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Cher Lloyd, You Rock!

After seeing this post over at The Music Oracle, I HAD to look this girl up. She’s freaking AMAZING. I loved the songs he posted of hers, but seeing her first audition for the X-Factor made me love HER. I watched a few more of her performances. Some, I didn’t love. Others, I REALLY liked and was impressed by. To me, she’s some sort of Katy Perry – Amy Winehouse – Lily Allen – Nicki Minaj  – Amy (from Karmin) concoction that I really like. That’s a lot of names/people, I know, but it. is. no. lie. Check out her audition:

Awesome, right?!

I have more music to share with you tomorrow. Right now, I have to get a bit more work done, and drink more water. Must. Hydrate. Before. Run. Did I mention that I’ve done two runs so far? Not bad at all. I actually feel great after I run. I had a little moment last night that I won’t completely rehash. I’m just going to say that a comment was made that I really didn’t appreciate it. It was pretty disheartening, hurtful, and discouraging. For a moment, I felt like throwing in the towel. Then, I decided that NO ONE and NOTHING would steal my joy. If I want to do something, I WILL do it. It doesn’t matter who laughs, or thinks I’m stupid, or says I look funny. People are allowed to say and think what they want. They just aren’t allowed to stop me from DOING what I want. *I* have the power! So THERE! 🙂

Hope you’re having a great week. If you haven’t had a really great deep-belly laugh for the week, please call up your most hilarious friend and talk about nothing. That should do it.

Melanie’s Audition: Listen

Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Do you ever wonder about the talent that’s hidden in the people you walk by on the street? In the mall? The cashier at your neighbourhood grocery store?