very little food in my fridge. Funds are limited. We JUST got grocery! dfgjfkl;gjkrtgjhkjrtndrt. How frustrating. AND we’re about to move. Know what that means? 1st + last + security deposit. Yep. We were already saying we can’t grocery shop until after the move. We’d just eat light and simple. Well, it’s about to get a lot LIGHTER and SIMPLER. And more complicated. Hahaha. Good thing there’s meat in the fridge. Enough for at least 8 meals. More if we can make it up in salads and stuff.
  • I have to go to the grocery store. Not to shop. Just for support items. Babe took out chicken breast for tonight. I’ll make chicken alfredo. Gonna need to get at least one pepper (red, green, yellow… Any colour, really), mushrooms (because it would be wrong without mushrooms), lettuce, and tomato. I like spinach in it, but that’s probably a (financial) stretch right now. I don’t even know how I’m going to get to the grocery store. My mom put her uniform in the laundry (pressers) on special (same day service), so I don’t know if she’s working tonight, or (hopefully) tomorrow.
  • My stomach feels weird. You know, right after you’ve been sick? That raw feeling? I’m empty, but don’t you DARE put anything other than tea in me. That’s what my stomach is saying. That’s what I’m understanding from it, anyway. There is tea here (at work), but I don’t have a cup. Lunch time is going to be interesting. *tilts head to right* Think I could get away with drinking a Coke?

  • We’re planning to move! It’s so exciting. The whole two-separate-places-with-separate-rents makes no sense when REALLY, we stay together. It’s gonna be great to split expenses. And it’s an exciting new thing for us. It may be a little nerve-wrecking. It’s kind of far (closer to the new job I’ll be starting in two weeks – remind me to talk about that later), is forcing us to come up with quite a bit of money, and we’re going to have to figure out furnishings and things like that. Anyway, I’m up for the challenge. Bit-by-bit.
  • Grandmother is out of the hospital. YAY! They got her sugar normalized which is great. It’s crazy that it was almost 5x what it should have been just a week ago. What a scare! I’m glad she’s home. Her appetite isn’t so good right now. That’s expected, after a hospital visit. I’m just hoping it picks up soon. And that she eats properly. When I get the apartment and grocery situation sorted out, I’ll definitely whip up some healthy little meals for her, and get someone to drop ’em off.
I think I have to actually do work now. Things need pricing. I don’t feel like it. I kind of want to curl up. Ball up. Really tiny. In bed. My tummyyy… Ugh. I’m hoping I’ll figure something out for lunch, and it’ll make it aaallllll better. Hope with me, will ya?

5 Things I’d Rather Be Doing


Ok, I may have made that up. Whatever. I think it’s cool. This Friday, I’ll tell you 5 things I’d rather be doing. I’m at work, and I don’t like it here, so I’d really rather do just about anything. Picking just 5 is harrrd.

  1. Making lasagna. This comes to mind because Babe and I were at the grocery store last night, and I said, “Think we should get ricotta cheese and lasagna pasta so I could make lasagna?” Babe said, “If you’re gonna make it…” That settled it. I didn’t get the items. Mostly because we had spaghetti this week. That’s just red meat overload. And Italian overload. In one. Still, I’d rather be making lasagna right now. Even if it makes the kitchen really hot. Lasagna is awesome. Work is not.
  2. NookBook shopping. I could really use new books for my Nook (Nooklebury Nookington). That, however, requires money on the card. The bank I use for such things is not one I’ve visited much at all. I rarely make deposits there. I should toss some money on it so I could buy things. Like NookBooks. And shirts for work. That requires having money that can actually be disposed of in such a way though, huh? Hmmm…
  3. Having lunch with friends. People I like. Food. Drinkage. (Yes, I made that word up.) That is what life is supposed to be about. Not 40 hours/wk of supreme boredom. *stares at office walls*
  4. Tanning on the beeeeeach. Yep. Under the sun. On the sand. Near the water. In the moment. Out of the office. *closes eyes for a mental journey*
  5. Visiting my grandmother. Hospitals are boring. She’s in one. I’d keep her company.

(From myglitters.info)

What 5 things would you rather be doing at the moment?