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Pregnant?! Not me!

Day 28 – If you were pregnant, or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

This is pretty cut and dry for me. I’d start prenatal care right away. I would pay more attention to my diet. I would start crunching numbers. It would be difficult to support myself and a child at this staff. It would actually be challenging enough to support myself as a pregnant woman, going to doctor’s appointments, having scans and tests done, and paying for the actual delivery.

I’m sure I would obsess about a few things. Do I want to have the child here, or in the states? Is it possible to have the child in Canada? Do I want a hospital birth? Would I prefer a midwife? Do I need to start eating more red meat? How will I afford anything? Who will help me with the big purchases? What kind of support system will I have?

My family is very by The Book. By that, I mean The Bible. Unmarried and having a baby? No bueno. Major problem. My cousin had a baby at 37, and that was a huge deal. I don’t particularly want to have controversy surrounding my pregnancy. I’d like to have a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Now is definitely not the time for me to have babies. I want children very much, but only under the right circumstances. I need to have a comfortable home, and the ability to financially support them. Babe and I should also have the knot tied (so to speak) before we start popping out babies.

I should note that my views aren’t as stringent as those of family (obviously), and they are not likely to be pleased whenever I become pregnant. At the end of the day, they will accept it because they’ll suddenly recall some scriptures that suggest forgiveness and unconditional love. My great-grandmother would be pleased to have another great-great-grandchild (my unmarried younger cousin beat the rest of us to the deal, and it wasn’t impressive to anyone), and my grandmothers would enjoy being great-grandmothers (though I’ve been beat in both cases – hahaha). My parents and the whole grandparenting thing? Problem won’t be very exciting. Hahahaha. Oh, well. They’ll have to suck it up.

Yep. So now is not the time, but if (and I have no idea HOW) I became pregnant, I would deal with it. I’d figure it out, somehow.

It’s Friday!

Please. I need to introduce you to this AMAZING girls’ choir. My goodness. Chills, warm sensations, shivers… You will have them all when you hear Scala & Kolacny Brothers. They cover pretty popular songs. It’s just great. I can’t say much more than that. Listen to California Dreamin’

Ridiculously beautiful, right?! Man! *drinks water* Other must-hears are Creep and Bittersweet Symphony

I didn’t get to post yesterday due to super busy-ness and stuff, but that doesn’t mean that I forgot to be thankful on a Thankful Thursday!

I was (and still am) thankful for, among other things:

  1. Apples and nutella doing the tango in my mouth and belly
  2. Baby Nicholas (Turned 1yr on Wednesday and there was a party. I’ll be blogging about it.)
  3. Guava bread pudding with brandy sauce (Remind me to rave about this later. It’s an amaaaziiing dessert on the menu at Chef Chea’s Corner Bistro where my godfather is the chef and my dad is the manager.)
  4. Tuna. When you forget to take out meat to season and cook, and you’re kinda sorta (or deathly) hungry, it’s nice to be able to open a can of something meat-ish and make something great. Last night I made tuna salad for a tuna melt for Babe, and steamed tuna to go with cabbage and rice (cooked together in the same pot) for me. I didn’t end up eating it because my appetite took vacation since I was trying to wait for Babe to get home to eat together, and the arrival time was around midnight. Studio nights are long! Now I have dinner for tonight. I’ll just make carrot and corn to go with it. Yay!
  5. Tropical fruit. Babe and I had amaaaaaziiiiing tropical fruit smoothies yesterday morning. Ingredients: 2 large mangos, 3 pineapple slices, 1 banana, and a handful of blueberries. Blended with 6 cubes of ice. We really just added blueberries to give it a little zing, and a more interesting colour. Our smoothies, too often, are yellow-orange. Listen… The breakfast smoothies were great. Went really well with our egg and (turkey) bacon cheddar melts.
Wow, this week’s Thankful Thursday list is pretty food-heavy. That happens. I’m kind of a foodie. Did I mention that before? I should add it to my About Me section, huh?
What are you taking time out to be thankful for?
What FOOD are you REALLY thankful for today?
How much do you looove Scala & Kolacny Brothers?